What You Need to Know About Skyrim Realistic Ragdolls


When a Skyrim mod has more than 1.5 million downloads, you just know that there is something interesting happening there!

That’s why this time we will be taking a look at the Realistic Ragdolls and Force Skyrim mod and how it can benefit your game so much that you won’t know why you didn’t try this mod earlier.

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Now, it’s time to take a look at why more than a million players are obsessed with this mod and how you can benefit from it:

What does the Skyrim Realistic Ragdolls Mod do?

If you haven’t heard of this mod, here’s what you will get out of it for your game.

First of all, the main part is that is reduces the force that is used on ragdolls. Meaning, it looks way less weird when, let’s say, an enemy dies. This way, they don’t just jump up in the air looking like a lifeless doll that is casually floating in the sky.

That’s why people use Skyrim Nexus Realistic Ragdolls and Force mod to bring everything back to earth. Literally. Sometimes unrealistic parts of the game can ruin the gameplay, so why not get a simple fix for it?

Ragdoll by S’wit

How to ragdoll yourself in Skyrim

When it comes to having fun in the game, the ragdoll effect is no different. If you choose not to get rid of this feature, you can ragdoll yourself!

If you’re new to the game and wondering why you would want to do that, then the main reason is just that it’s extremely fun! Playing Skyrim should never be boring, so enjoy everything that the mods bring to it!

So if you’re one of the players who would like to learn how to do that, follow this. What you’ll want to do is basically type in “pushactoraway 00000014 1”. Don’t use the quotation marks when typing.

Hey, if there’s one thing that never gets boring, is seeing your character pretty much floating in the air.

What does the Skyrim Realistic Ragdolls and Force SE do

Having Skyrim Ragdolls and Force Special Edition mod does much more than just some decorative mod.

Here’s what you can expect from it in the game:

  • The player/NPCs don’t fly into the air like crazy anymore
  • Magic is also not the reason anymore why characters fly away
  • Arrows won’t make the characters fly
  • The reaction from hits is more realistic (the more force is applied, the further away they fly)

When it comes to the ragdolls themselves, there is way less stiffness to their limbs, so everything bends easier.

Also, the odd poses that you sometimes saw in the game will be gone. This creates a more realistic gameplay experience.

The Main Questions about Skyrim Ragdolls

Whether you already have mod or you’re just thinking about getting it for your game, there are a few questions you will most likely get.

That’s why we have compiled some of the most common FAQ that players get:

Do arrows and magic have the same amount of force?

Yes! The have the same force value, so in the mod that doesn’t change.

What should I do if the player flies when becoming a ragdoll?

Ensure that your FPS is capped out at 60. If it’s above, there might be some slight issues in the game, but it’s quite easy to avoid that.

Why do ragdolls still slide on some surfaces?

It might happen if some meshes appear as grass but they are actually rock meshes, so ragdolls can still end up slides or flying up unrealistically.

Of course, getting a mod (even if it’s as great as the Skyrim realistic ragdolls mod) can bring its questions forward for any player. Make sure that it doesn’t clash with any of your other mods. If it does, it might even make your game clash and no one needs that!

While you’re at it, make sure that you’re not going over your Skyrim mods limit!

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