Top 7 Best Librarian House Minecraft Ideas


The librarian is one of the top villager occupations to look out for in Minecraft. Building a librarian house is the first step in creating a librarian villager in Minecraft. Let's find out the top 7 best librarian house Minecraft ideas today!

Librarian House Minecraft

Librarian houses are medium-sized houses in Minecraft, made mainly of wood, a lectern, and featuring gables roofs. This is one of the types of houses suitable for those who are just starting out in the game.

Besides librarian, there are a lot of other villager professions such as armorer, leatherworker, farmer, toolsmith, butcher, weaponsmith, cartographer, mason, fletcher, cleric, fisherman, and shepherd.

Top 7 Best Librarian House Minecraft Ideas & Tutorials

Small Librarian House

This small librarian's house looks astounding and beautiful from the outside as well as from the inside. Although it can seem complicated and challenging to construct, it can be done by following a few basic steps. The detailed tutorial makes it easier for the apprentice to build this house.

The house has 3 floors and the materials to make this house are also very easy to find. The house is made mainly from wood with a combination of two types of wood, spruce wood, and oak wood, in addition, bricks are also used as the foundation of the house. For those who are just starting to play Minecraft, this is a suitable design.

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Librarian Desert House

This Librarian Desert House by BlueBits is a unique house built with a distinct architecture that can house your village librarian. This house has two floors, each floor can hold up to 2-3 rooms enough to serve all your needs.

To build this house, you'll need 188 Terracotta pieces, 168 Cut Sandstone pieces, 103 Spruce planks, and 80 Dark Oak planks. The above materials are also easily found in the Desert Biome.

The outside is decorated with lanterns at each door to add more light to the house. You can consider decorating with some plants such as flowers, foliage, cacti,... to make the house more sparkling.

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Medieval Librarian House

Medieval Librarian House is like a house for the French nobility with a luxurious and delicate design.

Featuring some ornate Smooth Stone, Stone Bricks, Spruce Wood, Cobblestone, and Concrete,... that work great with the brown and white color scheme, this build is one high-end Minecraft house idea that captures the old days with stunning accuracy.

The house consists of 3 sections with two sections with a facade and a tower. The foundation of the house is a combination of Stone Bricks and Smooth Stone. Spruce Wood is used to make floors and walls. Concrete is also used to make walls too. The roof is built in the style of an A-frame Roof with the main materials being Stone Bricks and Gray Concrete.

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Cozy Librarian House

With an impressive structure, the Cozy Librarian House is extremely suitable for the rural village theme. The house is mainly made of wood with a combination of many different types of wood, so the main color of the house is brown, creating a cozy and charming feeling.

The house has two floors, the space inside is enough for you to build 5-6 separate rooms to serve all your needs. Outside the house can be used to farm a field or a flower garden as you like to create enchantment for the house. Don't forget to decorate with lanterns to increase the light.

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Fantasy Librarian House

The house looks like it came out of a fairy tale when viewed from afar, ideal for players who want something simple yet captivating. The Librarian House itself is decorated with themed purple palettes, some overgrown plants, and even a watchtower. The hilly landscape outside adds to the rustic feel of this cute little home.

The house is built from many different materials. Stone and Bricks are used to build the walls of the house. Besides, the floor is made entirely of wood, the roof is made of amethyst and purple concrete. You’ll need a lot of time to gather enough of the above materials so the perfect time to build this house is in the middle of the game.

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Charm Librarian House

Charm Librarian House is used as a place to store your enchanted books or if you want to create enchantments then this is the perfect home for you. The enchantment can be removed using a grindstone if you were trying to get a specific one but were instead given another.

This design isn't very noteworthy other than the fact that it's the simplest and easiest one you may have for your house. The house has 2 floors and the main materials for construction include wood, concrete, cobblestone, and stone bricks.

You essentially get a little view, lighting, and a roof over your head with this house. Although it isn't very luxurious, it is quite affordable and serves as a functional starter home in the Minecraft world.

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Wooden Librarian House

This house combines materials of wood and stone to create a magnificent house design in the forest Biome, making it the ideal construction for enjoying a peaceful life. Because the resource needs are extremely simple, you can make this very early. To give the building a more authentic look, think about fencing off some of the front areas.

On either side, you can set up a farming area. Depending on your interests or requirements, you can grow carrots, apples, beets, potatoes, or others. To have a light source in the fields at night, you can also lay down some Glowstone or construct torches. The design itself comprises a two-story Woodhouse. Given that this house is a medium-sized house, you should have enough room to arrange everything.

One thing you should notice about this design is that hostile mobs like creepers and skeletons can easily spawn and blend in with the surrounding environment. So make sure to put some light sources outside as well!

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That concludes our list of the top 7 best librarian house Minecraft ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own Minecraft houses. By using these house designs and the straightforward instructions provided in each tutorial, you may construct your own librarian home in Minecraft!

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