Top 10 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods

Binh Tran

There are currently two main editions of Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition (MCPE). While you may see that Java Edition is way more popular, especially for mods and servers, but still, Bedrock has its own feature! Despite the fact that Bedrock Edition does not support modding as strong as Minecraft Java, there are still a lot of high-quality best Minecraft Bedrock mods out there. Let’s see what are they!

List of the top 10 best Minecraft Bedrock Mods

#10 God Of War Addon

best minecraft bedrock mods - God Of War Addon

The first mod on the list is for God of War franchise lovers, yes you’re right! With this mod installed, you can join the Minecraft world as a normal player, or be Kratos. If you choose to be a god, you will have a lot of extra health and power.

Although survival in this mod is not easy, since it adds a lot of new mobs that spawn naturally in the world, across all the biomes. God of War also adds a lot of crafting recipes, weapons, new armor, textures, sound, music, and more!

Download here

#9 Biological Optimization

Biological Optimization

There are so many best Minecraft mods out there that completely overhaul Minecraft’s default animation, and most of them are on Java. With Biological Optimization, now you can experience smooth and fresh animation for every single mob in Minecraft!

Just imagine you’re mining under several caves and encountering dangerous monsters like before, you will be startled because of the realistic animation. Skeletons can now pull their bow, spiders have legs with separate animation, and creepers are now way creepier. This effect also applies to passive mobs such as pigs, cows, and chickens as well!

Download here

#8 Damage Indicator Addon

Damage Indicator Addon

Alright, so you just started collecting resources, crafting yourself a sword, and ready to combat. How many hits you will need to take that mob down? Or how strong is your weapon you may ask? This awesome Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition mod will help you!

Damage Indicator provides two useful features. The first thing is the health bar (or health count) on top of each mob you run into. You can modify the setting so it may display heart count, heart with a health bar, or just only the health bar. The second feature is easy to notice, whenever you deal damage to other mobs, the damage they receive will be displayed on the screen!

Download here

#7 SERP Lucky Blocks

SERP Lucky Blocks

You may be familiar with the Lucky Block concept, so be ready for its arrival on the Bedrock version of Minecraft! SERP Lucky Blocks add minor content to the game, but it heavily affects your gameplay.

You will be introduced to the lucky block, which on broken will give you a random chance from the batch of over 100 events to occur. There are four main types of events: effects, entities, loots, and traps. This mod also introduces new stuff like the Lucky Dealer, lucky basket, lucky boss, and lucky alien.

Download here

#6 Mowzie’s Mobs

Mowzie's Mobs

Another famous mod in Java getting ported over to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Mowzie’s Mobs add several unique creatures with AI, abilities, models, and textures. You can find those new mobs in the overworld, waiting for you in their own natural biome.

Although the mod does not add any new dimensions, it’s quite satisfying to see and actually fight the new mobs. The Frostmaw in the cold biome can freeze you to death, the Ferrous Wroughnaut with a big axe will chop you like an onion, and if that’s not terrifying enough, just wait for the Foliaath to jumpscare you in the jungle!

Download here

#5 Arkcraft: Whistles & Kibbles


Although there are many PE mods out there about Dinosaur in vanilla Minecraft, we choose Arkcraft because of its quality and the insane amount of dinosaur that was added to the game.

In Arkcraft, you can craft special kibbles to feed and tame the dinosaurs for later uses. There are also a bunch of new items such as the grappling hook, whips, berries, and a lot more! Every dinosaur in this mod has a unique model, texture, and their own trait to create a varied environment, compare to the boring Minecraft world.

Download here

#4 True Backpack

True Backpack

True Backpack is one of the great add-ons for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It adds a dyeable backpack with visualizable items, and you can also upgrade the bag to have more slots later. You can store weapons, tools, and even buckets of liquid in the bag. If you’re looking for backpack mods for the Java edition, check this.

A normal backpack can be crafted by using some leather, a chest, and two pieces of string, which can hold up to 64 stacks of items. To store furthermore, you need to craft the ender bag and upgrade your basic backpack, which will cost eight obsidian and one eye of ender. Expanding your inventory is never easy and enjoyable like this!

Download here

#3 Red’s More Structures Addon

Red's More Structures Addon

If you’re an adventurer, the exploration in the normal Minecraft world is quite boring, isn’t it? You come to generate structures over and over again! But that’s not the case anymore! With Red’s More Structures installed, 18 new structures will be spawned across the world, ready for you to explore!

The structures in this mod contain chests with loot and sometimes, the enemies too! You may find a diamond or a pack of hostile mobs, depending on the structure and your luck.

Download here



If you’re a fan of Biomes O’Plenty, the feeling HIDWOODS 2 brings will hit you hard! This mod replaces the overworld with a new dimension and a lot of new biomes (just like Twilight Forest) to bring you a fresh survival experience.

You can do quests, find new items, blocks, armors, and entities, trade with new villagers, build your own robot, and a lot more! HIDWOODS 2 also provides new achievements and a guide system so you can follow along.

Download here

#1 SCP: Dystopia

SCP Dystopia

SCP or Secure, Contain, and Protect is a Minecraft mod that adds several experiments including objects and creatures from the SCP Foundations Motto. The mod contains a lot of new custom blocks and mostly weird creatures with creepy behavior.

It will be more fun if you play with friends. Just imagine wandering around together in the dark corridor, discovering cell by cell to find out every single experiment. Some of them are the doll that will chase you if you look away, the bigfoot, some kind of alien, or even among us!

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

It’s quite hard to determine what is the best Minecraft mod for Bedrock Edition. Instead, depending on your playstyle, you may find one mod is more interesting than the other. For example, if you prefer a new world with custom terrain, Expansive Biome is your mod. Or if you’re looking for a dimension mod, The Aether is the best BE mod!

Can I use mods on Minecraft Bedrock?

In short, the answer is no. Since mods do not exist in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Instead, you install something called add-ons and they serve the same purpose as mods like adding new content to the game. For more Minecraft Bedrock add-ons, check this out!

Can I use Java mods on Minecraft Bedrock?

No, You can’t! Unless someone has ported it over to Bedrock, there is no quick way to use Java Edition mods and install them in the Bedrock version. If you really want to play some Java mods on Bedrock, try looking for it on the marketplace, and hopefully, it will show up in the list.


We hope you enjoy the list of the best Minecraft Bedrock mods! Even though the experience may not be genuine compared to the original mod in Java Edition, we hope some of these mods will satisfy your needs. Also if you’re looking for some overpowered Minecraft mods, make sure to check this out!

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