Top 30 Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas


The building is the most crucial part of Minecraft and there are millions of house styles to choose from. Today, we will go through the top 30 best Minecraft survival designs that you can refer to and then build your own!

Best Minecraft Survival House

The list we offer will showcase a variety of house styles, from basic, simple houses to complex, luxurious mansions. Every choice has its own characteristics and our picks will hopefully meet your satisfaction.


Minecraft House In The Hill

Have you ever thought about making a house on a hill or mountain? If so, why don’t we make it possible? This design is a rare sight to see, as you will literally live inside a mountain!

Your first step of designing is spending a large area to install as many glass panes as possible to allow tons of natural light. The interior isn’t hard to set up, so your decision is up to you. In fact, you can expand your house whenever you want by clearing up a mountain - making this idea become versatile in its offering.

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Hanging Cliff House

A hanging cliff house is a super cool Minecraft house idea that you’ve ever thought about. Instead of making it hang from the cliff, hanging a mini-house from a treehouse is also a great idea!

The house is hung up on a chain made of grindstone and primarily made from spruce trapdoor and andesite. The best part about this design is that it allows us to have a surrounding view thanks to its location, so the walls should be made out of glass.

Its interior space isn’t as big as expected so we recommend setting just a few stuff, but oak leaves and lanterns are quite essential for any house. In fact, you can build a ladder in the middle of the house to easily get in or get out. Hostile mobs will hate this house for sure!

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Wooden Storage House

As its name implied, this house is constructed for storage purposes. So it should be built as simplest as possible and minimize mostly decorative stuff.

The house consists of primarily wooden material which is an easy resource requirement. The inside can be filled with up to 740 chests, allow to store anything you can collect in Minecraft world. In fact, you can extend it up to a larger size according to your liking.

Oak plank and spruce plank are used to make pillars, walls, and foundations while cobblestone brings a sturdy look to the house. As we said, the inside is a space for storage so you don’t need to set anything up but chests, and also lanterns are helpful to bring the light. You can add some flower pots or bushes or trees at the front entrance to give it a more natural look.

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Minecraft Barbie House

This will be the first choice for female players, a lovely barbie dream house. The house has a light color tone that gives it a soft feeling, with the frame made from quartz pillars, and the walls made from pink concrete.

You can use variations of quartz blocks like smooth quartz stairs to make the roof, and smooth quartz slabs to add more detail to your walls. The entrance is a birch door, and of course, there will be a window made of the light gray glass pane to bring light into the house. Don’t forget to decorate with small flower pots.

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Large Modern Mansion

Next up is our large-sized house design.

This mansion combines smooth quartz blocks, oak planks, light gray concrete, sandstone, and birch planks. The structure itself is a 2-story mansion with 6-7 rooms that act as different facilities. Every room is available to decorate related to your preferences.

But remember to put on lanterns to ensure visibility, which is tricky because the structure is quite big. There are plenty of rooms to add outside, but we’d recommend a pool and a set of tables and chairs to make the best out of this mansion.

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Cute Farmhouse

If you wish to live in a peaceful, rural countryside then this one should not be skipped. The house can be made from a combination of white wool, gray wool, spruce, oak, and stripped oak and brick as well.

The entrance of the house is highlighted by a small crop of wheat, plus a plant-based canopy. In addition, you can fill out the space with plenty of flower pots, and place a tiny mailbox next to the staircase. We'd recommend adding a chimney on top of the house to bring a more rustic look.

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Large Japanese House

This is a compact Japanese-themed house design that combines several block types to create a beautiful look. The structure is a mixture of wood and metal resources.

The foundation is made out of stone bricks, while the pillars are made of stripped spruce wood. Then we use white concrete to create the walls instead of using any wooden materials. The roof is gambrel style and comes up with multiple stone blocks. While lanterns are hung on every side to bring the light.

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Minecraft Underground House

Become one with nature with this mid-sized underground house design.

To make this house, you need a combination of resources. First, you have to dig into the ground 5 block to form the house frame, then fill it with oak planks - that’s your foundation. Then stripped birch logs are used as pillars and borders around every single frame of the house, the rest are filled with glass panels that allow natural light.

There are 2 entrances as 2 staircases place symmetrically to allow easy access. The empty space is fantastic for setting up anything you prefer.

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Minecraft Medieval Castle

Next up is our Medieval theme structure!

The house design is a bit compact but it contains a good amount of features inside. Make primarily from stone blocks and oak material, the house consists of 2 floors containing multiple rooms and a tower as well, which help in easily setting anything up.

The tower is made primarily of stone, its purpose is to help Minecraft players have a surrounding look to cope with the mobs. The chimney made from stone blocks is also helpful in making the best out of the medieval castle. For exterior decoration, consider adding some oak leaves and light around your structure.

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Wooden Starter House

Another countryside theme house that you would love to build. The design we showcase is simple and easy to create. Stone bricks play a part as its foundation while oak wood planks are filled on the ground.

The walls are completely made out of oak planks as well and are divided into two separate rooms. It's your decision to determine the roof style, but it should match the countryside theme. There's no need to decorate the outside, while the inside requires some bookshelves and chests.

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White Container House

If you wish for a design that is unique and impossible to have in real life, this is the design you’re looking for in the Minecraft world.

The design contains three floors, the first and the third are placed symmetrically while the second floor is rotated. Primarily made from smooth quartz, the house is built up like an oval shape with 6 blocks of thickness, leaving enough space to put on stuff.

The walls are covered by glass panels, which allow natural light and visibility as well but otherwise you then have to get rid of privacy. You have plenty of building space in this design so you can leave put a lot of things. But we’d recommend planting a crop on the first floor, a living room on the second floor, and a reading room for the last one.

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Suburban House

This massive design gives you availability so you have a super spacious area to set up.

The suburban mansion is made of both metal and wood materials such as quartz, stone block, birch, oak, spruce, and dark oak as well. Dark oak and quartz combined together with its specific color made the house look rustic and fantastic so far.

The inside is free to make thanks to its massive space. This mansion includes a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, resting room, storage room, and bedroom. The outside is pretty well-lit, with lots of lanterns hanging around. You can use torches as well to make the structure less resource-intensive.

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Survival Simple Brick House

A small house but with striking and impressive colors, this is an idea if you don't want to take too long to build. The frame is made of a spruce log and the floor is birch slabs. Walls are made of bricks, you can use glass pane, spruce fence, and spruce trapdoor to increase the detail of the wall.

The roof is a spruce stair with a stone brick border, and the back of the house has a chimney made from bricks. Decorate your home with plant pots, and lanterns, and use the spruce fence to protect your home and plants.

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Winter Mansion

Large, warm space, symmetrical design, and luxury are the things that this mansion brings to you in a cold winter. The floor is mainly made of stone, and oak plank, with a border that is a combination of many types such as cobblestone, and chiseled stone brick,...

The pillar is made from stripped dark oak log, supporting the porch of the hallway, above is a balcony whose railing is white stained glass panes. The roof is made of a stone brick stair with a dark oak stair outside. Above is a chimney made from brick, and a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor.

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Underground Base

Building underground structures is one of the interesting creations that Minecraft players should not ignore. First, you need to remove the land to make space for the base, with the platform made from spruce planks. Of course, the ladder entrance is indispensable!

The ceiling is made of a glass pane to let in natural light, and supporting it are beams made from stripped dark oak logs. Decorate with cobblestone blocks as well as plants around your house.

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Aquarium House

If you want to relax in a cool house, see marine life, and even swim with them, then an aquarium house is the best Minecraft house idea. The frame of the house is made of white concrete, and the base of the aquarium is sand. The center of the house is a space for owners that have a background made of spruce planks.

The wall is a barrier - an invisible block that you can use to create a solid boundary and is extremely aesthetic. Thanks to it, the water inside does not flow out. To decorate the aquarium, we offer plant blocks like seagrass, sea pickle, brain coral fan, and fish like puffer fish spawn eggs and tropical fish spawn eggs.

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Small Castle

One of the safest survival bases you can build in Minecraft is a defensive castle. The wall of the house is made mainly from stone, combined with cobblestone and polished andesite to make the wall look more beautiful.

There are 2 watchtowers with windows covered by a spruce fence, above the terrace, there is a stone brick wall railing. The roof is made of oak stairs and oak slap, and the border is made of spruce slabs. Above it is a chimney made from the same material as the wall and has a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor on top.

Next to it is an arc-shaped staircase, made of a spruce slab. There is also a porch made of the extinguished campfire in front of the entrance of the watchtower. Don't forget to build a fence with stone blocks, and light and decorate your castle with lanterns.

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Modern House

If you wish for an aesthetic and compact house in real life but are unable to get it currently, this is an idea you don’t want to skip. The design we showcase here contains a lot of facilities to give Minecraft players the best house ever.

The pool is placed in front of the house, covered by smooth quartz blocks and light blue stained glass. The structure also consists of 2 areas of accommodation: the working space next to the pool and the bed-relaxing area on the second floor. They are completely made out of wood and metal materials

In fact, you can change the purpose of every room according to your liking. For outside decoration, we suggest making a farm of wheat, leaving out some plants, and placing a wall-mounted aquarium.

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Large Oak Survival House

This is a house made primarily of wood blocks, with inspiration from perfect symmetry, creating luxury when looking at it. Pillars are made from oak log blocks, supporting the oak plank flooring. The roof of 3 floors is made from an oak stair, with a lighter border color from the birch stair block.

The walls are made of glass panes, with birch plank frames outside, they are like large windows bringing natural light into the house. Exterior decoration is torches placed on the oak fences, along with plant blocks. Also, you can use glowstone to light up the hallway below.

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Water Modern House

This design is quite a unique yet simple build that combines the aesthetic of the modern house with the beautiful view of the water. The house comes up with a mixture of resources to make the best of the view. Smooth quartz blocks, gray concrete, and gray glass panels are used to create the house.

There is a bit of thing to decorate outside since the house is futuristic and built on the water giving it a more special atmosphere. For the inside, feel free to let your creative side flow when setting anything up. Maybe you have a lot of choices building a house on the land, so why not try to do it on the water?

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Easy Wooden Survival House

Although this is just a simple survival house, this house idea has a sophisticated and modern beauty that has made its tutorial video an extremely attractive youtube video. The house has a frame made from a stripped oak log, walls made from a stripped dark oak log, combined with large windows made of glass panes.

The staircase is a combination of stripped oak log and a spruce stair, leading to a porch made of an extinguished campfire located in front of the room's entrance. You can decorate with blocks like the oak fence, lanterns, and plant blocks depending on your preference.

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Minecraft Tree House

A perfect build for living a peaceful life, this house comes with a magnificent look thanks to its awesome idea. This house combines completely wood material so you can make it early on because it’s relatively easy resource requirements. The shape of the tree is needed to build first. the larger the tree, the more aesthetic look.

There are 2 separate parts of the house, each part is placed on a different branch and contains a simple room to live or store items. Every part is bordered by fences to keep hungry mobs off of your place.

The top of the house is covered by plenty of oak leaves which help bring a fantastic and rustic look. And also lanterns are necessary to ensure visibility during the night.

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Survival Farm House

If you choose to survive in the jungle, then a farm-style house building is the best Minecraft survival house. The house is supported by pillars made of oak logs, and below is enough space for you to grow plants for survival such as wheat, and potatoes.

In front of the house's entrance is a porch made of oak stairs and birch stairs, next to the house has a balcony, protected by a railing made of the oak fence. The floor is made from birch plank combined with oak planks. On the roof, there is a chimney made from oak logs, and on top is a campfire covered by an oak trapdoor. Hang some lanterns around your house for decoration.

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Ultimate Survival Base

This is a base that is not only beautiful to look at, but also has the function of absolute safety protection from hostile forces. The house has pillars made of spruce logs, walls made of glass blocks, a floor made of the spruce slab with a cobblestone border, and a base guard fence also made of cobblestone.

The entrance gate is a combination of spruce logs and spruce variants such as the spruce plank, spruce stair, and spruce slab. With a three-floor design, this place has enough space for your survival. The third small floor is like a storage room so you can store your loot for example.

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Easy Underwater Survival House

This is the house that shows how is creative - a cool Minecraft house underwater. The entrance of this house is quite special, a long ladder going from the water to the seabed covered by glass, oak plank, and stone.

The house has a frame made of stone and glass walls, and the floor is made of oak planks. If you are no way to remove the water inside, use sand to do this as in the tutorial video. You can use a fence, ladder, lantern, … to decorate the inside of your house.

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Ultimate Survival Tower Base

A watchtower with an overhead view will provide an unforgettable experience. With a 4-sided symmetrical design style, it will be extremely easy to build. The pillar is made of an oak log and stripped spruce log, covered with a spruce fence and cobblestone wall for added detail.

The bottom floor wall is cobblestone with the main door being a spruce door and the window made of iron bar. The wall of the rest is stripped oak log and long glass pane windows. At the top of the tower will be a larger space, with railing from an oak fence, and a roof made of spruce stairs with a stone brick border.

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Cozy Survival Cottage

If you are living in a cold jungle, we will present you with a survival house that is extremely cozy when looking at it. Combine oak logs with stripped birch logs to make a house frame. The floor is made from spruce planks and oak planks. The roof is a combination of the spruce stair and the border of the stone brick stair.

Walls are made from spruce plank, stripped birch logs, and windows glass pane. The front porch is made from the extinguished campfire, you can randomly destroy a few places and place oak leaves into these empty to make creepers. Decorate with oak fence and oak fence gate to add more detail to the eaves.

The large chimney is made from a stone brick slab, above is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor. Put more lamps and lanterns to make the house more light and warm.

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More Details: Cozy Survival Cottage

Large Medieval Fantasy House

This is a large construction with medieval architecture, by using a variety of materials with outstanding colors, we believe that it will bring you many interesting experiences when building.

The frame is made of stone brick and stripped spruce log, the wall is made of cobblestone and white concrete. The roof has a turquoise color thanks to stripped warped hyphae, with spruce stairs and dark oak stair outlines to add detail to the roof.

The chimney is bricked, and on top is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor. The watchtower on the roof is made from variants of polished Blackstone such as brick, slab, and stair. In addition, you can use oak leaves as creepers to decorate the house.

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Jungle Tree House

This is considered a safe place to live, as well as an aesthetically impressive building. First, you need to destroy a part of the trunk and build the platform using jungle slabs. Then you will make a small house using variations of jungle wood.

The jungle log pillar, the wall is made of stripped jungle logs, the entrance is a jungle door and the window is a jungle trapdoor. The pyramidal roof is made from a jungle slab. One important thing for a tree house is safety, you can use a jungle fence and jungle fence gate for railing. Don't forget to add some torches for lighting.

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More Details: Jungle Tree House

Ultimate Wooden Survival Mansion

Do not rush to ignore this idea if you are looking to build a survival place with a large capacity, this is a wooden survival mansion, with an extremely beautiful design. The frame is made of spruce logs and has dark color combined with white birch wood creating a striking construction.

You can use variations of birch wood birch slab and birch stairs for parts of the house such as walls, stairs, floors, roofs, eaves, balconies, and use birch fence for railing. You can add some color to your home with plant blocks in front of the house and a hell entrance for example.

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Barbie Survival House

This house is not only a dream house but also perfect for survival. The internal space is fairly large, allowing you to construct 5–6 big rooms to meet your demands. You can make use of every space to live and even live with many people in the house.

The house is mainly pink with wool as the main material, which means you have to prepare a lot of Magenta wool, Pink wool, and Purple Wool to start building it. That's why it's very difficult to build at the beginning of the game, you need a lot of time to build this massive house. However, with this beautiful design, it is extremely worth building.

Large windows are made from glass to maximize natural light in the house, making the house feel more spacious. The interior is also very modern and sophisticated with many essential items for survival.

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House or base is essential for your survival, you can use blocks to create spectacular survival constructions in Minecraft. We hope these top 30 best Minecraft survival house ideas spark your creativity!

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