Is There A Minecraft Corpse Mod? Let’s Find Out!


Did you ever wish there was something to remember you by, after you have died in Minecraft? Perhaps a corpse left behind after a mob has killed you? Well, now there is! Minecraft Corpse mod by Henkelmax leaves behind a corpse in the game every time you die. After you have died, your corpse will spawn with all the items that you had in inventory before you died. Cool right? Read on to find out how it works!

Minecraft Corpse Mod Features 

After you have installed this mod, a corpse with the player’s skin appears where the player has died. It carries all the items that the player had before they died, no matter how many items they had! 

In order to get the items, right-click on the corpse and once you have taken out all of the items, the corpse will vanish. You can find the items transferred to their original slots.

Your corpse won’t burn in lava in the Nether nor fall into the void. But after an hour has passed, it will decay and turn into a skeleton to show that a long time has passed since the player died. Don’t worry about its functionality being affected though. You can still collect the items from the skeleton.

Check this mod trailer to see what Corpse mod adds in Minecraft!

Credits: Juri TV

Check Death History

This mod also lets you check the death history of yourself and the other players:

  1. To check your death history, press U. 
  2. To check the death history of another player as an operator, type /deathhistory <player>, and the information will appear.  

While in creative mode, you are also able to get back any lost items. To retrieve these lost items, you can press the items button when the death history GUI appears. But you can only do so when in creative mode. 

Teleport to the Death Location 

Minecraft Corpse mod

Apart from retrieving the lost items, this mod also lets you teleport to the location where you died. To do that, click on the Location option when the death history GUI appears. You will see the command for teleportation displayed in chat. This command will show the coordinates and the dimension of your death location.  

But if you cannot find your corpse after you have died, it’s most likely because your corpse has washed away in water if you died in water. 

Additional Options

You can make the follow configurations in Minecraft Corpse mod:

  • Choose whether the inventory can only be accessed by the corpse owner.
  • Choose whether the corpse can be accessed by everyone when in the skeleton stage.
  • Set the time passed after the corpse vanishes when it has no items.
  • Set the time passed after the corpse vanishes when it is full.
  • Set the time passed after the corpse has turned into the skeleton.
  • Choose whether the corpse would spawn on its head or face.

Minecraft Corpse Mod Installation

Here’s how you can install Minecraft Corpse mod:

  • Download and install the Forge mod installer.
  • Download Corpse mod.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded mod file in the /mods folder. Folder path: C:\Users\\[username]\AppData\Roaming\\.minecraft\mods

You’re all set to play Minecraft with the Corpse mod.

Final Word

Minecraft Corpse mod is a highly popular mod with almost 3 million downloads. This mod is incredibly smooth and free of bugs. So you can enjoy a great gameplay without facing any issues.

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