The 10 Greatest Skyrim Bow Mods


Skyrim is a great game that allows you to build yourself around the weapons you use. This is a great thing for those who like to snipe people from afar with a bow in hand. In this post, I will be showing you the best archery mods for Skyrim. The bow mods I will be showing you will make you feel like a real-life archer.

#10 Real Bows

The first and most basic of all the mods on this list is the Real Bows mod. This mod is a lore-friendly bow mod that gives the default bows new realistic designs to make them look more like a real life bow. This is an extremely pretty mod that also teaches you a little history about bows if you read the new descriptions the author has made for them. If you are into very light mods then try out the real bows mod which doesn’t affect the base game at all.

Download Real Bows Here

#9 Bound Arrows Bow Bash and Very Perky Archery

This bow mod is a very cool mod that adds magic arrows and expands the archery skill tree. The mod allows you to level up your bows and gain skills to use alongside them to allow you to do massive damage to enemies. This mod also adds new arrows that are conjured using magic which in my opinion is a cool way to combine magic damage and archery damage. If you are looking for a great mod that allows you to terrorize the world of Skyrim with a bow then you need to try out this mod.

Download Bound Arrows Bow Bash and Very Perky Archery Here

#8 Bows Draw Faster

The Bows Draw Faster is a mod that some might consider overpowered. This is because of the fact that all this mod adds is a piece of armor that buffs bows by allowing you to draw arrows extremely fast. Although that is the case, I find this mod extremely fun to play with and it really doesn’t affect the game all that much. If you are looking for a mod that makes you feel like a god at archery then definitely check out this one.

Download Bows Draw Faster Here

#7 Newermind Bow Collection

The Newermind Bow Collection is a mod that adds better bows that you can craft in-game. These bows are all really pretty and they have high base damage. This simple bow mod is a must-have if you are an archery lover and you will definitely have a blast while playing it.

Download Newermind Bow Collection Here

#6 More Artifact Bows

The More Artifact Bows is a straightforward mod that adds 6 bows that all have their own unique skill or effect on them that will help you in battle. The bows all look really beautiful and feel really great while using. If you are looking for a mod that will give you new and powerful bows this is for you.

Download More Artifact Bows Here

#5 Bamboo Quarterstaffs And Bows For Skyrim

The Bamboo mod adds plenty of new weapons to explore but the highlight is the bamboo bow. This bow looks so amazing and I love every aspect of it. Although it isn’t the strongest bow on this list I think its beautiful design makes it well worth it. If you love pretty things and bows then you should check this mod out.

Download Bamboo Quarterstaffs And Bows Here

#4 Glass Battle Bow

The Glass Battle Bow mod is another retexture mod that changes the way the glass battle bow looks. The way this bow looks is absolutely stunning and it feels like it holds the power of gods in its string. The bow mod itself doesn’t add anything to gameplay and only changes the look of the bow but how can someone not like a bow that looks like that. If that picture looks cool to you then I say check out the mod.

Download Glass Battle Bow Here

#3 Doomshard Bow

The Doomshard Bow is extremely powerful and is also very beautiful. If you have played all of Skyrim and wanted a new bow to destroy everyone in your path with then this is the bow for you. This well-balanced bow is a very great and not overpowered bow that everyone can enjoy playing with. If its pure beauty didn’t draw you in then maybe the insane damage might.

Download Doomshard Bow Here

#2 Scoped Bows

The Scoped Bow mod is a very straightforward mod. what this mod does is that it adds scoped variants of all bows to the game. This makes it much easier to hit your target and also looks absolutely awesome. If you have troubleshooting from the bow or just even love the design then you should definitely check out this mod.

Download Scoped Bows Here

#1 Rizings Bow Collection

The Rizings Bow Collections is only slightly better than the scoped bow in my opinion. The models for these bows look absolutely awesome and although they look impractical they feel awesome to fire. The mod adds a total of 14 new bows and 8 new arrows for you to look at and use throughout your play-through. If you love cool-looking weapons then you should definitely check out this mod.

Download Rizings Bow Collection Here

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