Skyrim Flying Mod for Xbox One, PS4 and SE


Released in 2011, Skyrim is now more than a decade old. But the number of active players in Skyrim is still surprisingly high. What’s keeping Skyrim fans still in the game is its insanely good modding community that keeps on releasing thousands of fun mods to bring newer experiences for players.

If you still play Skyrim, chances are that you use mods to make your gameplay improved and new. And since you are here, you must be looking for a Skyrim flying mod to explore the skies after you have conquered the land. 

So we scoured the internet to find you the best Skyrim flying mods for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Skyrim SE. Let’s dive right in!

1. Flying Mod Beta

Skyrim Flying mod
Credits: Michael Oliver

This Skyrim flying mod is available for both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition. It basically adds a spell in the game that allows you and your companions to fly. Your companions will follow you as you fly around the world. You can buy this spell from any spell merchant in the main cities. This mod requires both Fores New Idles and SKSE to work. 

Download Flying Mod Beta for Skyrim and Skyrim SE, Unfortunately, this mod is not available for Xbox-One or PS4.

2. Flying Mod Overhauled and Enhanced

Credits: DrakeMoonstar Gaming

This is an overhaul mod for Flying Mod Beta that enhances and improves the functionality of the original beta mod. It fixes all the bugs in the Beta and also adds new features. For instance, you can now land gracefully as there is now a small delay before the gravity is restored. 

The mod has also reduced fall damage so you can die less when dropping out of the sky. There are also a number of other features such as increased flight speeds, the ability to use magicka to fly, and more. Apart from this, the original mod is untouched..

Download the Flying Mod Overhauled and Enhanced for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

3. Real Flying (with Gliding and Collisions)

Real Flying Skyrim
Credits: LiveStyleGaming

This mod introduces a new way to fly in Skyrim. It adds a really natural way to fly in the game by using organic and easy mechanics that mix well with the game. To begin flying, you will need to cook and drink Mutagen. You will then get a pair of wings on your back that are tuned for gliding and flying. To fly, just jump forward and you will be flying! The controls are very easy and there is a seamless transition between flying animations and stages.

Download the Real Flying mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

4. Animated Wings Ultimate

Animated Wings
Credits: Delta 6

The Animated Wings Ultimate mod adds 83 new, fully animated and feathered fairy, dragon, and bound wings with customizable immersive effects, controls, and an integrated flight support. So you will feel like you have actual, 100% configurable wings. All of the pairs are fully animated and behave appropriately. They are compatible with all the races and genders. You can even equip these wings on NPCs by using the Endowment of Wings spell.

Download the Animated Wings Ultimate mod for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Xbox One.

5. Flying Vampire Lord

Flying Vampire Skyrim
Credits: OwwThatSmarts

The Flying Vampire Lord mod allows the Vampire Lord form to fly. Simply look up at the sky and sprint. You will be able to fly! This mod is only available for Xbox One and not PC or PS4.

Download the Flying Vampire Lord mod for Xbox One.

Note: Unfortunately, there are no Skyrim flying mods for PS4 as Sony does not currently have any assets that support flying. 

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Skyrim Flying Mod with Nemesis

You can easily play all of these flying mods with nemesis without any problems. We tried using these mods with the Nemesis engine and did not face any issues. 

How to Install Skyrim Flying Mods?

You can download Skyrim flying mods for PC using the Nexus mod manager. For Xbox One mods, you can add them from and click on the “Add to Library” option. 

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