40+ Cool Things to Put in Your Minecraft House


Ever wonder what things to put in your Minecraft house? Whether it's a special room, or just a little decoration such as a lamp, furniture, or even a little toy on the table. You can do pretty much anything in Minecraft without using creative mode for sure!

Things to Put in Your Minecraft House

Let's say you just have done your first ever Minecraft starter house to survive the night. Inside it, you may have a crafting table, a furnace to smelt some ores, and a chest, right? If you're lucky enough, you've also killed some sheep to craft yourself a comfortable bed in that little shelter too.

But it's time to expand your Minecraft home, or at least, build some necessary things in your house so you can survive easier. The way you organize your rooms is the key to minimizing the time you run back and forth in your base.

List of Possible Rooms in Minecraft

In order to store furniture and other small things in your house, you will need some rooms first. In case you're still new to Minecraft, we will list all possible rooms in Minecraft so you can get the idea. Also, putting the right things in the right room is kinda important too. Since you don't want to put a toilet in the bedroom, right?

All rooms in Minecraft:

  • Crafting Room
  • Smelting Room
  • Storage Room
  • Bedroom
  • The Quarry
  • Brewery Room
  • Enchanting Room
  • Armory
  • Smithing Room
  • Stable/Animal Farm
  • Pond/Fishing Place
  • Archery
  • Crop Farm/Tree Farm Room
  • Nether Portal Room
  • Villager Trading Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bakery
  • Control Room
  • Mob Grinder/XP Farm Room
  • Panic Room
  • Music Room
  • Bathroom
  • Secret Room
  • Trophy Room

Now let's talk about cool things to put in your Minecraft house! Those designs are easy to build, even when you're in survival mode and don't have that many resources, including the building area as well. So no worries whether you're living in an underwater base, in caves, or in any biomes. Let's take the inspiration!

40+ Things To Put in Your Minecraft House

The comprehensive list was made by WiederDude and he also has so many video tutorials for furniture and decorations in Minecraft. However, in this article, we will cover the top things to put in your Minecraft house in pictures if you'd prefer reading, not watching videos.


Every house should have a fireplace to provide lights, prevent monsters, and create a cozy atmosphere. This design will only take one block in your house and can do many useful jobs!

More Details: Fireplace


After a long day of hard work in Minecraft, you will need a place to cook meat, carrots, or potatoes for a meal, right? And that's where this oven design takes place! With a simple placement, a furnace in the middle and the cobblestone frame outside.

More Details: Oven

Iron Cabinet

See the iron cabinet in school? Now you can recreate it with only 6 shulker boxes in Minecraft!

More Details: Iron Cabinet

Chair 1

The chair is an essential block in other games but not Minecraft. You can place a stair block and pretend it to be a chair, but it's not how you do it! Instead, use three trapdoors and a wool carpet for a real chair!

More Details: Chair 1

Hand Cart

Hand Cart is mostly used in garden and country themes and sometimes, we can use this in medieval buildings as well! With a 1x3 size, this small cart can improve the ambiance of your house a lot!

More Details: Hand Cart

Chair 2

This chair design may be hurt to sit on, but it actually looks super good! Use 6 fences of any material and build a 2x2 area on the ground, then extend the back with another 2 fences to create a chair.

More Details: Chair 2

Small Tree

You don't have to place a sapling and use bone meal to create a real tree for decoration. Instead, you can use flower pots by placing 1 dirt or grass block in the middle, then surrounding it what 4 trapdoors. Then place a fence and some leave blocks on top.

More Details: Small Tree

Chair 3

This is the chair you will see in most bars. With a stick in the bottom and the actual chair on top. Then place another two trapdoors on either side to finish this design.

More Details: Chair 3

Kitchen Furniture

A typical kitchen for every Minecraft build! Following this design, you will have a nicely decorated kitchen including the air ven, 8 cabinets, 3 furnaces, and a sink.

More Details: Kitchen Furniture

Bookcase 1

Book is wisdom, and that's super true in Minecraft. Without books and obsidian, you can't enchant items in Minecraft! So let's build a simple bookcase by placing some bookshelves on the wall, and covering them up with two doors.

More Details: Bookcase 1

Bookcase 2

Now, this is a more advanced design to build, but it requires more space than usual! Use wooden slabs and stairs to create the outer shelf of the books when you actually place the bookshelves inside the wall again. You can actually place the enchantment table on another side to take advantage of those bookshelves as well!

More Details: Bookcase 2

Table 6

Time to gather resources for this table design since you will need to cook some sand for glass. And any dye color of your choice to craft some stained glass. Then use them to craft a few stained-glass panes and use them as table legs. Then make the table surface with wool carpet like usual.

More Details: Table 6

Dog House

You will need oak logs for this design! When you have them, craft some oak stairs, slabs, planks, fences, and a fence gate, and follow this!

More Details: Dog House


In short, the swing is a seat hung on some kind of supporting structure. So first you need to create a series of fences. Then create the seat with some trapdoors and connect them with the fence above.

More Details: Swing

Lamp 1

Besides placing random torches in your house, you can create this pretty lamp with two end rods and a piece of red mushroom stem. And you will have a nice lamp in your houses, no more zombies and skeleton mobs!

More Details: Lamp 1


Different from other things to put in your Minecraft house, this fridge design is fully functional. It means you can store your food, and get your food out to eat anytime you like! Simply use a dropper, an iron block, an iron door, and a lever.

More Details: Fridge

Lamp 2

The end rod is wonderful for building purposes. You can use this material to literally build any lamp design. And by it, we mean you just need to replace the block on top and you can have a hundred lamp variants!

More Details: Lamp 2

Table 7

Now we go with the basics and use cobblestone for designing a table. Craft 4 cobblestone walls (or any wall you like) and use them as table legs. Then use cobblestone slabs as a table surface. Stone bricks are also a good option for this Minecraft building idea!

More Details: Table 7


Building staircases to your second floor is never more challenging than other things in Minecraft. And that's why we recommend this design since it's simple, straightforward, and can save you a lot of resources and space. Simply use some wool carpets and strings to create a minimal staircase!

More Details: Staircase


When it comes to the bathtub, it's best to use quartz or white concrete due to their modern and clean look. When you've done the decision, let's build a rectangle of stairs and fill it with water. Then create a wall nearby and place two faucets on it. One for the hot water, and another one for cold water.

More Details: Bathtub

Cat House

Similar to the dog house, if you're a cat lover, you need to build this in your house! With some stairs, trapdoors, planks, and fences, you can create a cat house with a little playground for your tiny cat to live in.

More Details: Cat House

Couch 1

This design proof that why Minecraft is a creative game. By using 2 beds and placing them opposite each other, then surrounding them with some signs, you will have a mushy couch in your living room! Note that you can still sleep and set your spawn on the couch. Cool, right?

More Details: Couch 1


Connecting two chairs with each other and you will have a bench, or a bigger chair if you prefer. Then place two signs on either side for aesthetic purposes.

More Details: Bench

Couch 2

This couch design is for modern houses. You will need some snow blocks, snow carpets, wool, and wool carpets. Then create the depth of the couch by slowly filling the seat with snow layers.

More Details: Couch 2

Shelf 1

Storage is the main problem in Minecraft. And that's why you need to have some good shelf designs in your house to store weapons, armor, and even potions. In this particular design, we will use acacia trapdoors because of their texture, and then you can place item frames or chests on top of it.

More Details: Shelf 1

Couch 3

This couch design is an upgraded version of the first one. You just need to replace the signs with wool blocks. You can choose any color though!

More Details: Couch 3

Shelf 2

This shelf is mostly used for decoration purposes since you can't put any chests on between the shelf. However, you can put your belonging on top of it!

More Details: Shelf 2

Table 8

This table design definitely belongs to the kitchen! You can tell how we use spruce wood to make the table look like it's smoked from the cooking process. And there is also a drying place on the table to place some food there.

More Details: Table 8

Shelf 3

Combined with the first and second designs, this shelf is tiny and also functional. This means you can place your chests and other ingredients on this shelf.

More Details: Shelf 3

Table 4

Fully using trapdoors, this is another great table design that you may want to look at! And on top of this, you can quickly expand the table by placing more trapdoors with the same pattern. Pretty cool, right?

More Details: Table 4

Bed 4

The fourth bed design in the series, and by far the most favorite of all time. In this one, not only you can have a soft bed, but you also have two comfortable pillows to sleep on. This is a building tip by using a banner and placing it one block down.

More Details: Bed 4

Armchair 1

You can use stairs to build a chair in Minecraft. But what about an armchair? Well, by taking advantage of stairs and slabs, you can create this compact armchair right in your living room without little effort!

More Details: Armchair 1

Armchair 2

By extending the height of the armchair in the first design a little bit, we have something more powerful and loyal! This armchair design is what you can see in the throne in the Game of Throne series.

More Details: Armchair 2

Armchair 3

The third armchair design is for people who love the cuteness with enough details on the armchair itself. By placing the stairs normally and upside down, you can see the contrast between them, and therefore, the armchair looks much better!

More Details: Armchair 3

Table 5

If you're in a magical or wizard house and want some cool magic table design, let's build this! Use 4 end rods for the table legs and then again, use the string and carpet technique for the table surface.

More Details: Table 5

Bed 1

The first thing on the list is a bed design. With a modern and minimalist style, this bed is suitable for most modern Minecraft houses. You will need some snow, snow carpets, acacia trapdoors, grey wools, and some cyan terracotta.

More Details: Bed 1

Garage Door

It's quite simple to build a garage door in Minecraft! First, you will need a wall. Then break it and only leave one block as a trim. Then fully cover the wall with any trapdoors of your choice. Remember to stand inside the house to place the trapdoors.

More Details: Garage Door

Bed 2

Another bed design with a simple and cheap solution. Using a real bed in Minecraft and surrounding it with some signs, you will have a baby bed. This is efficient due to the small area required and also flexible because you can choose any type of bed and signs.

More Details: Bed 2

Bed 3

A bunk bed inspires this in real life! You need to stack a bed on top of another bed and leave a block between empty. Then build two columns on the side with your chosen material. Finally, add some ladders for the accessibility to the second bed.

More Details: Bed 3

Table 1

Using stairs and slabs of any block, you can create a lovely and relatively easy table design. First place the stairs upside down facing opposite each other, then expand the top layer with some slabs to extend the table furthermore.

More Details: Table 1

Shoe Rack

With two stairs, one slab, and three wool carpets, you can create a tiny shoe rack to carry all the shoes for your visitors. Although there is no 'shoe' concept in the Minecraft game, it's still cool to have this design!

More Details: Shoe Rack

Table 2

Now come to a more advanced table design! And the material is quite expensive too! You will need 4 hoppers for the table legs, 9 wool carpets of any color, and 5 strings. The string will be placed on the ground so you can set the carpets on top.

More Details: Table 2

Door Barricade

Nothing too fancy, with some signs, you can create two lines of barricades in front of your main door to block it. You can use the signs from the same wood type of your house for consistency purposes, or use another one to create contrast. It's totally on you!

More Details: Door Barricade

Table 3

Same with table 2 design about the string and carpets part, this table design use 4 anvils for the table legs.

More Details: Table 3

Dining Table Set

Look for things to decorate your kitchen in Minecraft? Try this dining table set with a table, four chairs, and a bunch of food on the table with item frames. Add some more torches and your kitchen will be cozy as heaven!

More Details: Dining Table Set


If you feel like only placing a torch on a wall is not enough for decorating, let's try this furniture! By using an item frame and an anvil, you can create a nice placeholder for your torch to go in. This design fits super well with any medieval buildings.

More Details: Cresset


And that's about all the things to put in your Minecraft house! We hope through this article, you can decorate your house better and build a super detailed base in no time! With that being said, you may need to take a look at those Minecraft underground house ideas! Have fun building!

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