Top 20 Cute Small Minecraft House Ideas


One of the most popular survival games ever is called Minecraft. You can better endure the harsh weather of Minecraft if you build a house for yourself in the game. So do you need a cute, small Minecraft house to survive? Let's now see the best 20 cute small Minecraft house ideas!

Cute Small Minecraft House Ideas

The cute and small houses below come in many different shapes, and colors, and are easy to build. Some of the ideas will require you to install a Minecraft resource pack or shaders for the best outcome. But if your computer can't handle them, it's totally fine to rebuild them!

Top 20 Cute Small Minecraft House Ideas

Cozy Igloo

Why don't we develop our imagination to build a small, cute igloo in the Minecraft world? You can completely design a tent that goes underground and expands to form an Eskimo village. To explore the depth furthermore, you can build stairs down to the deep dark to avoid the freezing environment.

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Cute Cottagecore House

Cute Cottagecore House is very easy to build. It only takes 15 minutes to build this house and you've got yourself a lovely and cozy home. Not only that, but you can also unleash your creativity by decorating your house with colorful flowers.

The entrance is decorated with lantern and fences and with a custom texture pack, the house look perfect like it appears from an anime world!

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Small Greenhouse

This is a crucial house for any player that appreciates nature and plants. The small house is completely covered in plants, giving it its distinctive green tint and dynamic appearance. Bricks, oak boards, timber, and other ordinary materials are used to construct the house. With varied colors and shapes, you can make more things for the house.

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Fairytale Cottage House

If you're looking for a straightforward yet captivating Minecraft house, check out BigTonyMC's Fairytale Cottage House.

A watchtower, some overgrown plants, and related pink color palettes are all used to embellish the cottage. The nearby woodland outside adds to this cute small house's rustic appeal.

This is considered one of the best Minecraft house designs to come home to after a successful day of exploring if you enjoy playing in the great outdoors among some flowers or over a bridge.

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Hobbit Hole

Grandeur and scale aren't for everyone, so YouTuber Goldrobin's Hobbit Hole house is undoubtedly a nice option for those who like a small beginner home where everything is within easy reach and requires little to no movement. Of course, you'll need to go on adventures to locate a suitable hill in a forest for the Hobbit Hole to protrude from if you want the complete look.

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Wood and Stone House

Another simple house that may be built in any survival scenario. You can see a small but cute house built by One Team on YouTube in the image above, Minecrafters.

Nothing very extravagant is going on here; simply a cute little house with a well-thought-out design. Less is sometimes better. And with enough spacing for the storage room as well as the interior design, you'll be surprised by how the result turns out!

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Desert Village House

Here it is—the BlueBits Desert Village House. This Minecraft house design boldly rises up with a distinctive combination of materials, like a temple in the middle of the desert.

The cute and creative design of the Prismarine Slabs and Walls stands out against the sea of sand that encircles this construction project in the middle of the desert.

The outside is finished with bricks, sandstone, iron bars, and acacia wood planks, giving the property a deserted and exotic appearance.

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Mangrove Starter House

YouTuber Folli built a wonderful starter home from resources found in the new biome introduced by The Wild Update if you want to make it your home there. It struck me as the ideal forward base to construct far from your primary residence, to ease life a little. It's a cute, small, greenery, cozy, rustic dwelling.

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Cute Starter Brick House

This is a great choice for those who are new to Minecraft. With a simple but cute design, a brick modern house is a good idea for you. Prominent with the house is the red brick walls that contribute to the warm feeling of the house. You can stack plants, flowers,... in front of the house to relax as well as decorate the house more beautiful.

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Cute Smallest Minecraft House

To spend the nights in and survive in Minecraft, you don't need to build a large, towering house. One of the simplest Minecraft house ideas that one may truly materialize is the design that you can see in the image above.

The fact that it's in a small size makes it the most intriguing. The smallest Minecraft house build is just one of the cutest, most adorable house designs for Minecraft that is ideal for new players.

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Cute House with Cherry Blossom

Do you love the small but no less utility? If so, this is the house design for you. The preparation of the materials and decorations of the Mini House takes little time. Belong to ZayPixel, you know it won't be a complex build but it's only an easy house with a custom texture pack!

Not only the house is cute, but the surrounding area is also pretty well-designed. The grass and flowers on the ground, to the sakura trees swinging in the wind.

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Soft Pastel Pink House

Soft Pastel Pink House is one of the cool Minecraft home ideas right now for folks who enjoy daydreaming. Your heart will melt and you'll want to possess something with the dominant pink color.

You may want to farm a lot of pink concrete powder to rebuild this house. And to be honest, building this in survival mode will be a tough task!

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Cute Red Barn

For players with some skill in the game, the Red Barn is a small house with creativity and cuteness that is great in Minecraft. For your own land, you will need a really cute one-story design farm that can accommodate all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, raise a few additional herbivorous animals, such as pigs, cows, and so forth, to provide you with milk, meat, and other necessities of life.

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Hobbit House

It can be affirmed that Minecraft is the only game that allows players to build a house in the style of the Hobbit in the classic film Lord of the Rings. The small house, hidden on the green hill, brings a strange sense of peace and quiet.

Not only that, this is a model that is quite easy to build and the materials can be found in nature. With just stone, leaves, wood, and soil you can create a house according to Hobbit design.

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Fantasy House

Why don't you leave the real world and travel to your imaginary fantasy world after playing Minecraft? Many Minecraft players have the fantasy of having a house's exterior made of wood, stone, and vines, as well as a little flower garden.

Players must have a proper color scheme and work together to support one another's choices in order to build a house using this design. This is a cute and small house that you cannot miss it!

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Small House in The Forest

Have you ever fantasized about living in a small, cute wooden house in the middle of a forest? You can do that with the aid of Minecraft. One of the distinctive designs preferred by many Minecraft players is the tiny house in the forest, which is ideal for people who wish to spend their time surrounded by trees and other flora.

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Cute Mountain House

If you want to construct a beautiful, small and cute house in Minecraft, choosing Cute House is a great decision. In the midst of the mountainous countryside, the house is bright. You'll feel more at ease and in love with life than ever if there are tiny flower pots near the window.

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Farmhouse for Survivalists

One of the approachable building designs that are good for novices is this one. You can create a whole house as long as you have stone and wood on hand. In addition to avoiding the weather and dangerous animals, this survival house may be expanded to include several rooms without having to worry too much about the design.

Additionally, you can construct a tiny aquarium for daily fishing and establish a garden next to it to facilitate farming.

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Riverfront House

Right now, the riverfront house is the best option for you if you enjoy the scenery and poetry of still rivers. Your home will be constructed in the center of the river, with a terrace providing access to the mainland. You can bring a chair and relax in the yard while fishing and taking in the cute scenery.

Additionally, having the primary water supply close by gives you an advantage for farming and nighttime zombie avoidance. You can plant rice to harvest, hoe a little field, and cook wonderful bread. In addition, because zombies cannot swim, they will have difficulty finding your cabin at night.

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Sturdy Stone House

One of the best cute Minecraft house design ideas for you is the Sturdy Stone House. In essence, the stone house will improve your chances of survival and prevent mobs from entering your house. You can stay in this house for a very long time, and it won't take very long to enhance it.

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Thus, we have compiled 20 cute small Minecraft house ideas for players to take inspiration from in the above article. Hope you are ready to enter the colorful world of Minecraft and build yourself a very special and cute house.

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