Top 10 Anime Mods in Skyrim


There is no better way to describe the Elder Scrolls Series other than as a beautiful and immersive world. But what if an anime lover really wants to make the game something else? I’m gonna show you the top 10 anime mods that are a must-have if you are an anime fan. This list will comprise the best Skyrim mods that are going to change the game into something it was never meant to become.

#1 Pandorable

The first step to turning Skyrim into an Anime is definitely a new NPC texture. Pandorable is a mod that removes the gross rough character models in the world of Skyrim with new smooth anime-like models. This mod is a must-have if you hate the way NPCs look in Skyrim, especially the female and kid NPCs. Everybody who has played Skyrim knows that the female characters in Skyrim look atrocious.

Download Pandorable Here

#2 Half Dragon Race

The Second Step is to scrap our gross normal player model with a new and improved one. The half-dragon mod adds a beautiful race that allows you to edit your character to match your preferences. The mod also adds wings that make it so you can feel like a powerful dragon while you slaughter your enemies. I’m not sure of anything cooler and more anime than a Dragonborn from a half-dragon race. If you are looking for a race that has a cool aesthetic then this mod is for you.

Download Half Dragon Race Here

#3 Anime Grass

The third mod that you need to download is the Anime Grass Mod. This mod changes any grass model with big long anime-like grass. Something about the grass in this mod just screams Sword Art Online. If you are looking for a simple mod that changes the look of the game completely then this is for you.

Download Anime Grass Here

#4 Tera Armors

In Skyrim, the game is built around armor and weapons and this armor mod is everything an anime fan could ask for. The Tera Armor mod takes armor models from an anime MMO game called Terra and adds them to the world of Skyrim. The mod adds 64 armors that are sprinkled throughout the land of Skyrim. In my opinion, the best mods are mods that take assets from different games and add them into Skyrim.

Download Tera Armors Here

#5 Tera Weapons

Skyrim has great weapons but they aren’t anime enough for me. Just like the Tera armor mod the Tera weapons mod adds weapons from the anime MMO game Tera. This mod adds 175 weapons to the game that are scattered throughout Skyrim. These weapons all look and feel like they are straight out of an anime and it really changes how the game feels. If you always wanted to feel like you are swinging Excalibur, one of the most famous swords then this mod is definitely for you.

Download Tera Weapons Here

#6 DragonBall Z Overhaul Project

This is the best Skyrim mod on the list. This mod adds a new race and new spells that change the game into a more dragon ball-like experience. Some of the things it adds to the game are Kamehameha wave, Kioken transformation, Super Sayjin, and more to explore. This mod doesn’t just add abilities it also adds iconic hair and tattoos from the show. With these new abilities, nothing will stand in your way.

Download DragonBall Z Overhaul Project Here

#7 The Way of the Force

The Way of the Force mod adds Star Wars mechanics to the game. The mechanic it adds is the power of the Force. Harnessing this power you can choose to become a sith lord or a super-powerful Jedi, In this mod, you can be anything. This mod makes it so you can force choke people and even Zapp them full of lightning.

In total, the mod adds 42 force powers that you can use to destroy your enemies. It even adds new quests and unique armors. The original creator of this mod was a Star Wars lover and he made it for Star Wars lovers.

Download The Way of the Force Here

#8 Death Note

This is a simple mod based on the anime Death Note. The mod adds a notebook that will kill anyone if you put their name in it. The book is ripped straight from the anime and if you are an anime lover you have always wanted to use this book and now you can. It will kill the NPC in one of 4 ways a heart attack or spontaneous combustion. This mod has a very user-friendly interface and is definitely one of my favourites.

Download Death Note Here

#9 Daxafagan’s Jojo Bizzare Adventure Spells Mod

The Daxafagan’s Jojo Bizzare Adventure Spells mod adds a bunch of spells that are from the anime series Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. I don’t know of any Jojo fan that wouldn’t love this mod. It adds all sorts of Iconic stands and fighting moves from the best scenes in the anime. If you are a huge Jojo fan like I am than this mod is definitely for you.

Download The JoJo Mod Here

#10 Pokemon In Skyrim

This mod is exactly as the name implies its a pokemon mod. This mod redesigns the animals in the game to look like pokemon from the famous anime and game Pokemon. It makes it so all the animals are able to be caught and used to fight your enemies in the land of Skyrim. At first, I thought this mod was terrifying but if you ignore the visuals and like to control the fate of animals then this mod is for you.

Download Pokemon In Skyrim Here


I have chosen these various mods to show you how vastly Skyrim can change. The game isn’t even peak modded yet and these ten mods will drastically change the way the game will be played. There are even more mods you can find on Skyrim Nexus

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