10+ Best Medieval Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints


Medieval Minecraft House Ideas

Overgrown Medieval House

By merging medieval style with an overgrown theme, this house goes beyond the word gorgeous! The base is made of stone to create reliable support, and the actual house is made of sandstone and dark wood, making all parts of the building stand out on their own. Finally, add leaves and flowers to make it look even more natural!

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Medieval Small Spruce House

Well, it's quite normal to see any medieval buildings use spruce wood. And when they do, they did a good job to create a medieval vibe. With a smaller base and the second floor being slightly bigger with oak blocks to create a hanging effect, this build so far is our favorite Minecraft spruce wood house idea!

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Medieval House with Tower

Unlike other spruce builds, this medieval house uses dark oak woods for the trim and fills the rest of the roof with spruce stairs and spruce planks. The details of the house are not significantly built but you can still feel how good it is. We mean, look at the horse stable, the lying logs, and the small porch at the front with a cute dog.

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Medieval Mine with Mine Entrance

Have you ever thought about a real mine in Minecraft? We all know that we prefer to dig straight down, or do a staircase technique when mining, but hey, let's immersive ourselves into the medieval age and build a giant quarry with the mine entrance! Now each time you go mining with your friends, you will feel more epicness (and death) waiting for you under the caves.

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Medieval Indian Palace

Now we turn to India! Have you ever watched the movie Aladdin? We are sure that you're gonna be overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty of the palace and the splendor of the lights. And this build uses a lot of red sandstones for the entire structure and those massive orange pillars.

If you want to build this place you have to prepare a vast space, and every detail that you set up should be meticulous and detailed. Contributing to the success of your palace is the way of putting light, so you have to be careful and calculate exactly which place you should put lights. After finishing, we suppose your medieval Indian palace is gonna be excellent!

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Medieval Small Spruce House

Back in the time a little bit, where we're at medieval age. With a tiny and balanced design, this is one of the cool Minecraft houses we've made so far on this website. Simply check the link below for how to build this medieval cottage!

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Medieval Tavern/Inn

If you play a lot of RPG games like Skyrim or The Witch series, you may be familiar with this type of building! By connecting a standard tavern and a tower with a walkway bridge, it creates a cozy mood as well as a bustling environment with all of the merchants trading down the bridge.

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More Details: Medieval Tavern/Inn

Simple Minecraft Medieval Windmill

This windmill version is a little bit smaller, and also shorter. That’s why it’s simpler. On a 3x3 layout, it’s tiny yet detailed. Birch trapdoors are used for the foundation, and birch planks and spruce planks are part of the walls. We highly recommend using stripped birch logs to build the body instead of oak or spruce logs, in order to brighten your windmill.

To be more realistic, add some glass panels at the corners of the building so that you can stay inside but still have a good look outside. Blades are built similarly to #10, but it’s made of wood materials instead of concrete. On the inside, feel free to fulfill the space with a stair run from the bottom to the top, some tables or chests…This windmill tutorial is super easy to follow even when you’re a beginner.

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Medieval River House

If you’re ready to go medieval, you’ll love checking out this Medieval River House idea. It may be constructed with only a few light materials, including some wood, cobblestones, stone bricks, and plants to brighten up the garden.

For those who want to begin their own Minecraft adventure in a fresh world, this is a very simple house to build. Just make sure you locate a suitable section of the river where you can put a house.

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More Details: Medieval River House

Medieval Spanish Castle

Spain experienced some wars in the medieval period; and up to now, you still can see some real medieval castles in this country. It is so cool that with the open world in Minecraft, now you totally can rebuild this castle right in space in this game.

Medieval Spanish Castle stands out with its solid appearance, you will need numerous stone bricks to build this. Besides, inside the castle is an enclosed space to defend the attack from enemies, so remember to set up fireplaces in your castle!

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Medieval Mansion House

A medieval mansion is always unnerving. However, if you prefer the creepy, this house will alter your impression of what a medieval mansion should seem like.

With its large and tall white walls, cool wood and roofing, and sturdy stone foundation, the house is a spectacle for onlookers. Moreover, you can build small cabins around the mansion for plenty of room to work with.

Even if this isn't the most aesthetically pleasing Medieval home you can build, the message is nevertheless effectively conveyed.

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Medieval Butcher’s House

This one is perfect if you’re looking for a Middle Ages theme.

The design we showcase here is a 3-floor style. The first floor is made of cobblestone and stone bricks, which bring a sturdy and strong look. The second floor is a mixture of stripped oak logs and spruce blocks while the last floor combines spruce material and stone bricks. Glass panes are essential to add to every floor to ensure visibility. Also, the chimney is placed on the second floor instead of the top floor, which is really reasonable.

This butcher house aka butcher shop is also a place where villagers or farmers come to trade stuff. So a canopy made of yellow and white wool is necessary and helpful to bring an eye-catching look. Finally, a stone staircase placed beside the house is the last part of this idea.

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2-Story Medieval Butcher House

This is an upgraded version of a Medieval butcher house in case you need more space. This design features a mixture of wood and metal material that’s quite easy to create.

The foundation is made of dark oak wood, alternated with cobblestone. The walls consist of dark oak logs, oak planks, and stones as well. The second floor is built similarly to the first one.

You can leave some glass panes on all sides to be aware of anything sneaking up on you. The outside decoration also features an animal shelter which is a sign of a popular butcher’s shop.

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Medieval Dock House

This is a Minecraft large-capacity dock house in medieval style. The pillars are made from oak logs and the wall of the 1st floor is made of cobblestone, and the rest of the wall is made of bone block.

The large roof is made from variations of stone bricks such as stairs and slabs, and borders from spruce stairs and spruce slabs. The small roof is made of the spruce stair, with the attic wall being bone block.

Doors are made from the spruce trapdoor and the big window is a block of white stained glass and a white stained glass pane. Decorate with chest, punk, melon, and pumpkin blocks piled up outside the yard and inside the house.

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More Details: Medieval Dock House

Taiga Medieval House

This house's design is unique in that it has a horse stable attached to one of its sides. You can decide whether to keep it or change it out for another compartment.

Having fronts on each of its four sides is another uncommon feature of this building. As a result, the front of the house will appear to be seen from any angle!

You can comfortably fit 4-5 rooms inside with plenty of room, as far as the inside is concerned.

Materials to make this house include andesite, stone, and wood in logs, planks, stairs, slabs, fences, and trapdoors. The interior is filled with chests, barrels, a crafting table, a furnace, a blast furnace, a smithing table, and other items. Exterior decorations are pretty minimal as well, with only a few lanterns or a few flowers.

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More Details: Taiga Medieval House

Minecraft Medieval Castle

Next up is our Medieval theme structure!

The house design is a bit compact but it contains a good amount of features inside. Make primarily from stone blocks and oak material, the house consists of 2 floors containing multiple rooms and a tower as well, which help in easily setting anything up.

The tower is made primarily of stone, its purpose is to help Minecraft players have a surrounding look to cope with the mobs. The chimney made from stone blocks is also helpful in making the best out of the medieval castle. For exterior decoration, consider adding some oak leaves and light around your structure.

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Medieval Librarian House

Medieval Librarian House is like a house for the French nobility with a luxurious and delicate design.

Featuring some ornate Smooth Stone, Stone Bricks, Spruce Wood, Cobblestone, and Concrete,... that work great with the brown and white color scheme, this build is one high-end Minecraft house idea that captures the old days with stunning accuracy.

The house consists of 3 sections with two sections with a facade and a tower. The foundation of the house is a combination of Stone Bricks and Smooth Stone. Spruce Wood is used to make floors and walls. Concrete is also used to make walls too. The roof is built in the style of an A-frame Roof with the main materials being Stone Bricks and Gray Concrete.

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Large Medieval Fantasy House

This is a large construction with medieval architecture, by using a variety of materials with outstanding colors, we believe that it will bring you many interesting experiences when building.

The frame is made of stone brick and stripped spruce log, the wall is made of cobblestone and white concrete. The roof has a turquoise color thanks to stripped warped hyphae, with spruce stairs and dark oak stair outlines to add detail to the roof.

The chimney is bricked, and on top is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor. The watchtower on the roof is made from variants of polished Blackstone such as brick, slab, and stair. In addition, you can use oak leaves as creepers to decorate the house.

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