Top 5 Gorgeous Family Guy House Minecraft Ideas


There are a million ways to build a house in Minecraft. The choices vary. Today we will show you another brilliant idea that comes from an American adult animated sitcom - Family Guy House Minecraft.

Family Guy House Minecraft

There’s nothing special to talk about the real design of the house but its famousness should be a consideration. Our picks are competitive and contain popular resources so it’s not too difficult to build. It is reasonable to give the cartoon house a better try.

If you want more inspiration, those Minecraft survival houses can help you a lot! Without further ado, let's go!

Top 5 Gorgeous Family Guy House Minecraft Designs

Quagmire House

“Giggity”, you know what it means, right? and here is the tutorial of Glenn Quagmire’s house in case he’s your favorite character. The house is designed on an average layout, with a basic build. It consists of light blue wool -  which brings specific skin for the house.

The roof is made out of stone brick stairs, with a little chimney on top of it. There’s also a garage part bonding to the house and comes up with similar materials. The entrance is performed by some bushes of oak leaves and light according to your liking. In fact, you should combine all of the ideas together to bring exactly the neighbors you see on the Family Guy episode on TV.

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Basic Family Guy

Let’s kick off our list with the basic Griffin Family guy house that you can see in every single episode.

The house is divided into 3 parts: the largest is like a living room. It consists of oak planks, red hardened clay, birch planks, and stone slabs as well. The roof is made of green hardened clay, which brings exactly the specific color of the house. The garage and the side house (which should be for storage purposes) use the same resources, too.

The inside is free to set up, and the outside is made out of the best by decorating multiple bushes of oak leaves, a mailbox, and a chimney on top of the house.

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Gorgeous Family Guy

Due to its unique blueprint, all of our picks will share the same structure so there’s not too much difference among these ideas.

The design is a combination of cut sandstone. smooth stone slabs, dark oak wood. The roof showcases dark prismarine stairs as the primary material, instead of green hardened clay. Glass panels are constructed around the house to ensure visibility. There’s a garage and an additional small house stick on the sides as well.

The exterior outside remains the same, with oak leaves gathered around like bushes and some trees as well.

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The Griffin House

This one is another variation that should be considered. The design comes up with a mixture of red wool, birch planks, acacia planks, and stone bricks.

The roof is made completely from stone brick slabs so that it appears with a different color instead of the original green one. But anyway, that’s quite good. Acacia wood is added outside a house to bring a more colorful and exceptional look. In fact, you can add it to these two blueprints above if you would love to.

This design needs more glass panels so that it can allow more natural light. the inside of course is free to set up. You can add a mailbox in front of a stone brick entrance to the house to create a welcoming sign.

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Family Guy House

Our last Family Guy suggestion displays an idea with lots of interesting materials. The design primarily uses oak plank to build while the roof comes up with stone brick slabs and the chimney is added on top.

The layout remains the same so keep using these resources. The front door is covered by source wood which takes the good spotlight. Also, don’t forget to add some glass blocks to enable visibility.

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If you’ve watched Family Guy, these picks might be familiar to you. If you haven’t, it is still worth trying. We hope our top 5 awesome Family Guy house Minecraft designs will give you an interesting time when experiencing Minecraft.

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