Top 10 Best Small Suburban House Minecraft Ideas


Have you ever thought about building houses that not only look familiar in real life but are also accommodated and comfortable? If so, our top 10 ideal small suburban house Minecraft is what you’re looking for!

Small Suburban House Minecraft

Building houses need resources, of course, all of them will be available in-game. We will also note any mod packs or Minecraft versions in need. For this list, we’re gonna offer you simple and complex, luxurious and rustic Minecraft house design ideas. We hope our list will be helpful!

Top 10 Charming Small Suburban House Minecraft Designs

Giant Suburban Mansion

Imagine living in this suburban mansion, what would you do? With a build this big, we bet you can't explore a whole mansion in just 1 or 2 days. From the clear lawn to the giant swimming pool, or the rooftop with its own connected towers. Surely this will take a lot of time to build this in survival mode!

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Minecraft Suburban Pink House

A typical pink house might be rare to see in reality but in Minecraft, you can get any color you want. The 2-story design is made mostly out of metal instead of wood resources, so it brings a modern and sturdier appearance.

With its compactness and spaciousness, you are no longer worried about the space to put things in. To get the pink color, you need a specific material, and pink concrete is our choice. The house also comes up with an additional garage in case you need extra space for things.

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Suburban Spanish House

If you are looking for one simple style house to begin for Minecraft Spanish House, we believe you should take a look at Suburban Spanish House! This house is covered with the yellow of concrete blocks and prominent on it is the roof gathered from numerous brick blocks, which is look even better if you install some Minecraft shaders like the BSL shaders.

One of the significant things you can catch at suburban Spanish houses is that they usually build a small garden in front of their house, so you can place some oak leaves, jungle leaves, and flower blocks into your garden to make it more lively! And remember to use the better leaves mod for the best effect!

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Suburban Spanish Villa And Vineyard

Have you ever imagined you’re gonna build a villa surrounded by numerous green trees? In Minecraft, you definitely can do it with Suburban Spanish Villa And Vineyard! To build this house, first, you need to prepare a foundation with stone brick, and the wall of the house is a combination of green terracotta, green concrete, and white terracotta.

For the main house interior, you also can decorate it with some bookshelves, a kitchen, and a sleeping bed, and also place some flower plots inside of your house! Honestly, this house stands out for its exterior green landscape, so remember to place berry bushes and vineyards around your villa!

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Suburban House

Only until you have a complete suburban home to reside in can you justify living in the suburbs of Minecraft. This means that your modest house is equally decorated with flair and vigor. The advantage of having a voguish design with many practical elements in a Minecraft modern house build is yours.

Quartz, grey concrete, and stone are the main resources needed. A 2 story design, a porch, and a garage are going to be common elements of a typical suburban home. Laying out the initial base foundation will make it simple to begin construction on this house. This entails assembling 12x20 blocks using stone bricks for the length and width, respectively.

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Simple Suburban Minecraft House

Are you looking for a simple yet well-organized suburban house? If so, this one is for you. This house consists of stone, light blue concrete, quartz, and oak materials. Light blue concrete plays a vital role as it makes the house look extraordinary by its color.

The roof, as always, is the most impressive highlight. We highly recommend using a gambrel roof aka A-frame roof shape. To make a welcoming and amazing surrounding view for your house, a staircase made out of concrete, linked with an oak fence should be considered.

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Realistic Suburban House

Shout out to Keralis for this awesome design. This house showcases exactly what we accommodate in real life. The body includes dark oak wood plank, and white stained clay, which gives it a sturdy and modern look. Oh, don’t forget to provide some glass panels to get visibility!

The roof needs a lot of stone brick stairs to build, but it brightens up the house. For exterior decoration, environmentally friendly materials are the best choice. Let’s dig an area and cultivate some rose bushes, and tall grasses, and cover them with pressure plates. Then hang some vines against the wall.

The entrance of the house is a composition of stones, plus a well-organized area of lime wool. And building a pond from the scratch next to it is never old!

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Minecraft Suburban Pink House

You may find it difficult to have a house with pink color in real life. But in Minecraft, nothing is impossible.

This design is exceptional not only by its unique color but also by its compactness and spaciousness. Pink terracotta is attributed as a foundation with its deeper pink color while pink concrete, quartz slabs, and crimson plank served as the main materials.

The second floor contains a balcony covered by crimson plank once again, and lightened up by lanterns. Glass panes are placed around the walls so that it could allow as much light as possible, keeping hostile mobs like creepers away from your house.

The spacious interior is free to set anything up, while the outside is protected by an oak fence. You may consider other choices, but we highly recommend oak leaves.

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Large Suburban House

A heartwarming house design, this one really has you saying home sweet home.

This construction combines smooth sandstone, oak planks, and red sandstones for the walls, also the foundation. These materials mix together and create an incredibly welcoming countryside home.

It’s super easy for us to set anything up thanks to its massive size. A garage, kitchen, attic, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms are our suggestions. In case you want another facility, feel free to do so.

The exterior is accompanied by a railing covered around. Some hanging lanterns or torches mean to bring a creepy and mysterious look when the night comes. The yard is necessary to extend the layout, but it would be more eye-catching if it goes with flowers.

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Small Compact Suburban House

Similar to those above designs, this is another beautiful sketch added to your list that you can easily incorporate into the Minecraft world.

The design needs light blue hardened clays, smooth sandstones, pillar quartz blocks as well as stone slabs to build. The roof is constructed in V-shape, is made out of stone bricks, and is covered by quartz blocks.

From the outside look, nothing is more deserved to fit with a suburban house than a green simple garden. Oak leaves and spruce leaves blocks are enough to create a lively environment.

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There are many ways to build a small suburban house in Minecraft! Having to come up with your idea may be hard, or you’ll get stuck with your own design, having no idea what to do next. This top 10 list might be a game-saver, we offer you many choices, from simple houses to mega-mansion. So happy building!

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