Top 10 Funniest Skyrim Mods


The Elder Scrolls series is a beloved game franchise with a beautifully immersive world. Although that is the case some people want to swap that out with a more fun experience. This is possible because Skyrim’s modding community is insanely huge. There are an infinite amount of mods that change the game completely. I am gonna be showing you some of the funniest out of the bunch.

#1 Zoidberg Mudcrab Mod

The biggest joke enemy in Skyrim is the mud crab. The mud crabs have always been a joke in the Skyrim Community and now with the Zoidberg Mudcrab mod, it is even more of a joke. This mod retextures the mud crab to make it look like a popular crab from a show called Futurama. If being chased by Zoidberg doesn’t make you laugh, then maybe this thread isn’t for you.

Download Zoidberg Mudcrab Here

#2 Bearserk Mod

Bearserk mod Is one of the funniest mods I have had a chance to play with. This mod adds three invincible bear companions that will play songs on their lutes. That alone isn’t what I find funny but the animation of the bear playing an instrument is beyond funny. If that isn’t funny enough for you they also have the bear go into combat with only a lute. There will always be something funny about a bear musician that beats up its enemies with the lute.

Download Bearserk Here

#3 Super Skyrim Bros Mod

This mod isn’t just a funny mod it is also a beautiful world that was made for those Mario lovers. This mod adds a whole new world with new quests, NPCs, weapons, and creatures that mimicks the game Super Mario bros. This is a whole fleshed-out mod that isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously. If you have ever wanted to go on adventures in the mushroom kingdom as your Skyrim character than this mod was made for you.

Download Super Skyrim Bros Here


The one thing about Skyrim is the constant loading screens you will have to see when you play the game. This mod swaps out all the boring tips with quotes from Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. This prince has strange untrue and usually really funny quotes that this mod makes appear during cutscenes. If you are looking for something that makes loading into a new area somewhat entertaining then this mod is for you.

Download Uncle Sheogorath’s mod Here

#5 Macho Dragons

Sometimes when you play Skyrim for too long that when you look at those once beautiful dragons it bores you. This mod adds new texture for the dragons that turns the dragons into ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, intercontinental World Heavyweight Champion. Something about seeing these wacky models and a wrestler that will swoop from the sky to kill you makes me laugh. If you have always wanted to fight Macho Man 1 on 1 then you need to experience this mod immediatly.

Download Macho Dragons Here

#6 Mysterious coffee Cup

This is the simplest mod on the list and it is only slightly funny. This mod pokes fun at a mistake on the popular show Game Of Thrones. In a scene on the show they accidentally left a Starbucks cup on set and I’m one of those nerds that finds it funny to see a Starbucks cup in Skyrim. If you also love Starbucks and Skyrim, then maybe this simple mod is for you.

Download Mysterious coffee cup Here

#7 Animated Fart Shouts

Sometimes the simplest jokes are funny when you are in an immersive world such as Skyrim. The Animated Fart Shouts mod is a funny and goofy mod. This mod changes the animation for all shouts and instead of the shout coming out of your mouth it comes out of your character’s butt. This makes it so every time you shout into a funny and entertaining joke. If you ever get tired of screaming, then maybe you should try this farting mod.

Download Animated Fart Shouts Here

#8 No Spiders Spiderman Edition

This is probably my favorite mod on this list as it is the funniest to me. The No Spiders mod is a popular mod that retextures spiders into different things. The Spiderman Edition of this mod changes all the textures into Spiderman. Something about this model of Spiderman brings me pure joy and I think everyone who loves Spiderman should experience this mod.

Download No Spiders Piderman Edition Here

#9 Really Useful Dragons Mod

The second best mod I found was the Really Useful Dragons Mod. This is a mod that turns all dragon models into Thomas The Tank Engine characters. Thomas and his friends are always a funny meme, especially in a serious world such as Skyrim. The beloved giant train will ride around in the sky and destroy anything in its path. The simplest of retextures are sometimes the most entertaining to see. Sometimes the dragon fights can get a little boring, if that is the case for you then try turning those fights into a battle to the death with a train.

Download Really Useful Dragons Mod Here

#10. Crimes Against Nature Mod

The best mod on this list is the Crimes Against Nature mod. This mod makes it so you can play as 12 new custom races. These races are all super hilarious joke characters like a chair or pony race and even Sanic. If you have ever gotten tired of playing the same old boring human-like characters then this mod is for you. I don’t think there will ever be anything funnier than a cat controlling a human suit.

Download Crimes Against Nature Here


Skyrim has a huge modded community that loves the game to death. These little joke mods are super funny, especially in the context of this serious game. If you have played Skyrim and wanted to bring the tone down then you must try out some of the mods from this list.

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