Top 7 Famous Skyrim Hair Mods (Spoiler: Apachii Hair Skyrim SE!)


If there’s one thing we all love about Skyrim it’s that there are so many mods to choose from when it comes to adapting the game to what you want. Whether it’s a great hair mod (such as Apachii Hair Skyrim SE) or armor mods, making the game look how you want has never been easier.

Speaking of hair mods, it’s time to take a look at what’s the best we have! Are you looking for something magical? Or maybe Sims-like? If you thought about it, it probably exists!

Let’s take a look at the most famous Skyrim hair mods and how they can make the game look even better.

#7 Beards Mod for Skyrim

This mod might be a bit different from the rest, but it’s still worth mentioning!

Yes, we’re talking about the Beards mod for Skyrim. When it comes to facial hair, this is the most popular mod there is, and players are loving it!

#6 Vanilla Hair Replace Skyrim Mod

If you’re tired of the old hairstyles that don’t look like they’re supposed to, then you definitely need the Skyrim Vanilla Hair Replacer.

It changes the colour and the style of many hair options in the game to make them look more how players imagine them.

#5 Superior Lore-Friendly Hair

The Superior Lore-Friendly Hair mod is a great option for anyone who wants nice-looking hairstyles that are also lore friendly.

The hair textures are actually high-quality, so it can be a useful both for beginners and professional players.

However, if you’re looking for something very new, this might not be the best mod for you. This mod mostly just changes the vanilla hair with better textures, makes it shine more, and so on.

It’s still a solid choice for Skyrim players!

#4 Rough Hair for Apachii Hair Skyrim SE

Despite the Apachii Hair Skyrim SE mod being one of the most known mods, it can still benefit from some slight tweaking!

The Rough Hair mod changes the slightly outdated textures in the older mod. Meaning, it makes it look more realistic, not so plastic-looking.

Of course, there are more issues with older mods, but this is a great addition to the infamous mod.

#3 KS Hairdos Hair Mod

Some players are actually comparing KS Hairdos mod to the Apachii Hair Skyrim SE, so that’s one way to know it’s popular! It’s actually one of the biggest mods in terms of how much stuff you get! After installing, you can enjoy more than 800 hairstyles. This mod has everything from long to short or even medium hairstyles to meet your needs!

However, another reason why this mod is often compared to the Apachii Hair Skyrim SE is because of its early release date. Meaning, it might not have the best textures.

Then again, if you value quality, you will absolutely love this mod and everything that it has to offer!

#2 KS Hairdos Hair Physics

This mod is slightly different from the rest. It focuses on the KS Hairdos hair mod and just makes its hairstyles more realistic when it comes to physics.

Meaning, the hairstyles will move as the character moves. Without this mod, the KS Hairdos might look a bit unrealistic.

#1 Apachii Hair Skyrim SE

It’s no surprise that the Apachii Hair Skyrim SE mod is on the list! It’s one of the most popular and the oldest Skyrim hair mods. To be fair, this is one of the oldest Skyrim mods, period. Once you see what it’s all about, we are sure that you will absolutely fall in love with it.

The Apachii Hair Skyrim SE mod is actually based on a lot of hairstyles from Sims 2 and Sims 3, so it makes sense why so many players got used to this mod quickly.

This mod has so much to choose from that your Skyrim hair needs will be covered for a very very long time. Despite not being the highest-quality mod (due to its release date), it still reigns as one of the most downloaded mods.


When it comes to hair mods, there’s so much to choose from in Skyrim!

Whether you’re a bigger fan of the Apachii Hair Skyrim SE mod or the Beards, all of them will be a perfect addition to your game, so feel free to customize your character!

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