How Does The Skyrim No Spinning Death Mod Work


This guide takes a deeper look into the Skyrim No Spinning Death mod and why you should consider getting it!

Have you ever thought that some aspect of the game is just so unrealistic that it kind of makes the whole vibe a bit worse? Well, that’s how some players are feeling about the whole thing of characters doing the weird spinning thing right before dying. Are they defeated? Or are they simply dancing? It’s becoming too hard to tell!

That’s why such mod was created to make the whole thing just a bit more realistic, so players don’t have to feel cringy while they’re at it.

What does the Skyrim No Spinning Death Mod do?

If you have played the game for quite some time, you have definitely noticed how killed characters start spinning, just like below:

Credits: dDefinder

Looks quite weird, right? This is just one of the examples of what has made modders rethink what they could do to make the game just a bit better or more realistic. Just because the game’s story is not realistic, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some great features in the game that could make any players more excited to play it.

That’s why the Skyrim No Spinning Death mod solves this issue by changing how things go. This mod removes the whole ragdoll effect that we know and (don’t) love. It helps in two situations: during a kill and when a character falls from a hill.

Yes, it doesn’t really have additional functions as it mostly solves this one issue (quite a big one for some players). However, when it comes to ragdoll effects, there is a similar mod you might want to check out: Skyrim realistic ragdolls mod.

Why should you get this Mod?

Especially if you’re quite new to the game, you might get this question at some point along the way.

Once you start getting more and more mods, you will notice that some of the mods are here just because the original details are too unrealistic.

That’s why there are various modders trying to solve these issues: unrealistic details in clothes, bad reactions during the game, unrealistic lighting/shading, and more.

Of course, some players will absolutely love the original way of the game, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to improve the game’s quality if you wish to do so.

It’s no surprise why so many modders are creating content almost every day because why not have more and more new features to the game. Just make sure that you are not reaching the Skyrim mods limit!

Other Spinning/Ragdoll Mods

While we’re trying to solve the spinning issue, there’s even more you can do to make it more realistic.

It’s actually one of the most popular Skyrim mods, so there has to be at least some reasons why players are loving it!

Here’s what this mod does:

  • The characters don’t fly into the air whenever killed
  • Arrows are also not the reason for flying into air anymore
  • Neither is magic any more
  • All of the reactions are simply more realistic

Of course, if you don’t think that the whole ragdoll thing is an issue, you can do the opposite and ragdoll yourself in the game purely for fun!

It’s quite simple to do it once you know the basics. What you’ll want to do is basically type in “pushactoraway 00000014 1”. Just don’t forget to not use the quotation marks when typing this in. 

Ragdolling yourself can be quite fun, to be honest. If you ever feel like you just need a break from the main storyline, you can just do this to keep things entertaining.


If you have been looking for a way to solve the spinning issue, then the Skyrim No Spinning Death mod is the perfect solution for any player. It solves that annoying thing that has been bugging players for years!

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These mods will improve the game both for beginners and professional players!

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