10+ Stunning Minecraft Farm House Ideas in 2023


Minecraft Farm House Ideas

Perfect English Farmhouse

Were you looking for a modern and perfect English farmhouse to build in your Minecraft world? Then this build will surely ignite your creativity! This house has a swimming pool, a porch, two bedrooms, and bathrooms! It even has creative, realistic chairs and tables and furniture! A chimney made with bricks and a charming bush fence! So what are you waiting for? Build this farmhouse now! Watch Tutorial

Simple Rustic Farmhouse

Do you want the perfect house for your plains biome? Then this house might be for you! It has a storage room and a quality interior design that has appliances. The floor is covered with carpet, adding warmth and coziness to the next level. It also has access to a backyard farm. Not only that, this house has a beautiful exterior that gives a spark of inspiration! Try this build now! Watch Tutorial

Large Wooden Farmhouse

Want a farmhouse that is easy to build and can fit into any ranch-styled project? Then here's the sizeable wooden farmhouse! a three-story house that is spacious inside! With the addition of intricate details and impressive architectural exterior and interior design. You'll never be wrong with this farmhouse! So what are you waiting for? Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Rustic Farmhouse

Do you want to create a rustic-themed farmhouse? Perfect for the most basic biomes in Minecraft? Then this build is for you! This rustic farmhouse is built on plains and offers a spacious home for you and your stored crops! It features a chimney that adds a little more vibe and story. So try this fancy rustic farmhouse now! Watch Tutorial
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Mini Farmhouse

Do you want to create something for your farm but don't want a large structure that will outshine your beautiful landscape? How about trying this mini farmhouse? It's a compact farmhouse that can add depth to your beautiful crop field! The accessible access materials like birch tree wood make this build more affordable to create. So why not start chopping down logs and make this farmhouse now? Watch Tutorial
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Compact Farm House

Do you want to live inside of your farm system? Why not try this three-storey farmhouse? It's packed with different crops and storage areas perfect for your big harvests! There's a lot of space, and it has easy access to customization! If you ever want to expand or develop your farmhouse, it will be easy. You can also try out the idea of making a penthouse inside this farmhouse! Try it out now! Watch Tutorial
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Modern English Farmhouse

You have a wheat field but don't know what to build next to it? The search is over with this beautiful farmhouse! Packed with enough space for all of your materials and crafting tables! It offers a vast free space for future expansion too! So why not enjoy this cozy, relaxing house and add it to your Minecraft builds? Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

The Country Farmhouse

Have you ever wanted to build a country house next to a farm? Here's a stunning farmhouse with a country theme! It's so spacious that you can decorate and put everything inside! It may also serve as your main base for the long term since all the utilities are in the same place. So what are you waiting for? Try this build now! Watch Tutorial
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Ultimate Minecraft Farmhouse

Do you want a farmhouse full of necessary things to survive in Minecraft? Well, this house might be the right choice for you! It is made simple but detailed, featuring corner accents and different kinds of farms. This house also has access to a stable storage area, crafting area, smelting area, and living room! Perfect for a cozy home, right? Try it now! Watch Tutorial

Large Farmhouse Base

Are you ready for a large farmhouse that is packed with utilities? Crafting, storage, enchanting, and even stable! Styled like a modern house, with small details that make the building even more extraordinary. Perfect for a city and village build, a contrasting colorway featuring the deep slate stairs and oak wood. Want to add it to your survival world? Go check it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Large Farmhouse Base

Tundra Cobblestone Farm House

Designed to be spacious and classy simultaneously, this tundra base offers plenty of room to store all your valuable resources, from spare cobblestone blocks to enchanted armor. Cobblestone is the primary resource needed in this build. It will surely make your gameplay more exciting and enjoyable! Watch Tutorial

Cobblestone Utility Farm House

If you're tired of living in cramped and cluttered Minecraft houses lacking functionality, it's time to upgrade to this fantastic modern cobblestone house! With its sleek design and efficient use of space, you'll have all the room you need for essential utilities like a farm, storage, and enchanting tables - plus so much more! And despite its tiny footprint, the interior is surprisingly spacious and comfortable, making it the perfect place to call home. Want to try the functionality of the build? Test it out! Watch Tutorial

Underground Farm Base

Not all Minecraft underground house ideas are completely located underground. As you can see, a large portion of this build is exposed to the sky such as the pathways and the crop farm. While the main storage base is located underground in the center. Who doesn't want an aesthetic underground farm like this?

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Spruce Survival Base with Farm

With birch wood planks for the stairs and flooring of the second floor, this specific house literally uses most wood blocks and blends them in ingeniously, especially for the oak stairs and stone bricks on the roof. You have the berry and wheat farm on the left side, along with the smelting room right next to it. On the right side are all other crop farms and a horse stable.

On the second floor, you have your main home and an animal pen right next to it. Living in this survival base and you will immerse in the coziness. Who needs a large modern house?

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Underground Farm Base

Although there are many other underground house ideas out there, this one made it to the top because of its aesthetic and creativity. With only one entrance to the underground base, and surrounded by the farm, you can relax without worrying about hostile mobs.

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More Details: Underground Farm Base

Survival Base with Farm

An average base with crops farms, cattle cages, a smelting room, and a protective fence with a natural aspect from the leave blocks. What is more than this? Things look gorgeous because the block pallet fits so well together, and all the materials are also easy to get.

The only disadvantage of this love oak house is its area. Because you will need a large enough place to settle this base.

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Survival Farm House

A basic L shape starter house, but with a twist! You don't build it on the ground, instead, you create lovely and detailed staircases and put the house on them. There is also a small balcony to the right so you can chill out and watch people entering your door.

Even though the house design is not impressive, the extra scene plays a big role to create a natural atmosphere for the environment.

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Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

A cottage house often comes up with a 1 or 2-story house, it is commonly built in rural areas so its rustic appearance can attract your attention.

A cottage farmhouse is comfortable, warm, and welcoming with an eye-catching design. The choice of materials varies and is accessible as well. This house is also suitable when placed in the middle of farms or cattle shelters.

The best part of the cottage house might be the exterior decoration. Foliage, trailing vines, and oak leaves are essentials to make the best out of the house.

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Ultimate Survival Oak Farm House

This idea of a house costs us hours to build, but your sacrifice will be worth it. Get yourself a layout with a huge main house, and a warehouse integrated beside it. Like any house, a foundation should be built with lots of oak logs. Then fill in the floor and complete each room with a rooftop and oak wall.

In order to connect each part of the house, you can build a mini bridge made of the oak trapdoor. Fences and gates are also essentials to make your house look more protective. To fulfill the spacious interior, simply install some bookshelves, chests, chairs, tables, and lamps…. After all, don’t forget to build a small garden to make your area look more green.

In the evening, let’s come outside and take a look around this shimmering, splendid oak farmhouse. It absolutely 100% satisfy your expectation.

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Small Survival Oak Farm House

This small but warm modern house has some outstanding features compared to the suggestions above. Start with the first floor, build the oak wood wall with some windows, and a gate. We then create the second floor followed by the first floor and finished by completing the roof with spruce slabs.

Now it’s time for decoration, first of all, its stepped entrance is accompanied by many flowerpots, which make the exterior more attractive and distinguished. Wanna make your house look more mysterious? Simply creating a nether portal gate attached to the first floor. As usual, the interior often comes with some plants, bookshelves, and chests… generally put it on your own.

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Panda Farm House

This Minecraft panda house takes inspiration from a panda zoo in the real world. With stripped logs around and fences on top, it's really easy to create attractions to get people visiting your house. Considered a nursery building, it's necessary to have lots of bamboo so the weak pandas can feed on and survive the cruel world in Minecraft!

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Minecraft Windmill Farmhouse

This is an overgrown and natural-style Minecraft windmill farmhouse that you should consider for your next project in Minecraft. It’s a combination style of windmill and house, so let's start by building the windmill first. Windmill’s foundation is made of andesite, the roof is made of oak, spruce material, and barrels. Get creative with the roof by adding some lights, or other decorations around. Oak leaves are a good choice.

The house structure is built in the same layout as the windmill, so the overall structure looks bonded. Stripped oak logs and stripped spruce logs are the primary material of the house’s body. The roof is connected by lots of spruce woods. Keep going with the windmill blades, which are really big but easy to build. The last step of this tutorial is adding some beauty outside your farmhouse. Once again, oak leaves and hung pot plants are super impressive.

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Fantasy Minecraft Windmill Farmhouse

Although this design and #8 design share a similar structure, it has some particular distinctions. First, the body of the house is made of birch planks instead of oak or spruce, which bring a shining and specific look. The chimney made of bricks is a really good highlight. And what about the roof?

Smooth red sandstone plays a role to create an outstanding exterior design. For the body of the windmill, we need dark oak along with spruce trapdoors and also smooth red sandstone to mix them together. A group of lanterns on top of the roof might be a wise choice of decoration. The turbine is built similarly with a birch fence and spruce trapdoor. This idea will be a masterpiece if you place it in the center of a flower garden or crops, which makes the view quite shimmer.

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Farmhouse for Survivalists

One of the approachable building designs that are good for novices is this one. You can create a whole house as long as you have stone and wood on hand. In addition to avoiding the weather and dangerous animals, this survival house may be expanded to include several rooms without having to worry too much about the design.

Additionally, you can construct a tiny aquarium for daily fishing and establish a garden next to it to facilitate farming.

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Large Farmhouse

This large 2 story farmhouse is truly an idyllic and cozy setting. White Wool, Wood, and Stone Bricks are combined to create this relatively straightforward construction, but small details like the vines climbing the walls, the flowers at the foot of the house, and the lanterns hanging from the edges of the roof make this farmhouse one that is most definitely worth living in.

In Minecraft, maintaining animals can be advantageous because you can gain experience points, food, and leather among other things. So jump right in and start cracking those blocks. The large mansion is also a great place to hide from approaching zombie hordes and creepers. Additionally, it has a special storage room where you can keep your surplus materials.

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Cottagecore Farmhouse

This Minecraft house uses a great combination of dark wood, spruce wood, and stone bricks, which are contrasted by clean white stone walls. It takes the basic elements of farmhouse designs and combines a lovely and picturesque cottage style. Its farmhouse and cottage design features come through pretty effectively and work well together.

For pillars and beams, the creator utilizes stone brick and wood fencing; the construction of the cottage is made of dark natural logs. There is also a lot to see inside, as the interior decor emphasizes a cozy atmosphere with a lot of paintings, carpets, plants, and other decorative items. Amazing trailing vines, flowers, intricate window sections, dirt walkways, and other features complete all of these features.

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Abandoned Farmhouse

It was a dark and stormy night. You will have such a fright! The house seems to come out of horror zombie scenarios and you are the real zombie hunter. This Abandoned Farmhouse is the ideal choice for your next Minecraft adventure!

This house consists of 2 floors and is made entirely of wood. The combination of fences, planks, slabs, trapdoors, and stairs lends a lot of variety to this house.

Although the materials to make this house are easy to find, the builders may have difficulty building it because of the large size of the house and the details of the structure. The outside of the house is decorated with weeds and vines that hide the original shape of the house.

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Ultimate Farm House

There is a space for several built-in farmlands and built-in areas to raise animals like cows and horses. You can freely grow many different plants for survival purposes such as wheat, carrots,...

Like many other designs on this list, this ultimate home is also reasonably inexpensive to create. Its design calls for nearly only wood-based blocks, which are simple to find. But because of its size, the building takes a lot of time from the players.

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More Details: Ultimate Farm House

Cute Farmhouse

If you wish to live in a peaceful, rural countryside then this one should not be skipped. The house can be made from a combination of white wool, gray wool, spruce, oak, and stripped oak and brick as well.

The entrance of the house is highlighted by a small crop of wheat, plus a plant-based canopy. In addition, you can fill out the space with plenty of flower pots, and place a tiny mailbox next to the staircase. We'd recommend adding a chimney on top of the house to bring a more rustic look.

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More Details: Cute Farmhouse

Survival Farm House

If you choose to survive in the jungle, then a farm-style house building is the best Minecraft survival house. The house is supported by pillars made of oak logs, and below is enough space for you to grow plants for survival such as wheat, and potatoes.

In front of the house's entrance is a porch made of oak stairs and birch stairs, next to the house has a balcony, protected by a railing made of the oak fence. The floor is made from birch plank combined with oak planks. On the roof, there is a chimney made from oak logs, and on top is a campfire covered by an oak trapdoor. Hang some lanterns around your house for decoration.

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Cottagecore Pumpkin Pie Farm House

The house is shaped like a huge pumpkin pie made from tons of pumpkin pie.

To start building the house, build the foundation which is a triangle like the shape of a pie. The short end of the triangle is slightly rounded to make the pie a little less blocky. From the existing foundation, you can easily continue to build the house. To make the house look like the original pumpkin pie color, you should build with birch wood and smooth red sand. Create side doors and chimneys on the roof to make it more like a house.

You can place the pumpkin farm at the location you want, but it requires a large enough space for it. Farming methods for pumpkins are similar to those for melons. When pumpkin seeds are planted, a central stem grows that, when it is grown, produces pumpkins at random on nearby vacant grass blocks. The house has all the amenities you need for survival mod. Be careful of the enderman at night!

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Easy Automatic Chicken Farm

One of the extremely popular foods in Minecraft in survival mode is chicken. We will show you the fastest way to get chicken. This machine has a frame made of deepslate bricks (or any other building blocks will work) and the covers are some glass blocks.

Next is the chicken roasting part, you need to attract the chickens standing on top of the hoppers with seeds, and then the eggs will come. Eggs will be turned into baby chickens by the dispenser block, remember to provide a piece of Redstone dust for it to work.

Baby chickens will grow and become the adult chicken. They will be burned by lava, and the spoils obtained are cooked chicken without a need for a furnace.

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