9 Lovely Minecraft Flower Forest House Ideas


One of the many great features of Minecraft is how it generates flower-forested biomes. Players can find an expanse of these biomes scattered across the near-infinite in-game map. And creating a Minecraft flower forest house in your creative world is a wonderful thing!

If you don't know how to start, let's check out the top 9 lovely Minecraft flower forest house Ideas to get inspiration from!

Minecraft Flower Forest House

Flower forest houses are houses located in densely wooded forests, surrounded by flower forests. Nature and trees blend together to create a romantic scene that builders cannot miss.

Top 9 Lovely Minecraft Flower Forest House Ideas

Flowers Shop

This lovely shop proves that with a little bit of decoration and greenery, you can turn a boring build into something worth visiting. As you can see, the main shape of this design is a rectangle of oak planks with some white and pink wool for the roof. And that's it! You can add the mattress, the welcome sign, and the flowers, and the building will come alive!

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Flower Greenhouse

A greenhouse considering how anything can be grown outdoors in Minecraft. Every player can get a lot of inspiration from this design!

This greenhouse is built with simple materials—some white stained glasses, a few wooden stairs, and some fences. Of course, a variety of plants and flowers also give off an organic feel.

With the basic main entrance made from spruce wood, combined with a wide flat roof and some leaves on the top, it all creates a natural vibe to the wooden greenhouse. The color palette and exterior design make for an elegant base, and its interior has enough space to grow your crops.

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Flower Forest Cottage

Forest Cottage is a nice house for you to live in in the dark forest. Many flowers blossom across the wheat field creating a comfortable atmosphere that blends with the beautiful natural scenery!

With useful resources from the forest biome, you have many advantages in terms of resources that are not only easy to build a house but also a great condition for survival.

This particular cottage has a beautiful design and features an exterior primarily made from wood with many different types of wood including birch wood, oak wood, and spruce wood. Other materials such as concrete, brick, and stone are used to create the foundation and roof.

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Flower Forest Brick House

For those who wish to wake up every (virtual) morning and see a field of flowers, this big brick house is ideal! The ideal forest home was designed using grape terraces, molded window frames, and ivy in this build by the content developer using the Cocricot mod pack.

The house is built in 3 separate sections with typical red brick walls and wooden floors. This might be the build for you if you're searching for something a little more conventional yet still challenging. The structure itself is more of a mid-game build idea since it’ll require you to collect a reasonable amount of Brick and Wood Plank to fully construct.

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Flower Forest Starter House

This Flower Forest Starter House might take a bit of time but is a good starter house. Not only will you get all the essentials, but you’ll also have a small farm in the house where you can harvest your wheat without having to go outside during the night!

The house in this construction is extremely detailed and is situated in the flower forest biome, which is now known as the meadow. The builder has kept the theme of the forest and has included tons of flowers in the building for decoration.

In the greenhouse, there are numerous crops, including wheat and beetroots. Players can plant whatever they want and lanterns are the best option for lighting.

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Cozy Flower Cabin

Not only is this the ideal place for survival, but it's also a haven where you can drop your soul into nature. This particular design is used by players in many Minecraft servers and games. It's an easy build for those just getting started in the early days of Minecraft or for those who want a house that fits in with the landscape.

A small, cozy cabin made of a combination of Glass Block, Oak Stairs, and Stripped Oak Log creates a romantic ambiance in the woodland area. With a variety of flowers, the house can be decorated more adorably.

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Fantasy Flower House

This Flower Fantasy House seems like it belongs in a Disney movie with a variety of flowers and vines surrounding it. With its massive size and many beautiful highlights, the meandering fence maze,... you can build a big peaceful palace in the middle of the forest.

To start building the house, you need to gather a lot of stones, a variety of wooden planks, and a few other materials in small quantities. Despite its magnificent appearance and intricate detailing, it is on the basic side of the building, players can easily be inspired by this build with only a little time and patience.

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Large Japanese Flower House

Before you can enter the foundation, you must pass through a building with curved, elongated roof eaves; this structure immediately gives you the characteristic aura of Japanese culture.

This large, historic Japanese house looks stunning against the orange, fall foliage. You then enter a courtyard where you are free to wander about the compound with a Japanese motif. You can go outside and enter serene bamboo jungles where you can see flowers or take a stroll if you need a break.

For building this house, the main materials include brick, white concrete, and spruce wood with a combination of planks, logs, slabs, fences, trapdoors, and stairs.

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Simple Survival Flower House

This is one of the best Minecraft house ideas for you in survival mode. This Simple Survival House uses door panels and stripped logs to create a modern, woodsy, and fresh style.

The house is shaped like a modern home, the exterior has multiple lamps, and natural sunlight rushes into the interior through the large Glass Pane windows.

The hanging vines by the balcony add a nice finishing touch to this design. This adds a decorative element to the house, particularly when combined with the predominant brown tones. This house looks safe and cozy!

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Mushroom House

This Mushroom House has a brightly red-capped mushroom shape that also functions as a log cabin.

Calcite, white wool, and white concrete powder are used to make the walls, which give the building a rich texture. It will undoubtedly take some time to shear enough sheep and gather enough materials for the concrete, but once you see the finished product, it will all have been worth it. If not, Quartz can be used to replace parts of the blocks.

Depending on what makes your heart sing, you can construct a modern cottage, a warm cabin, or a magical enchantment room within. After that, you can create a whole village of mushroom dwellings to fulfill your fantasy. Just be cautious since zombies prowl the night.

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Those are the top 9 lovely Minecraft flower forest house ideas that we've listed today. Pick your favorite house idea and start building it for your Minecraft world now!

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