Minecraft Clay Soldiers Mod – Everything You Need to Know


Do you wish you could build an entire new army out of clay in Minecraft, just like a real human is? Turns out, you can actually do that by using Minecraft Clay Soldiers mod. Wow! Who knew you could also have godly powers in Minecraft? 

Minecraft Clay soldiers is a mod that introduces clay to Minecraft. But instead of letting you build your dream castles and houses, it actually does something WAY COOLER! It lets you craft your own miniature army out of clay. And yes, all of the soldiers are alive! So you can now stage the most nail-biting Battle Royale even in your front yard, thanks to a miniature army. 

Keep reading to find out all of the features about this mod and how to install it. 

Minecraft Clay Soldiers Mod – Features

Clay Soldiers

Just like any other item, you can hold clay soldiers in your hand. It can be crafted by using a clay block (as the base material) and soulsand (to sustain intelligent life). Craft up to 16 of these miniature soldiers in your hand and place them altogether by right clicking. You can also place them one by one by sneak-right clicking

Once you have created your army, they will spread all around very quickly and roam everywhere. However, please note that these soldiers are rather squishy, since they do not have a skeleton as a support. So even just a light blow will probably cripple or kill them. They are however strong enough to walk, jump, climb one block and fight. But who are they even gonna fight if they are that squishy?

The answer is, the other team of clay soldiers. Yup, that’s right! You can create different teams of soldiers based on different dyes (16, to be precise). So if you create and keep more than one team near each other, they will start doing what they were made to do i.e., fight until they die! 

What else they can do, you ask?

Animals Mounts

The miniature clay soldiers can ride various mounts including horses, pegasus, geckos, turtles and bunnies. Just imagine how cute a tiny soldier riding a bunny would look!

  • Horses and Pegasus: Craft a steed and your soldiers will mount them to ride all over the place. After all, every army is incomplete without a horse or a pegasi for that matter. Since horses or pegasus have no allegiances, any soldier can ride any of them. 
  • Turtles: Worried that your army will drown in the sea while crossing? Well, they can ride on adorable turtles to stay above water!
  • Geckos: Why geckos, you ask? Because they can carry your soldiers and climb up to three blocks high at a time! 
  • Bunnies: Instead of horses, try fighting while riding on a cute bunny for a change. These colorful bunnies that come in all wool colors would jump and hop all the time, making it difficult for the enemies to take an aim.

Clay Nexus

This next-gen innovative device, when activated, will summon the spirits of dead soldiers to emerge and return to the Frey in order to redeem themselves in a final battle! 

Clay Huts

Whenever new chunks of land are generated when creating or exploring new areas, you will find some buildings inhabited by peace-loving clay soldiers and a clay-themed chest. Beware though! Some of these buildings could be a zombie house!  

For many more cool features and recipes, check this link out!

How to Use the Clay Soldiers Mod in Minecraft

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge (at least v.
  2. Download the mod creator’s Manager Pack.
  3. Drag and drop the download pack file in the /mods folder. 
  4. Note: You can find the mods folder here: C:\Users\\[username]\AppData\Roaming\\.minecraft\mods
  5. You are all set up to play Minecraft with the new mod!

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Wrapping Up . . . 

Clay Soldiers Mod is quite a popular Minecraft mod with over a million downloads. It adds tons of all new features and makes things super cool in-game. So get your hands on this mod now if you adore miniature things. 

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