10+ Stunning Minecraft Farm House Ideas in 2023


Minecraft Farm House Ideas

Underground Farm Base

Not all Minecraft underground house ideas are completely located underground. As you can see, a large portion of this build is exposed to the sky such as the pathways and the crop farm. While the main storage base is located underground in the center. Who doesn't want an aesthetic underground farm like this?

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Spruce Survival Base with Farm

With birch wood planks for the stairs and flooring of the second floor, this specific house literally uses most wood blocks and blends them in ingeniously, especially for the oak stairs and stone bricks on the roof. You have the berry and wheat farm on the left side, along with the smelting room right next to it. On the right side are all other crop farms and a horse stable.

On the second floor, you have your main home and an animal pen right next to it. Living in this survival base and you will immerse in the coziness. Who needs a large modern house?

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Underground Farm Base

Although there are many other underground house ideas out there, this one made it to the top because of its aesthetic and creativity. With only one entrance to the underground base, and surrounded by the farm, you can relax without worrying about hostile mobs.

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Survival Base with Farm

An average base with crops farms, cattle cages, a smelting room, and a protective fence with a natural aspect from the leave blocks. What is more than this? Things look gorgeous because the block pallet fits so well together, and all the materials are also easy to get.

The only disadvantage of this love oak house is its area. Because you will need a large enough place to settle this base.

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Survival Farm House

A basic L shape starter house, but with a twist! You don't build it on the ground, instead, you create lovely and detailed staircases and put the house on them. There is also a small balcony to the right so you can chill out and watch people entering your door.

Even though the house design is not impressive, the extra scene plays a big role to create a natural atmosphere for the environment.

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Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

A cottage house often comes up with a 1 or 2-story house, it is commonly built in rural areas so its rustic appearance can attract your attention.

A cottage farmhouse is comfortable, warm, and welcoming with an eye-catching design. The choice of materials varies and is accessible as well. This house is also suitable when placed in the middle of farms or cattle shelters.

The best part of the cottage house might be the exterior decoration. Foliage, trailing vines, and oak leaves are essentials to make the best out of the house.

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Ultimate Survival Oak Farm House

This idea of a house costs us hours to build, but your sacrifice will be worth it. Get yourself a layout with a huge main house, and a warehouse integrated beside it. Like any house, a foundation should be built with lots of oak logs. Then fill in the floor and complete each room with a rooftop and oak wall.

In order to connect each part of the house, you can build a mini bridge made of the oak trapdoor. Fences and gates are also essentials to make your house look more protective. To fulfill the spacious interior, simply install some bookshelves, chests, chairs, tables, and lamps…. After all, don’t forget to build a small garden to make your area look more green.

In the evening, let’s come outside and take a look around this shimmering, splendid oak farmhouse. It absolutely 100% satisfy your expectation.

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Small Survival Oak Farm House

This small but warm modern house has some outstanding features compared to the suggestions above. Start with the first floor, build the oak wood wall with some windows, and a gate. We then create the second floor followed by the first floor and finished by completing the roof with spruce slabs.

Now it’s time for decoration, first of all, its stepped entrance is accompanied by many flowerpots, which make the exterior more attractive and distinguished. Wanna make your house look more mysterious? Simply creating a nether portal gate attached to the first floor. As usual, the interior often comes with some plants, bookshelves, and chests… generally put it on your own.

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Panda Farm House

This Minecraft panda house takes inspiration from a panda zoo in the real world. With stripped logs around and fences on top, it's really easy to create attractions to get people visiting your house. Considered a nursery building, it's necessary to have lots of bamboo so the weak pandas can feed on and survive the cruel world in Minecraft!

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Minecraft Windmill Farmhouse

This is an overgrown and natural-style Minecraft windmill farmhouse that you should consider for your next project in Minecraft. It’s a combination style of windmill and house, so let's start by building the windmill first. Windmill’s foundation is made of andesite, the roof is made of oak, spruce material, and barrels. Get creative with the roof by adding some lights, or other decorations around. Oak leaves are a good choice.

The house structure is built in the same layout as the windmill, so the overall structure looks bonded. Stripped oak logs and stripped spruce logs are the primary material of the house’s body. The roof is connected by lots of spruce woods. Keep going with the windmill blades, which are really big but easy to build. The last step of this tutorial is adding some beauty outside your farmhouse. Once again, oak leaves and hung pot plants are super impressive.

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