The 10 greatest Assassin mods in Skyrim


If you have always loved to play with an assassin build in Skyrim then today is your lucky day. I’m going to show you the 10 best assassin Skyrim mods that will allow you to become a deadly assassin. These mods go from armor mods or house mods to mods that add quests and expand on the assassin questline for the Dark Brotherhood.

#1 Better Assassins Mod

The Better Assassins mod doesn’t necessarily make you more like an assassin but it does do something amazing. This mod makes the random assassination attempts at your life a lot harder. In normal Skyrim, you will be attacked by a single assassin that is really easy to deal with. This mod turned the lame assassins into stealthy quick killers that actually have a chance at killing you. If you hate the lame Skyrim assassins random event then this mod is definitely for you.

Download Better Assassins Here

#2 Assassins sANCTUARY

The Assassins Sanctuary is a player character house located near the dark brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath. This house is a beautiful house for all deadly assassins and can be bought for only 13000 gold and has anything an assassin will ever need. I suggest you take a look at the mod yourself if you wanna see all the rooms and features this mod adds.

Download Assassins Sanctuary Here

#3 Assassins Rangers and Thieves armor

This is the first armor mod and it’s called Assassins Rangers and Thieves armor. It adds lore-friendly cloak-like armor. The armor in my opinion looks pretty awesome and it helps the immersion while assassinating people. If you’re looking for a simple light armor mod then definitely try out this mod.

Download Assassins Rangers and Thieves Armor Here

#4 Truly Deadly Poisons

The Truly Deadly Poisons mod is for the assassins that don’t like to get their hands dirty. In the base game, poisons aren’t really that dangerous and arent ever the main thing that kills something. This mod makes all poisons damage scale with your alchemy level and makes them last 3-8 minutes long. The mod makes choices matter, this is because if you don’t spend your skill points on alchemy this mod will just buff the enemies and make the game much harder.

Download Truly Deadly Poisons Here

#5 Realistic AI Detection (RAID)

This is one of the best Skyrim mods especially if you play stealth. The Realistic AI Detection mod or RAID for short is a mod that changes the way enemies will see you. The mod makes it so sneaking around a quest and killing people isn’t insanely easy. If you are going to be sneaking around and assassinating people you should make it as hard as possible. The mod really shakes up how you interact with the world and in my opinion makes it much more fun.

Download Realistic AI Detection (RAID) Here

#6 The Brotherhood of Old

The Brotherhood of Old is a dark brotherhood expansion mod. The mod adds 24 assassination quests that will have you explore all over the land of Skyrim. These quests improve upon Skyrim’s lore in a nice way and definitely add some nice fun adventures for you to go on. If you thought there weren’t enough assassination quests in the dark brotherhood guild then this mod is definitely one you should get.

Download Brotherhood of Old Here

#7 Sneaking Tools

The Sneak Tools mod adds a whole bunch of new and unique tools to sneak attack your foes with. Some of the tools this mod adds are water arrows, slit throat, and blackjack and that is only the tip of the iceberg. This mod turns stealth into one of the most fun ways to play Skyrim. If you have ever wanted to play Skyrim like a stealth game then this is the mod to do so. This mod also makes it so you can knock everyone out and not kill anyone. In that regard, this mod becomes one of my favorite on this list as I love stealth.

Download Sneaking Tools Here

#8 Sicarius’ Refuge

This is another beautiful house for assassins. The Sicariu’s Refuge is home right outside of Morthal which is beyond beautiful. I didn’t add a picture of it in this article because I believe you should experience it yourself. The only problem with this house is it costs a fortune but this balances out as you are basically paying for a beautiful castle. If you ever become the richest man alive in Skyrim then this mod is definitely for you.

Download Sicariu’s Refuge Here

#9 DreamBurrows Regal Assassin Armor

This is the last of the Skyrim armour mod and that’s for a good reason. The Dreamburrows Regal Assassin Armor looks beautiful with its robes-style hat and a beautiful chest piece. the heroic design of this armor really makes it stand out and is definitely one of my favorite armor mods. If you are looking for a mod that spices up the way you look while you slaughter vampires with your blade in melee combat then this is the mod for you.

Download Dreamburrows Regal Assassin Armor Mod Here

#10 The Dance of Death

The last mod on this list is the most epic Skyrim mod. The Dance of Death mod adds a whole bunch of kill moves for stealth. The mod itself doesn’t do anything but adds some unused animations from the game. The kill moves make all kinds of battles more epic especially when in a sword fight. My favorite part of this mod is that your kill moves will change over time as you level up your weapon. This gives a nice reward to the player for leveling up and makes going on a killing frenzy all the more fun.

This is especially true when doing sneak attacks which is an assassin’s specialty. Every once in a while when you sneak attack someone and kill them in the most epic way possible.

Download The Dance of Death Here

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