Top 10 Most Gorgeous Cottage Minecraft House Designs


Cottage Minecraft House Designs are perfect for fans of cottagecore. These houses are warm, relaxing, and ideal for your area. We'll give you our picks for the top 9 most gorgeous cottage Minecraft house designs below!

Cottage Minecraft House

A cottage is a small house with typically only one story and is common in rural places. Cottages are frequently thought of as being warm and comforting, and they frequently feature beautiful gardens.

In Minecraft, creating a cottage is a splendid way to make your world more delightful. Cottages can be decorated in whatever you desire and are warm and comfortable.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous Cottage Minecraft House Designs

Big Cottage

This specific build is a great illustration of a cottage that can accommodate numerous gamers at once. The structure is big-sized and can easily be made in the early game.

Even though constructing a home this size would probably be challenging with few resources, the result would be worth it! The house is made mainly from Dark Oak and Smooth Quartz, the rest are other materials in small quantities. It's an excellent option for playing team-based survival game modes, like Minecraft factions servers, for example, because many people can easily live under this one roof.

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Small Aesthetic Cottage

This Small Aesthetic Cottage combines the essentials into one small and cute home. The home has a charming and attractive design similar to the house in the fairy tale Snow White. Compared to other cottages, this one is more modern and minimalist, and it can be a perfect option for novice Minecraft builders – especially because it also comes with a floor plan design.

Primarily woods like spruce planks and forest wood are the easiest materials to locate, followed by some white terracotta, brick, stone, and stairs. The bricks can even be changed with another material in Minecraft survival mode if they are too hard to come by.

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Large Oakwood Survival Cottage

This cottage-style oakwood survival home is a big change over the traditional cottage, offering a variety of conveniences and add-ons. It goes without saying that this design will require more time and effort than many of the others, but if you're searching for a large and cozy cottage that has everything you need, it will be worthwhile.

This house, which employs a soft color scheme and focuses on wood logs, light planks, and fencing, can also be considered a sort of lodge. It has a large number of interior rooms and features, including a kitchen, storage space, roomy bedroom, living room, study, two-tier balcony, porch, and much more.

It also includes a small and comfortable space for animals, a fully furnished lower-level farming area, and top-deck planter areas for Minecraft players with an eye for gardening. Tall slimline windows, strategically placed plants in pots, shutters, hanging lanterns, and other decorations complete the look!

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Cottagecore Farmhouse

This Minecraft house uses a great combination of dark wood, spruce wood, and stone bricks, which are contrasted by clean white stone walls. It takes the basic elements of farmhouse designs and combines a lovely and picturesque cottage style. Its farmhouse and cottage design features come through pretty effectively and work well together.

For pillars and beams, the creator utilizes stone brick and wood fencing; the construction of the cottage is made of dark natural logs. There is also a lot to see inside, as the interior decor emphasizes a cozy atmosphere with a lot of paintings, carpets, plants, and other decorative items. Amazing trailing vines, flowers, intricate window sections, dirt walkways, and other features complete all of these features.

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Pumpkin Spice Cottage

If you are looking for ideas to build your own house for this upcoming Halloween, this is a particular build that you cannot miss. Such a build will look fantastic with bright orange and yellow-colored interior design. The house is created with a combination of different materials, mainly spruce wood. The outside decoration is the lanterns that make your house more shining.

As you rest in your gorgeous refuge, imagine the lovely sunsets and hear the crunch of the scarlet leaves beneath your feet. This adorable cottage is an amazing must-build if you enjoy pumpkins and pumpkin spice.

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Fantasy Cottage

The amazing design of this fantasy cottage makes it ideal for any roleplay or roleplay server environment. Due to its reasonable resource requirements, this build is also great for newbies. And due to its small size, it just requires a few stacks of materials. It is built of wood, stone, and vines in addition to a little flower garden.

To apply this concept, players must have a suitable color scheme and cooperate to support one another's ideas. Even while it might not be the largest on the list, this specific construct is very practical and contains all the facilities players could possibly need, including a bed, a crafting space, storage space, and furnaces.

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Fairytale Cottage

This Fairytale Cottage that appears to have been taken from a fairytale will give your world a feeling of a bygone era. The naive protagonist or the seemingly kind but truly cruel villain that you're likely to encounter in most tales might both live in this gorgeous brick-roofed fairytale cottage. Anyone who wishes to give their home a more fairytale-like vibe should take inspiration from this structure, which exudes charm in an uncomplicated manner.

There are 3 separate sections in this building layout, each of which may accommodate at least two rooms. It offers a beautiful external design with flowers and trees, as well as an interior with stained glass windows and a fireplace. The cost of building this structure won't be expensive either.

It is easy to put up and only actually needs a few stacks of the building materials, such as logs, bricks, glass, and clay/concrete for the external walls. For the house to look even nicer, we'd also suggest building a chimney at the top and building a tiny kitchen and garden close to the side.

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Cozy Survival Cottage With Greenhouse

This Cozy Survival Cottage With a greenhouse is one of the best Minecraft cottage ideas. The house is built from a combination of stone brick foundations, glass for natural lighting, smooth ‘painted’ walls, and tons of tiny details.

This YouTuber created unusual wood textures for this design using intriguing campfire mechanics and even added a realistic, crackling fireplace. In order to make this sophisticated structure come to life in the players' own Minecraft world, they will need a vast amount of materials. But fortunately, this tutorial has taken the time to walk readers through every step of the procedure, including the design of the interior as well as the exterior.

The overall cottage design is polished off with essential Minecraft utility blocks, interior hanging plants, bookshelves, a useful kitchen, an outside garden to grow greenery, and much more for practical and comfortable cottage life.

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Cottagecore Survival Base

This Cottagecore Survival Base utilizes a darker color scheme and a traditional mix of wood and stone. Another beginner-friendly cottage design, this one is even simpler and includes a useful floor plan blueprint.

Larger windows have been incorporated into the design to maximize natural illumination, which is ideal given the building's limited surface area. Once more, this tutorial has included instructions for building a functional indoor living environment that includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and fireplace.

Natural wood logs hold everything together very well, and elaborate fencing, lush vegetation, stone steps, flowers, a miniature garden, a pet den, and other features are added on top.

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Gingerbread Cottage

It will always be Christmas with this cottage in your Minecraft world! The house is built from materials of different vibrant colors and is a perfect combination of wood, concrete, and quartz stone. This gingerbread house looks delicious and is incredibly simple to construct, even down to the delectable candy cane chimneys and peppermint-lined entryway decorations.

The uniqueness of this house would make anyone salivate. Your gingerbread house can become a gingerbread mansion if you apply your imagination and fiddle with the size. For those looking for something tasty and unusual to add some color to their Minecraft environment, this cottage is ideal!

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And that's the top 10 most gorgeous cottage Minecraft house designs! These are great Minecraft house designs of coziness and simplicity. Whether you're a novice player trying to spice up your Minecraft world or a bored little builder, we hope you found something you liked and gained some construction inspiration.

Happy building!

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