Top 10 Amazing Decorative and Aesthetic Minecraft Mods

Binh Tran

Although Minecraft is a survival game, the building aspect is essential, especially if you’re a builder. That’s why in this article, we will introduce to you some of the best decorative and aesthetic Minecraft mods that you can download and install for free!

List of The Top 10 Aesthetic Minecraft Mods

#10 Creeper Overhaul

Creeper Overhaul

Creepers in Minecraft are already terrifying due to their destruction, but what if they can blend in into the surrounding environment and wait to explode on you? Thanks to the Creeper Overhaul mod, there will be a bunch of new creeper variants that depend on the biome you’re currently on.

You can encounter the green bamboo creeper, the snowy and white ones in cold biomes, or just watch out when you go mining underground because you can see a moving stone that can kill you! This mod also supports a custom resources pack to make the creepers look even more aesthetic. Finally, you may want to install Optifine to user shaders and improve your performance if you’re having any issues running this mod.

Download here

#9 Colorful Armor

Minecraft aesthetic mod - colorful armor

What is more beautiful when it comes to aesthetic Minecraft mods like adding more colors and variants to existing items in the game? Colorful Armor has a whole bunch of new color armors to the game, where you can use sixteen different dyes in Minecraft to dye your armors.

Although Mojang already did this, they only apply for leather armors. Colorful Armor on another hand applies the dyeable effect to mostly every single piece of armor in the game including iron, gold, diamond, and even chain armor, providing them with such unique textures so you can proudly wear them in the Minecraft world.

Download here

#8 Colorful Tools

colorful tools

Not enough items for you to explore? Colorful Tools is a small addon mod that allows you to dye your tools (sword, pickaxe, shovel, axe, hoe) in sixteen different colors, just like Colorful Armor. You will need to open your Minecraft launcher, kill some zombies first and cook their rotten flesh to get sticky goo. Then apply this goo and a dye color you like to your tool.

Download here

#7 Tinted Campfires

tinted campfires
By brasilcraftoficial

Campfire in Minecraft only has two colors even if you use shaderpack. That’s where the Tinted Campfires mod comes in with another sixteen campfire variants. Although the dyed campfire can’t help you perform magic, it still looks cool!

You can either craft the new campfires by putting the original campfire and a dye into the crafting table, or you can just apply the dye later on.

Download here

#6 Builder’s Delight (Forge)

builder's delight

Just like its name, Builder’s Delight is by far one of the best aesthetic Minecraft mods out there that adds plenty of new building blocks including both exterior and interior. Firstly, it adds all variants to most Minecraft default blocks like stairs, slabs, doors, chiseled, and more!

Besides variations, Builder’s Delight contains a diverse amount of new blocks like different types of tables, chairs, lanterns, and tools like the chisel. As that being said, this mod alone is huge compared to another Minecraft modpack. If you love this mod, try out Carpenter’s Blocks since those ones provide good content for builders!

The sad thing is Builder’s Delight only supports Forge for now. So if you’re looking for the best Minecraft mods for Fabric, we have covered it here.

Download here

#5 Nekoration


Another great aesthetic mod for Minecraft is Nekoration – a Japanese decoration mod that is used by some famous Youtubers like AngelBee (she has other socials like twitch and Instagram if you want to follow for more building ideas). This mod adds a lot of new cute decoration blocks into the game and they’re all unique and cartoony.

Just imagine adventuring one day and ending up in a Japanese town where you can find a cookie shop, a wealthy mansion with paper walls, and so on! Not to mention that every new blocks in Nekoration are dyeable and they also support connecting model, which will make your house even more beautiful!

Download here

#4 MultiBeds


Even though you can play with other players in Minecraft vanilla, there is only a single bed. What if you want to share the bed, or sleep together with your friends? MultiBeds mod adds a bunch of recipes with new beds and decoration patterns for you to furthermore decorate your beds.

You can also connect beds together just by placing them together. If you build a bed on top of another bed, it will create a stylish bunk bed that has the same function as a single bed. If you want to make your bedroom look fancier, try this mod!

Download here

#3 Mo’ Bends

mo' bends mod

Mo’ Bend is a client-side mod that can significantly improve the animation of Minecraft. This mainly applies to the main character’s animation like jumping, sword splash, walking, running, climbing, punching, sneaking, and a lot more!

This mod also focuses on other Minecraft mobs like spiders with eight different legs, or dogs that can now move its head and wave its tail when being tamed.

Download here

#2 NoCubes

nocubes aesthetic mod

Minecraft is a cube (or block) game, but what happens when there will be no cubes at all? NoCubes mod brings you to the aesthetic Minecraft world with the smooth and natural terrain. With over 600,000 downloads, this mod is definitely worth a try!

Download here

#1 Ores & Coins

ores and coins

What is more interesting than new ores, stations, and even new powerful tools in Minecraft? With Ores & Coins installed, you will find several new ores generated across the world including amethyst, citrine, silver, sapphire, ruby, copper, and coins!

You can even trade with the Merchant for goodies and make mineral alloy using the Alloy Furnace. Try to aim for Ruby tools since they’re by far the strongest tool in this mod.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular furniture mod in Minecraft?

The most aesthetic Minecraft mod for furniture would be MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod. With around 42 million downloads, this mod adds an insane amount of new blocks like chairs, tables, lamps, kitchen stuff, and a lot more! Those new blocks fit so well with the vanilla theme and they do have unique functions such as cooking items, item holders, and even more!

What are some aesthetic mods for Minecraft?

To achieve the maximum effect, it’s recommended to install both mods and custom resource packs so your Minecraft can be much more aesthetic. The mod list is NoCubes, Nekoration, Builder’s Delight, Fairy Light, Crayfish’s Furniture Mod, and any cute texture pack such as Cocricot, Tooniverse, Bare Bones, or Tooniverse.

What is the best realistic mod?

To make Minecraft even more aesthetic, adding some realism to it may be a good idea. There are plenty of realistic mods out there, but Physics Mod is stand out with its great features such as mining particles with despawn animations, block-breaking with physic, ragdoll mobs, and a lot more! You can even customize how the mod works and improve your FPS by reducing the particles.


And that’s it for the list of best aesthetic Minecraft mods. Some mods may affect the way you play the game, other ones just add small details to make Minecraft more alive and beautiful. Enjoy the aesthetic Minecraft world!

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