Top 10 Gorgeous Minecraft Italian House Ideas


Welcome to Minecraft building tutorials! In this article, we will give you some ideas to get a beautiful Minecraft Italian house!

Minecraft Italian House

Italian house in Minecraft often uses modern delicate white as the main color in harmony with the strong brown tile roof to bring a unique beauty to the eye. With some shaders, a good resource pack, and creativity, you can create the most enjoyable experience in both the survival and creative world!

Let's explore these great ideas together, step-by-step!


One Chunk Italian Villa

A Minecraft Ilatian villa looks quite small but will be the first step to take you to larger projects.

The walls are a combination of diorite, cobblestone, and white concrete. The roof is made of cobblestone stairs combined with a border made of brick stairs.

Chimney is made of stone brick, and on top of it is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor. You can also add a brick wall and flower pot as the video tutorial or not as you like.

Next to it is a garden shaded by oak trapdoors and spruce trapdoors. You can use lanterns and plants like spruce leaves, oak leaves, and sweet berries fertilized with a bone meal for decorating.

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Minecraft Italian Villa

A villa by the lake will give you an extremely shimmering landscape.

The house has walls made mainly of white concrete with oak log columns. The window frame is an iron bar, covered with stone brick and a spruce slab. In addition, the main door is made of a spruce door, the front porch is made of stone, brick, and spruce plank.

You can decorate your house with lanterns, as well as vines on the wall and oak leaves covered by a spruce sign.

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Beautiful Minecraft Italian Villa

Looking at the picture above, you can see the wall is made of smooth sandstone, sandstone, and sand. The window is combined with a glass pane and sprue wood plank. The roof is made entirely of bricks.

Besides, the floor is spruce wood plank and the ceiling is spruce wood plank block. Large balcony with patio and above is a skylight with a fence, jungle leaves for shade.

You can decorate with jungle leaf pots, and cover them with signs, and vines on the wall. Don't forget to protect your villa with an iron bar.

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Simple Italian House

A simple Italian house in Minecraft will be a good choice for busy players.

Walls are made from smooth sandstone and sandstone. The roof is made from spruce stairs. Doors are made of spruce doors, and windows are made of glass panes and spruce trapdoors.

Next to it is a small room, which you can use as a bathroom, with walls made of mossy stone brick and a roof from the brick slab.

In front, there is a porch made of spruce stairs, and the campfire is extinguished. Underneath the eaves, you can place tables from scaffolding and chairs from dark oak slabs.

Decorate your home with plants such as oak leaves, and berry bushes.

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Massive Italian Villa

This is a Minecraft Italian house with a large capacity, consisting of three parts.

One chunk construction with brick walls and a spruce slab roof. There is a large entrance from the spruce door and trapdoor. There is a small window above.

The middle two-floor house with walls made of white concrete and a roof from a spruce trapdoor. Window frames are made from spruce fences. Next to it is a large space of two floors. The frame is made of brick, white concrete, a barrel, and stripped spruce log.

In the back is a chimney made of stone and cobblestone, on the top, there is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor. You can decorate the house with lanterns and potted plants including pots, a cactus, and oak leaves.

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Modern Italian House

This is an Italian villa in Minecraft that leaves a deep impression that we recommend it to you.

The walls are made mainly of sandstone, base and ceiling are made of jungle plank. The garage is also made from sandstone, use a smooth stone slab to make the door because it has the same color as reality.

The roof is made from brick slab and the windows are made from black stained glass pane. Next to it is a corridor with a porch from the sandstone stair and pillars with mounting torches.

A large villa is indispensable for the swimming pool made of quartz with glowstone as the highlight. You can decorate with oak leaves, light poles from glowstone blocks, and build fences with iron bars.

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Starter Italian House

If you are a new player in Minecraft, don't worry, because here is the starter Italian house for you.

The roof is made from brick variants of brick stairs and brick slabs. The wall has the main yellow color from yellow terracotta which is the block obtained from smelting terracotta with yellow dye.

Above is a chimney made from cobblestone, don't forget to put a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor to create smoke.

You can use oak leaves, vines, ladders, and spruce fences to decorate the wall. In addition, you can also build a balcony window to put flowers or something you like.

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Upgraded Starter Italian House

There are a variety of different building styles for an Italian house in Minecraft but this is a bigger challenge for new players!

The house has walls made from blocks of cobblestone, white concrete, and stone. The typical red-brown roof of brick, granite, and terracotta, combined with the roof edging made of spruce stair and slab.

There's a small room on the roof, with pillars made from stripped spruce logs and walls made of white concrete. Next to it is a big chimney made from cobblestone, diorite, and andesite. At the top is the familiar structure - the campfire is covered by a spruce trapdoor.

Remember to decorate the house with vines as well as flower pots!

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Friendly Italian House

This is a building consisting mainly of brick and white concrete, with a roof of brick stairs and slab. There is a lot of detail on all sides of the house including the porch from the fire-extinguished campfire, and the chimney made from cobblestone, diorite, and andesite and you can customize it to your taste.

Decorate with plant blocks, flower pots, and lanterns, and place a chair made from a spruce stair below the porch. Hope you will like it!

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Aesthetic Italian House

This is a detailed tutorial to a rather large and seemingly complicated Italian house.

The house has walls made of smooth quartz and quartz bricks. The roof is L-shaped and made from brick slabs. Chimney and fireplace in the house are made of brick, and on the top is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor.

Next to it is a porch made of an extinguished campfire, where you can make a dining area with a large table made from pistons, and chairs from a birch stair. Above the 2nd floor, you can build a balcony, secured by a railing from the spruce fence.

Decorate around the house with oak leaf plants, and berry bushes covered with hedges. White walls are the right place to decorate, vines are a perfect choice. For a more vibrant color, you can replace the sweet berries with sunflower or rose bushes also!

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Minecraft is a place where you can create a picturesque town, and Minecraft Italian house is a perfect idea that you should not miss. We hope these top 10 Minecraft Italian house ideas can help you easily build the house you like!

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