the 10 Greatest Skyrim Animal Mods


If you are a lover of animals then you have come to the right place. I am going to be sharing the 10 greatest Skyrim animal mods that will bring anyone who loves animals pure joy. All of the mods are really simple and barely alter the game but they make the wilderness look beautiful.

Skyrim is a game that is filled with countless amounts of animals and creatures but in my opinion, there aren’t enough animals wandering around the wilderness. The mods I will be showing you will be the 10 greatest animal mods for Skyrim that I have ever played. All of the mods add some animal or retexture that I believe livens up the wilderness of Skyrim.

#10 Unicorn

If you have ever played Skyrim then you have seen countless dragons roaming around the world but all of the unicorns have been long since dead. Although they seem to be extinct, through magic and a fun mission we are able to achieve the new mount making you the only person in Skyrim that will be able to fly and ride a unicorn. The Unicorn alone should sell you on the mod but ill tell you that flying around Skyrim on a Unicorn is something everyone needs to experience.

Download Unicorn Here

#9 Diverse Dragons Collection 

The Diverse Dragons mod adds plenty of changes to the dragons of Skyrim. This mod makes it so they all look completely different and in my opinion, they look way more stunning. This is a perfect mod for those who are tired of looking at the old dragons and want a fresh new take on their design. Along with the whole new design they also made fighting them way more fun with all new attacks they can use to destroy your health.

Download Diverse Dragons Collection Here

#8 Realistic Animals and Predators

The Realistic Animals and Predators mod is a great mod that adds plenty of new wildlife to hunt down into Skyrim. This mod makes wildlife all look and feels amazing as well as provides a lot of variation to the animals. If you are looking for a mod that livens up the wilderness and allows you to see more animals than just mudcrabs and the occasional wolf then you need to check out this mod.

Download Realistic Animals and Predators Here

#7 Animallica

Animallica is a great animal mod that adds over 100 new animals that you can see wandering around the world of Skyrim. All of the animals have really nice rendered models and all look amazing. They really add a large amount of life to the barren wilderness that Skyrim has. The mod also doesn’t affect your Vanilla playthrough that Bethesda meant for you to have so try it out.

Download Animallica Here

#6 Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack

The Bellyaches Animal and Creature pack is a retexture of most animals and most creatures in Skyrim that makes them all look so much better. The new textures give everything a crisp high definition look that the game really needed. The mod also is 100% lore-friendly and is only a retexture overhaul for most animals so you should definitely try it out.

Download Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack Here

#5 Birds of Skyrim

The Birds of Skyrim mod is one of the best mods on this list since Skyrim’s skies are only filled with dragons. This mod fixes that by adding plenty of new flying animals to be seen in Skyrim. This in my opinion is a well-needed mod that brings so much life to the skies. Although I’m overhyping this mod I did find it very enjoyable to see these adorable animals running around while I run around Skyrim.

Download Birds of Skyrim Here

#4 Farm Animals

The Farm Animals mod is a straightforward mod that adds plenty of new farm animals to the mix instead of only seeing chickens everywhere. This mod makes the towns feel more real and just adds to the total immersion of the game. Since the farms of Skyrim always seem to be sad and empty now you can fill them up with all kinds of farm creatures. If you are someone who is looking for mods that will help your immersion then this is one you should check out.

Download Farm Animals Here

#3 Dogs of Skyrim

Dogs of Skyrim is a great mod that adds mans best friend into the game. The mod adds plenty of new doggie friends to be found and added to your team all throughout Skyrim for you to find. These dogs all look super pretty and gave me so much joy while playing the game especially since I am a dog lover. If you are looking for a mod that only makes the game more fun then give it a try.

Download Dogs of Skyrim Here

#2 Skyrim Immersive Creatures

The only thing Skyrim is missing is some goblins and other mystical creatures. The Skyrim Immersive Creature mods is a great mod that adds to the mystical aspect of Skyrim and adds plenty of new creatures that fit really well into Skyrim. If you want Skyrim to be more of a mystical adventure then you need to check out this mod because the creatures it adds all look amazing.

Download Skyrim Immersive Creatures Here

#1 Convenient Horses

The Convenient Horses mod is a great mod that makes horses a more useful animal. This mod does that by allowing you to add equipment onto them and even a bunch of other things. The mod is extremely expansive for horses and even gives your follower a horse. If you find yourself riding horses through Skyrim and love your horse to death then you need to try out this awesome horse mod.

Download Convenient Horses Here

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