Top 5 Skyrim Belt Mods You Need


Below you can find the best and the most popular Skyrim Belt mods. Whether you’re just looking for some decorative additions to the game or you want to be able to expand your inventory, there are plenty of creations that can help with your quest.

Finding the best of the best might also be complicated if you’re a new player who has just discovered how much there is to choose from. The mods that you will see below are recommended to you by fellow players who have narrowed it down to this list

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Without further ado, let’s get to these mods!

#5 Chero’s Belts – CBBE – BodySlide

The Chero’s Belt Skyrim mod was created by modder Cherusker back in 2017 with a wish to create some great and functional at the same time.

The mod itself has 18 belts and 1 strap that provide players with an opportunity to style according to whatever wish they have currently.

After installing this Skyrim belt mod you will be able to choose from such items as :

  • Fur bet
  • Elven belt
  • Forsworn belt
  • Heavy belt
  • Bonemold belt
  • Thieves guild belt

However, keep in mind that this has female only items, so it’s not fully universal. While it is a great addition to the game, it might not be completely usable for every player in the game.

If this mod fits the criteria of what type of belts you are looking for, then you won’t be disappointed.

#4 Equippable Tomes Skyrim Belt Mod

The Equippable Tomes belt mod just has to be on this list! It might not be the usual type of mod, but it sure adds some unexpected charm to the game.

What this does is have tomes and books added to the character’s belt. The main reason for doing this is to increase the power of your spells. As far as mods go, this is one of those that are not just decorative but add a great amount of nice features that can make the game much better.

#3 A Colt 1911 and Gun Belt

If you’re looking for a mod that works for characters of both genders, then take a look at the Colt 1911 and Gun belt mod for Skyrim. This is quite a nice mod for anyone who is looking for this type of content.

Whether you’re trying to carry some items or some guns, this could work well for you. This most not be as popular as some other mods on this list, but it’s definitely worth a try in the end!

#2 Belt-Fastened Quivers Skyrim Belt Mod

Once you get the Belt-Fastened Quivers mod, you realise why more than 800k people have been loving this mod by Chesko and Ninivekha since 2016.

Belt changes by SlenderDan

Basically, this Skyrim belt mod allows you to reposition your items, such as crossbows, to become a bit more adjustable or backpack-friendly. If you apply this mod, your character’s arrows end up lookin

#1 Bandolier – Bags and Pouches Classic

No Skyrim belt mod list would be complete without Bandolier Bags and Pouches Classic! This has been downloaded for more than 1 million times, so let’s take a look at why it’s so popular.

First of all, this mod adds plenty of items to the game: belts (dark vial belt, leather vial belt), satchels, box pouches, book holders, and so much more.

New items being chosen by IAmPattyJack

With this mod, you will be able to say goodbye to the times of having to leave amazing items behind just because you couldn’t carry more. This adds more inventory slots, so you can achieve two goals at the same time: get more items and looks great at the same time.


If you’re looking for a Skyrim belt mod, any of these mods above will be a great addition to your game! It can be not only decorative but also functional as it helps you to keep your inventory bigger and you don’t have to keep leaving items behind you.

It’s no surprise why these mods have hundreds of thousands of views and downloads. Players all over the world are loving them, so feel free to choose some from the above mentioned mods and improve your game right now!

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