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Storage Minecraft House Ideas

Storage Chest House

“Storage” Chest House is one big giant storage unit in Minecraft. It looks like a Giant Chest house, but inside of this house is a completely enclosed space. You can separate the body of this Storage Chest House into different sections for a lot of purposes like building a storage room, sleeping area, library, or also indoor farms,... Moreover, at the top of the storage house, you can set up one small outdoor farm or one coffee house to view around the outside.

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Wooden Storage House

As its name implied, this house is constructed for storage purposes. So it should be built as simplest as possible and minimize mostly decorative stuff.

The house consists of primarily wooden material which is an easy resource requirement. The inside can be filled with up to 740 chests, allow to store anything you can collect in Minecraft world. In fact, you can extend it up to a larger size according to your liking.

Oak plank and spruce plank are used to make pillars, walls, and foundations while cobblestone brings a sturdy look to the house. As we said, the inside is a space for storage so you don’t need to set anything up but chests, and also lanterns are helpful to bring the light. You can add some flower pots or bushes or trees at the front entrance to give it a more natural look.

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