Best 8 Adorable Minecraft Panda House Ideas


Panda is a super cute animal in Minecraft! They're laying and eating bamboo all day. So what is greater if we can live with pandas inside a real Minecraft panda house? In this article, we will go through the best house designs and ideas so you can get inspired!

We cover both houses for pandas (panda's fence) or an actual Minecraft panda house, which means a Minecraft house with a panda shape and model. So you may need to gather a lot of black and white blocks before taking a look at this list. When you're ready, let's go!

Let's see our 8 Minecraft Panda House Ideas!

Sitting Baby Panda House

In the third place is a sitting panda house design. With the ratio of the head being bigger than usual, it creates a cute chibi effect for your panda house! And by using some light blue stained glass for your window in the panda's eyes, it looks like the panda is crying which brings the cuteness to the next level!

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Cute Panda House

What is cuter than a lazy panda house located near the river? Not stop at that, this house is actually built in the jungle biomes with normal pandas surrounding the place. Also, with a forest of bamboo nearby, you can easily farm it to feed both baby and adult pandas.

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Cute Panda House with Interior

If other Minecraft panda house designs can't satisfy your need, this will definitely do the job! The house is above the surface a few blocks so hostile mobs can't easily enter your house. And by making a shape like this, there is more room for you to decorate the interior and put the most luxurious furniture in.

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Simple Panda Enclosure

The first Minecraft panda house on the list is not actually a house, but it's rather a pen to capture your pandas. With the jungle theme from the logs, trapdoors, fence gates, and some jungle trees, it really creates a good nature vibe for your pandas to live and breed.

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Japanese Panda House

Minecraft Asian-style houses always come with cool architectural styles. The curvy roof and aesthetic shape are the main points that make this panda house stand out! At first look, this looks like a mystery temple but when you come close enough, you can find pandas playing around inside.

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Simple Panda House

This Minecraft panda house is a little bit sus with a shape of a baby panda and a door.... right between its legs! However, don't judge the book by its cover because you can build literally every room inside. From the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even smelting room! You can build a second floor in the panda's head and look through his eyes for scout purposes too!

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Panda Enclosure

Another panda pen idea but with a design much more pleasant to the eyes. With the spruce house in the middle of the pen with a pond nearby, combine with podzol, coarse dirt, stone button, and mossy cobblestone to create a perfect scenery for your nearby pandas! To make it better, you can lure in brown pandas for diversity.

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Panda Farm House

This Minecraft panda house takes inspiration from a panda zoo in the real world. With stripped logs around and fences on top, it's really easy to create attractions to get people visiting your house. Considered a nursery building, it's necessary to have lots of bamboo so the weak pandas can feed on and survive the cruel world in Minecraft!

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And that's all about some greatest Minecraft panda house ideas! If you love building animal houses, try those cute Minecraft fox house ideas and build a town full of cute buildings! Let's put a smiling face on and gather the materials!

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