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There are numerous ways to create ships in the world of Minecraft. However, the vanilla game doesn’t offer a lot and if you lack the basic equipment, you might not be able to make your ships drivable. In this article, we will take a look at the best Minecraft ships mods that allow gamers to make portable ships easily.

Minecraft Ships Mod
Credits: Seramic

Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is an exceptional sandbox game that lets you build shelters, explore and discover realms, and battle mobs. It allows freedom, equality, and creative expression.

However, if you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience with custom items and blocks and the incorporation of new mobs, blocks, and tools for the expansion of the open-ended game, then you must try out some of the most popular mods available.

Whether you’re tired of the basic vanilla boats or want to enhance Minecraft’s oceans with extra boats, regular pirates, large boats, a bigger ship, or copies of ships, there’s always a mod out there to help you out.

We conducted lengthy research to list the best Minecraft ships mods that you must know about to enhance your gaming experience. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details pertaining to all the popular mods we found:

The Top 16 Minecraft Ships ModS

#16 World Of Daleks

Minecraft Ships Mod
Credits: TheGrasker

Have you played Doctor in a Dash and fallen in love with one of the three enemy ships called Dalek? Dalek is a flying saucer and one of the most common spaceships used by the Daleks and now you can have this space saucer in Minecraft, thanks to this mod.

Download the World Of Daleks for Minecraft now!

#15 Sky High Structures

Minecraft Ships Mod
Credits: therealpandagavin

The aim of the Sky High Structures mod is to add structures into Minecraft that will change the way you play the game with a new adventure and something new and intriguing in the world of Minecraft.

The mod includes End Island, Nether Island, Village Island, and Hot Air Balloon. Moreover, you can also find a Pirate Ship in the ocean in Overworld, which includes Skeleton mobs and lots of amazing loot items.

The loot includes a bone, book, empty map, paper, gold ingot, and gold block. The remaining items’ location, mob, and loot details have also been included by the modder on the page linked below.

Download the Sky High Structures mod for Minecraft now!

#14 Star Wars: Weapons and Ships

The Star Wars: Weapons and Ships mod allows users to build druids, create an army of players, or travel through the Galaxy of Star Wars. You can also make a Pod Race against your friends if you want.

The mod also includes incredibly overpowered lightsabers. Some of the features of this mod will work efficiently with Energy(RF/FE).

Download the Star Wars: Weapons and Ships mod for Minecraft now!

#13 Pirate Ships

The Pirate Ships mod is an addon for the Pirates Life mod and it allows users to generate ships with pirates on them. This is a Fabric mod, making it a lightweight mod that will only change a few elements in your game and take up minimal storage space.

Download the Pirate Ships mod for Minecraft now!

#12 Pirates Mod

The Pirates Mod by KodiMaster adds guns, grenades, sunken ships, pirates, ships, and many more elements to vanilla Minecraft. It’s quite a simple mod that adds numerous fun elements to Minecraft to make it pirate-themed.

Download the Pirates Mod for Minecraft now!

#11 StexCraft

Minecraft Ships Mod
Credits: L4jteR

Among the various elements that the StexCraft mod adds to Minecraft are 15 water structures, which include small boats that are found in rivers to big Nordic ships or Pirate ships. The ships also include loot, which is protected by sailors.

Moreover, the treasure chests added by this mod can be sold to treasure traders on a Merchant Ship. The mod also teaches you several things while you play from the books found on ships.

Other elements added by this mod include 5 armor sets, unique potions, daggers, 2 new dimensions, 2 overworld biomes, ClockWork Carbine, ClockWork Drill, Ayssal Katar, hearing orbs, wooden lance, universal keening, 3 tool sets, splitter slingshot, repeating crossbow, and a blowgun.

Download the StexCraft mod for Minecraft now!

#10 Valkyrien Warfare Drivers for OpenComputers

The Valkyrien Warfare Drivers for OpenComputers mod adds the ship_interface block into Minecraft, which allows users to collect data from a computer relevant to the ship where the interface is placed.

This mod is for those gamers who want to be able to collect data from a ship.

Download the Valkyrien Warfare Drivers for OpenComputers mod for Minecraft now!

#9 Tax’ Ocean Villager

Tax' Ocean Villager
Credits: Edition Minecraft Mods

The Tax Ocean Villager mod aims to add ships with villagers in them. You have to find ships in the ocean, and use the relevant command to either create or set up the ships to explore the ocean and find the secrets.

You can either fight villagers or trade with the crews. The additional feature adds a captain with custom trades to the ship. This mod is fully compatible with the A Guardian from the Villager Recruits mod.

Download the Tax’ Ocean Villager mod for Minecraft now!

#8 More Ships

Minecraft Ships Mod
Credits: tombkingsts

This mod will add relatively bigger ships, small ships, and rafts, which are perfect if you’re playing the role of a cast away in desert islands, with cold, warm, and lukewarm variants with open-rolled sail options. You can also spawn the ships from the More Ships mod with no entities, villagers, wandering traders, pillagers, or indicators.

The rafts in this mod come with loot chests in them, making it a perfect looters mod.

Download the More Ships mod for Minecraft now!

#7 Valkyrien Skies Control

Valkyrien Skies Control
Credits: triode_

The Valkyrien Skies Control mod requires Valkyrien Skies World and Valkyrien Skies to work and it adds new machinery and items that are required to create as well as control ships.

You can also use the physics infuser, which requires the physics core to work, to either create or destroy your ships in Minecraft. If you remove these cores, the ship will disassemble itself.

The mod comes packed with the lift lever, which controls the ship’s altitude, a ship help, which controls rudders to turn the ship, and the Chadburn, which controls the gearboxes responsible for changing the direction and speed of the ship propellers.

Moreover, if you want to generate a lift to propel your ship upwards, you can use the Valkyrium Compressors or use mini propeller engines for smaller ships.

Download the Valkyrien Skies Control mod for Minecraft now!

#6 Star Wars in MC [Lightsabers, ships…]

Are you a Star Wars fan who wants to add ships, lightsabers, and other atmospheric elements from Star Wars into Minecraft? From arranging a huge battle of players to taking R2D2 with you on adventures, this mod will add everything you love from Star Wars to your game.

You can also look for temples, study abilities, and create lightsabers! The mod will give new sensations to the battle, with greater sword damage, and also help you cover long distances quickly with speed and high jumps.

The mod adds the ability to tame the Jedi for additional protection against mobs and you can also travel with mobs or friends using the T6 shuttle.

Download the Star Wars in MC [Lightsabers, ships…] mod for Minecraft now!

#5 Plato’s Transporters [FORGE/FABRIC]

Plato's Transporters [FORGE/FABRIC]
Credits: Acrogenous

Plato’s Transporters is a mod that adds the ability to build vehicles and turn them into driveable or entity vehicles. The vehicles include carriages, airships, and ships, and the recent version has added the ability to move block entities like skulkers and chests within a vehicle.

When you use any of the items from this mod for the very first time, a book will be added to your inventory, which details everything the mod can do. Players can use specified materials, such as blocks, logs, wool, and all wooden rails, planks, trapdoors, fences, and stairs, to create a vehicle.

You can place a blast furnace to make a ship go faster or add an anvil to make an airship obey gravity. The mod includes a disassembly wrench, lift jack, control key, wheel, airship balloon, water float, and the ship controller.

Download the Plato’s Transporters [FORGE/FABRIC] mod for Minecraft now!

#4 Ships Mod

Ships Mod
Credits: elcuchaz

The Ships Mod is a feature-rich, high-quality mod that lets players build a ship using blocks and sail it around in the Minecraft world. It is the modder’s take on how sailing should work in the game.

Some of the many features that put this mod amongst the top Minecraft ships mods include multiplayer and single-player support and the mod’s ability to add block-based ship entities to the game.

All the ships created through this mod have physical properties, including drag or thrust and weight or buoyancy. These physical properties are affected by the blocks you choose to build a particular ship.

You can also walk around in your ship while it’s sailing, dock it to change the blocks in your ship, or launch your ship to sail. The ships can also be pointed in any 360-degree direction and they also actually displace water, so there’s no water coming inside the ship.

This mod supports ships that are up to ten thousand blocks in size and a large boat and these ships collide with each other, the Minecraft world, and the players.

Download the Ships Mod for Minecraft now!

#3 Archimedes’ Ships

Archimedes' Ships
Credits: _ForgeUser6815172

The Archimedes’ is a mod that features self-designed ships that are able to sail across the seven seas. It also allows users to build airships and take them into the skies.

If you want to start sailing a ship, all you have to do is add a ship’s helm to any construction that you want to sail in. You can also add measurement gauges to keep a check on your velocity and direction. This mod is designed around modular multi-block ships.

Overall, this mod is incredibly easy to use and requires none of the expensive items in your inventory.

Download the Archimedes’ Ships mod for Minecraft now!

#2 Davincis Vessels

Davincis Vessels
Credits: Ro11en

The Davincis Vessels mod is perfect for those who have always wished they could sail around the sizeable static ship they created in Minecraft. The mod allows players to turn their static block structures into rideable entities, which is pretty awesome!

A spiritual successor to the Archimedes’ Ships mod, it includes a new Helm block, which can turn any static block-based ship into a controllable vessel by default. You can steer the newly controllable vessel with the w-a-s-d keys.

Moreover, this mod will also add balloon blocks, which allow gamers to turn their standard ocean ships into airships. This integration is great for those Minecraft players who have grown tired of sailing the Minecraft seas.

Download the Davincis Vessels mod for Minecraft now!

#1 Small Ships

Small Ships
Credits: Seramic

Don’t let this mod’s name fool you! Small Ships, with seven portable, craftable vessels from across the Age of Sail, is nothing short of an ambitious mod, making it one of the best Minecraft ships mod. If you’re looking for an alternative to the standard boat in Minecraft, you can get your hands on the two-person rowboat from this mod.

The collection goes up to the 16-entity War Galley and includes other ships, such as the Dhow, Brig, Drakkar, regular Galley, and Cog. In the future editions of the mod, the Small Ships modder plans on integrating a gigantic 22-entity, three-masted Barque in this mod.

The craftable ships also have the ability to fly custom banners as flags, which allows a great level of customization within this mod. All the included ships are craftable for all vanilla wood types as well.

Furthermore, there is additional support for other wood types that have been added by other mods, which includes support for wood types added by Lord of the Rings Mod: Renewed, Environmental, and Biomes o Plenty.

The recent updates have also added the ability for players to add cannons to their ships, which are fully operational if you have a round shot and gunpowder in your ship inventory.

Download the Small Ships mod for Minecraft now!

Concluding Thoughts

This concludes our list of the top Minecraft ships mods that you should know about if you’re looking to enhance your Minecraft experience and make it more immersive and fun. From new boats and submarines for Minecraft mariners to ghost pirates and their ships, there are a lot of various ships related mods for you to discover.

Don’t forget to download and install Minecraft Forge, which lets you install and enable mods in the game for exciting new additions and you’ll be good to go! If you’ve already decided on which Minecraft ships mod you want to install, be sure to check out the Related Articles listed below for more ideas on how you can improve your gaming experience with themed mods collections. You can also take a look at the 50+ Best Minecraft House Ideas in 2022 here.

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