10 Best Useful Minecraft Backpacks Mods For Better Storage

Binh Tran

Storage management is always a huge problem in Minecraft since the game only provides 36 inventory slots. In this article, we will go through the list of the top 10 best Minecraft backpacks mods that you can install and expand your inventory!

Note: It’s optional but it’s recommended to install Just Enough Items (JEI) so you can have a quick look at new backpacks in those mods and their crafting recipes. If you’re not, no worries! You can just browse the mod’s content later on!

List of the Top 10 Best Minecraft Backpacks Mods

#10 Iron Backpacks

minecraft backpacks mods - iron backpacks
By Guartinajo

With many large backpack mods out there, Iron Backpacks should be recognizable to anyone who has played with the Iron Chest mod. This is by far the finest Minecraft backpack mod available on Minecraft Forge, with over 42 million downloads!

Iron Backpacks introduces four new tiers of backpacks, each of which may be upgraded using particular minerals such as irons, gold, and diamonds. With a chest and some leather, you can make a simple backpack that can hold an extra 16 items. The basic bag can be upgraded with some iron ingots to make an iron backpack that can hold up to 36 slots, and so on with 54 slots (like a double chest) for a gold backpack, and 77 slots for a diamond backpack.

Download here

#9 Packup Up

packup up

What’s even better is if you can store one backpack inside of another, and so on. Packup Up mod allows you to do this with a single action: right-click (or shift right-click) a backpack inside another backpack to continue opening it or exit quickly. This way, you will have so many large inventories just with one mod installed.

This mod includes seven different backpacks with distinct textures and RPG themes. The crafting recipes, like those in most other backpack mods, mostly use leather and minerals like irons, gold, diamond, tin, silver, and obsidian. With the basic backpack, you may store three additional rows of items and progress to eight new rows.

Download here

#8 Wearable Backpacks

wearable backpacks

Wearable Backpacks is the mod for you if you like serious and realistic Minecraft. First and foremost, you cannot wear both a chest plate and a standard backpack in this mod since there is no backpack inventory slot! You must put your backpack down in order to access it, and other players can look inside it as well.

To match your style, you can dye your backpack in several colors. Not to mention, Wearable Backpacks are extremely versatile since they can be completely customized. You can adjust how many armor points the backpack delivers (in case you use it instead of a regular chest plate) and how many inventory spaces it has with just a few clicks.

Download here

#7 Travelers Backpack

traveler's backpack

The Traveler’s Backpack mod is an improved version of the Adventure Backpack mod that works with newer versions of Minecraft. It introduces a brand-new backpack with a distinct model and dyeable texture. The new backpack has 45 more compartments, as well as two fluid tanks to store your water and lava.

You can see different parts are clearly visible in the Travelers Backpack. Only blue-framed slots can be used to store items. Tool items go in the green frame slots, crafting materials go in the brown frame slots, and any bucket of liquid goes in the bucket slot. The mod’s unique feature is that you can interact with the bag using Redstone, such as extracting objects from it with a Hopper. For better usage, you can press b to quickly open your backpack as well!

Download here

#6 Inmis


Inmis is the fifth mod in the series that adds eight additional backpacks to the game. Inmis has over 3 million downloads in a short period of time thanks to its simple crafting methods and ease of use.

There are two types of backpacks in this mod, Progress and Extra backpacks. Frayed Backpack, Plated, Gilded, Bejeweled, Withered, and Endless backpacks are six progression bags that belong to the Progress category and you can upgrade from tier to tier to hold additional items. There is also an Ender Pouch (Ender Backpack) that works exactly like the ender chest, but it’s portable.

In Inmis, each bag tier will be twice as large as the previous one, and the crafting recipes will revolve around fundamental materials such as iron, gold, diamond, emerald, and even wither stars.

Download here

#5 VoidSmart Backpacks

VoidSmart Backpacks

Voidsmart Backpacks has you covered if you want a backpack in Minecraft with more technological characteristics! At first sight, the mod appears to have limited content with only four new backpacks, however, that is not the case!

Your bag can be upgraded and dyed exactly like any other dyeable item in Minecraft. The goal of this mod is to increase your quality of life by improving your inventory space. Some of the improvements are really helpful, such as the ability to automatically transfer stuff to your bag, void your items, grind, smelt, and sort your items, and much more!

You will have one more slot in your inventory GUI to wear your backpack. You can also see the backpack model being rendered according to the color you’ve used to dye it while viewing your character in the third person.

Download here

#4 Improved Backpacks

improved backpack

Improved Backpacks has over 12 million downloads and simply adds one new item. Yes, but it’s adaptable since your backpack can be upgraded and dyed. You may rename your bag, put it on the ground, and even wear it in the backpack slot for simple sorting.

A new station called Sewing Table has been introduced to the game to use to upgrade your backpack. The main ingredients to improve your backpack are mainly leather, string, wool, and minerals. Improved Backpacks, believe it or not, is the best backpack mod for security because other players can’t take your items out of the backpack.

Download here

#3 Adventure Backpack

adventure backpack

Looking for a liquid-storage backpack mod for Minecraft? Adventure Backpack is on the list because it can make you a totally customized backpack that can hold any fluid, even the fluid from other mods.

Backpacks in this mod also have some unique features, such as the ability to use them as a crafting bench or to spread out a sleeping bag that functions similarly to a bed, enabling you to skip the night. This mod is often updated, so we encourage giving it a try!

Download here

#2 Simply Backpacks

Simply Backpack
By Smader10

Simply Backpacks offers five new backpacks that are gradually updated with more and more slots, but the materials necessary to make them are costly at each stage. The common bag has 18 spaces, the uncommon backpack has 33 slots, the rare backpack has 66 slots, the epic backpack has 99 slots, and the ultimate backpack – which is only available in Minecraft version 1.16+ – has 158 slots.

Not only that, but if you have that mod loaded, you can even wear those backpacks on your bauble slots. This allows you to access the bag fast with a set hotkey, and the backpack takes up no space in your inventory!

Download here

#1 Useful Backpacks

useful backpack

Starting with the Useful Backpacks mod, which has over 13 million downloads and continues to grow due to its simplicity and utility, as its name suggests. There are three new items in Useful Backpacks: small, medium, and big backpacks.

People adore Useful Backpacks because the backpacks’ recipes are straightforward. You only need some leather, which you can acquire from cows or horses, string, and wool, which you can get in large quantities by shearing sheep.

The small backpack will offer you an extra 15 inventory slots, the medium backpack will give you 54 slots, and the big one will give you 117!

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put a backpack on a Minecraft mod?

In most backpack mods, you can put a backpack on with a right-click on the mouse, or pressing B on your keyboard, and this hotkey can be configured in the Setting menu. In some cases, you need to press E to open your inventory and put the backpack item in the specific slot (or chest plate slot). Some backpack mods even don’t have a unique slot for the backpack, so you must place the backpack down in order to use and open it.

Do backpacks exist in Minecraft?

Shortly, in vanilla Minecraft, there is currently no backpack for now! Mojang realizes how important to upgrade the player’s inventory, that’s why they introduce Bundle a long time ago. This item has the same functionality as a backpack but it’s not in the original game yet. High chance that Bundle will be added after the Wild Update.

How to install backpack mods in Minecraft?

Backpack mods are just like other Minecraft mods, so you just need to download them from the links above and place the .jar file in the mods folder of Minecraft. Just make sure that you install Forge or Fabric, depending on what the mod requires.


And that’s it, my friend! If you’re looking for a simple Backpack mod for Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft PE (MCPE), we’ve got you covered! Just click the download links and put it straight into the mods folder, remember to install Forge or Fabric beforehand! Good luck managing slots of storage space!

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