40+ Cool Things to Put in Your Minecraft House


Ever wonder what things to put in your Minecraft house? Whether it's a special room, or just a little decoration such as a lamp, furniture, or even a little toy on the table. You can do pretty much anything in Minecraft without using creative mode for sure!

Things to Put in Your Minecraft House

Let's say you just have done your first ever Minecraft starter house to survive the night. Inside it, you may have a crafting table, a furnace to smelt some ores, and a chest, right? If you're lucky enough, you've also killed some sheep to craft yourself a comfortable bed in that little shelter too.

But it's time to expand your Minecraft home, or at least, build some necessary things in your house so you can survive easier. The way you organize your rooms is the key to minimizing the time you run back and forth in your base.

List of Possible Rooms in Minecraft

In order to store furniture and other small things in your house, you will need some rooms first. In case you're still new to Minecraft, we will list all possible rooms in Minecraft so you can get the idea. Also, putting the right things in the right room is kinda important too. Since you don't want to put a toilet in the bedroom, right?

All rooms in Minecraft:

  • Crafting Room
  • Smelting Room
  • Storage Room
  • Bedroom
  • The Quarry
  • Brewery Room
  • Enchanting Room
  • Armory
  • Smithing Room
  • Stable/Animal Farm
  • Pond/Fishing Place
  • Archery
  • Crop Farm/Tree Farm Room
  • Nether Portal Room
  • Villager Trading Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bakery
  • Control Room
  • Mob Grinder/XP Farm Room
  • Panic Room
  • Music Room
  • Bathroom
  • Secret Room
  • Trophy Room

Now let's talk about cool things to put in your Minecraft house! Those designs are easy to build, even when you're in survival mode and don't have that many resources, including the building area as well. So no worries whether you're living in an underwater base, in caves, or in any biomes. Let's take the inspiration!

40+ Things To Put in Your Minecraft House

The comprehensive list was made by WiederDude and he also has so many video tutorials for furniture and decorations in Minecraft. However, in this article, we will cover the top things to put in your Minecraft house in pictures if you'd prefer reading, not watching videos.


Different from other things to put in your Minecraft house, this fridge design is fully functional. It means you can store your food, and get your food out to eat anytime you like! Simply use a dropper, an iron block, an iron door, and a lever.

Lamp 2

The end rod is wonderful for building purposes. You can use this material to literally build any lamp design. And by it, we mean you just need to replace the block on top and you can have a hundred lamp variants!

Table 7

Now we go with the basics and use cobblestone for designing a table. Craft 4 cobblestone walls (or any wall you like) and use them as table legs. Then use cobblestone slabs as a table surface. Stone bricks are also a good option for this Minecraft building idea!


Building staircases to your second floor is never more challenging than other things in Minecraft. And that's why we recommend this design since it's simple, straightforward, and can save you a lot of resources and space. Simply use some wool carpets and strings to create a minimal staircase!


When it comes to the bathtub, it's best to use quartz or white concrete due to their modern and clean look. When you've done the decision, let's build a rectangle of stairs and fill it with water. Then create a wall nearby and place two faucets on it. One for the hot water, and another one for cold water.

Cat House

Similar to the dog house, if you're a cat lover, you need to build this in your house! With some stairs, trapdoors, planks, and fences, you can create a cat house with a little playground for your tiny cat to live in.

Couch 1

This design proof that why Minecraft is a creative game. By using 2 beds and placing them opposite each other, then surrounding them with some signs, you will have a mushy couch in your living room! Note that you can still sleep and set your spawn on the couch. Cool, right?


Connecting two chairs with each other and you will have a bench, or a bigger chair if you prefer. Then place two signs on either side for aesthetic purposes.

Couch 2

This couch design is for modern houses. You will need some snow blocks, snow carpets, wool, and wool carpets. Then create the depth of the couch by slowly filling the seat with snow layers.

Shelf 1

Storage is the main problem in Minecraft. And that's why you need to have some good shelf designs in your house to store weapons, armor, and even potions. In this particular design, we will use acacia trapdoors because of their texture, and then you can place item frames or chests on top of it.


And that's about all the things to put in your Minecraft house! We hope through this article, you can decorate your house better and build a super detailed base in no time! With that being said, you may need to take a look at those Minecraft underground house ideas! Have fun building!

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