Top 10 Greatest Pirate Mods in Skyrim


Everybody loves a good pirate role-play game but not everybody is able to afford them. If you are a proud owner of The Elder Scrolls – Skyrim and the only kind of piracy that you like is actual pirates then this is the post for you. I will be showing you the top 10 Skyrim mods that will turn your game from a dragon-slaying adventure to a scurvy pirate adventure.

#1 Pirates of the Caribbean and Skyrim Mashup Theme

The Pirates of The Caribean movies are some of the greatest pirate movies out there. This mod takes the beautiful Pirates theme from the movie and mashes it together with the Dragonborn main menu song. The mashup theme of these two songs combined is amazing and instantly gets me in the mood to go sail with a crew of pirates.

Download Pirates of the Caribean and Skyrim mashup Theme Here

#2 Realistic Boat Travel

The Realistic Boat Travel mod adds a new way to fast travel. In Skyrim the world is humongous and there are many rivers and not enough fast travel locations. This mod makes it so at all rivers and on the coast around Skyrim you can find a boat that will fast travel you to other locations. This mod is great for the pirate aesthetic and is just a great immersive mod for Skyrim altogether.

Download Realistic Boat Travel Here

#3 Be a Skeleton Pirate Ghost

This mod is a must if you have always wanted to be a scurvy undead pirate skeleton. The Skeleton Pirate Ghost mod makes it so you can run around Skyrim for treasure as a skeleton ghost pirate and adds a few special rings and spells. This is definitely the best mod on this list and is very vanilla friendly.

Download Skeleton Pirate Ghost Mod Here

#4 Pirates of The North

Pirates Of the North is a mod that adds four new villages, estates, and pirate bases all along the northern coast of Skyrim. It also adds two islands and a few other places that allow you to fight and loot pirates. If you are a pirate lover and love to explore then this is the mod for you because this mod adds 7 new locations, 130 custom NPCs, and 37 new quests for you to do as well as many pirate hideout all over Skyrim.

Download Pirates of The North Here

#5 The Scarlet

Maybe you don’t like random boats found around Skyrim and really want your own ship. The Scarlett Ship mod adds a ship that you own and customize and will allow you to fast travel all over Skyrim. If the boat travel mod was too simple for you then this is definitely the better choice of the two. The reason for this is because the ship also works as a home so you can store stuff in your boat that also travels around with you. In my opinion this mod really shines once you reach late game in Skyrim and you have to much stuff to carry around by yourself.

Download The Scarlet Here

#6 Practical Pirate Outfits

Maybe you just want to dress up like a pirate. If that’s the case then the Practical Pirate Outfit mod is for you. This mod adds the best pirate-themed outfits for Skyrim. All the outfits this mod adds are really detailed and they really make you feel like a pirate at heart. Unlike most other clothes mods this adds outfits for all genders which makes it one of the best outfit mods.

Download Practical Pirate Outfits Here

#7 L.V.X Magic’s Boats

This is the mod we have all been waiting for. The L.V.X Magick’s Boat mod allows you to sail the high seas. Unlike all the other boat mods that are just a fast travel system in disguise, this one actually lets you ride around in the ocean and on rivers. There will never be anything more beautiful than sailing ships down a river in Skyrim or just staring out at the sea horizon. Bethesda should have added this to the main game but I will settle for this mod.

Download L.V.X Magick’s Boats Mod Here

#8 Wanderer’s Heart

I lied to you earlier when I said the last boat mod was the best one. Wanderer’s Heart mod adds the same sailing as Magic’s Boat mod does but also pirate fights on the boats. The only difference is you can only sail in the ocean and get rid of some beautiful scenery. Although that is the case, there will never be anything better than fighting enemy sailors on the high seas. If you don’t mind a more realistic sailing experience in Skyrim then you should definitely try out this mod.

Download Wanderer Heart Here

#9 Pirates of Skyrim

The Pirates of Skyrim – The Northern Cardinal Under the Black flag is a big mod that expands on the pirate fights at sea than Wanderers Hearts does. The only problem I had with this mod is sometimes there are huge lag spikes because of the huge boats and the naval battles. If you ignore that this is a great mod that has hours upon hours of fun in it.

Download Pirates of Skyrim Here

#10 Pirates Wield Cutlasses

Finally my favorite mod on the list. This mod adds light armor, weapons, and small quests centered around Skyrim pirates. This is my favorite because the mod is so small and simple. In actuality, this mod is just a mod that adds new weapons to already existing NPCs. Althought its really simple there will always be a place in my heart for cutlas sword fights with pirate NPCs.

Download Pirates Wield Cutlasses Here


These mods arent just for pirate lovers they are also for people that are looking to try out some new mods or add-ons to make Skyrim more fun. In reality if you dont have sea legs and love skyrim you should try out these 10 mods.

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