Top 7 Skyrim Opulent Outfits For Your Game


When it comes to the Skyrim Opulent Outfits, it’s no surprise why it’s one of the most popular mods for your character’s clothes. It has been updated not that long ago because the last version was getting quite old, so now you can expect a lot of great decorative features from this mod.

It’s a high-quality mod with plenty of things to choose from. The styles of the clothes are very interesting, so it might be difficult to choose from everything there is in this mod. While we’re looking at Skyrim outfit mods, here’s what could also be beneficial for you in the game:

Now, let’s get to the outfits:

#7 Opulent Merchant Skyrim

Credit: Mebantiza

This outfit is quite fascinating, right? It’s a great combination of old and modern, and this Skyrim Opulent merchant outfit can add a lot of “zhoosh”, so to say.

There’s absolutely no reason why a merchant’s only goal would be just to buy or sell. With this mod, another easy-to-reach type of goal could be to look great!

#6 Skyrim Opulent Outfits Wedding Dress

Credit: Mebantiza

If there’s one thing that sounds magical already in itself, it’s the Skyrim wedding dress. This outfit is truly beautiful.

This is the type of outfit to raise anyone’s mood, so this just proves it even more than any player needs the Skyrim Opulent Outfits mod.

#5 Hooded Arch Mage

Credit: Mebantiza

If there’s one outfit that’s just too cool for the real world, then it’s definitely the Skyrim Hooded Arch Mage outfit. Just look at it!

This is already one of the fanciest characters in the game. If you are new to the whole thing and wondering what this fancy man is all about, arch mages are the leaders of their guild. They are followed two apprentices (who are called the arch mage trains).

#4 Monk Robes in Skyrim

Credit: Mebantiza

Just look at that detailing! One of the main reasons why this is so high up on the list because of how elevated this look is.

The mod just keep proving that it provides high-quality outfits for various characters and situations. For example, this monk robe is a fascinating addition to the game due to all the small details that make this robe look out-of-this-world great.

#3 Destruction Robes

Credit: Mebantiza

Speaking of fancy robes, the destruction robes are some of the best outfits in the game. All that majestic colouring and details create a truly great outfit. Its high quality can make the game look more realistic, so it’s no surprise why players love this robe.

To be fair, any outfit would look great with those golden belts, right?

#2 Conjuration Master

Credit: Mebantiza

The detailing of this Opulent Outfits mod outfits just begs to be put on this list! The conjuration master’s outfit looks so great that players could get the mod purely for this outfit and it would still be worth it.

The colour of the dress makes the whole fit look very royal and fancy, so it’s perfect for a character like this.

There’s just something about the pairing of this dress and the belt that ties the whole outfit together, so that’s why this becomes one of the nicest fits in the mod.

#1 All the beautiful Bard Clothes

Credit: Mebantiza

When it comes to clothes, bards have the biggest variety of dresses. The mod brings multiple different outfits for bards, so it’s definitely a great part of the Opulent Outfits mod.

Yes, these characters might not be the most important ones in the game, but such small details add a lot to the whole gameplay. If the NPCs don’t look great or realistic, the mood is just not the same, right? The outfit above is just one out of all the outfits that you will see in Skyrim, but it’s a great representation of what you can expect.


All the outfits you see above are perfectly good reasons to get the Skyrim Opulent Outfits Mod. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy these amazing outfits, so definitely take a moment to get this mod for your game and start enjoying true fashion!

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