The 10 Greatest Civilization V mods


Sid Meier’s Civilization V or Civ 5 is a great game that allows you to fight against civilizations while your own civilization advances through the ages. The game is really great and has some wonderful mods that you can add to the game. These mods will range from custom playable civilizations to diplomacy mods and even a new map to play on. Below are the 10 Greatest Civilization V Mods that I have played off of the steam workshop.

#10 Ingame Editor

The Ingame Editor is like the creative mode mod for Civilization 5. The mod makes it so you have full editing control of the whole game and makes it so adding anything to the game is possible. You can delete and add units as you please and even paint anything in the world. The mod is very useful for testing out civilizations or even just testing out scenarios.

Download Ingame Editor Here

#9 R.E.D. Modpack

This is a mod pack that adds regiments and ethnic diversity to the game. The R.E.D mod is a great and very fun mod that changes the scaling of the ground troops’ health to make it more realistic. This is a really nice change to the game and it really changes how you fight against tanks and such. The other thing this mod adds is the diversity of the troops. This doesn’t change anything to the gameplay but it makes it feel more immersive because now your soldiers won’t all look the same. There isn’t really a downside to this mod so you should definitely check it out.

Download R.E.D. Modpack Here

#8 Play The World Extended

Play The World Extended is a mod that allows you to play civ on a massive real-life map of our world in the game. This is a really fun mod to play with all your friends due to the large amount of terrain that this map adds. It takes a very long time to play through this map and it makes it very fun because you can be losing one minute then the next thing you know you conquered all of America. If you are looking for a huge map to play civ on then this is definitely a mod you should check out.

Download Play The World Extended Here

#7 Future Worlds

The Future Worlds is a mod made for people who love the late game of Civ. This mod adds plenty of new technologies that advance your civilization farther into the future. It also adds plenty of new buildings, units, resources, and world wonders for you to use while you advance. The mod is a really enjoyable experience that I feel every Civ player should experience. If you have played Civ and are getting bored of the base game then you need to check this mod out.

Download Future Worlds Here

#6 Spice and Wolf

This mod is a mod made for anime fans that watch Spice and Wild. The mod adds the Wheat Feuds civilization led to the game and the leader is Holo, The Wise Wolf of Yoitsu, from Spice and Wolf. If you have no idea who this is don’t ignore this mod as it adds a fun and unique Civ experience. The reason for that is because the game explains what she does and how to play her. The mod is a very fun mod and isn’t too overpowered, as well as offering a new playstyle to play with. If you like a fun new country mod with a cute anime girl running it then check this one out.

Download Spice and Wolf Here

#5 Qin Empire

The civilization doesn’t have the first Emperor of China in the game. The Qin Empire mod allows you to play as the Qin empire and is a really fun experience. This civilization has a very unique play style that fits really well into the Civ game. The empire isn’t overpowered whatsoever and I personally had a great time playing as them. If you are looking for a new civilization and are a history buff then you need to check this mod out.

Download Qin Empire Here

#4 Star Wars Civs

Star Wars is one of the most popular movie franchises ever and it’s no wonder that there is a civilization mod for it. The Star Wars Civs mod adds plenty of civilizations that are based on leaders from Star Wars and other Star Wars characters. These characters all have different kinds of bonuses and offer a fun and new experience to the game that is very fun and exciting to play through. If you are a star wars fan I definitely think you should check out this mod.

Download Star Wars Civs Here

#3 Mass Effect Civilizations

The mass Effect Civilizations mod also adds 19 new civilizations to play with that are based on the game Mass Effect. All of these civilizations that are added are very fun to play with and have many references to the game. The civilizations aren’t too overpowered and blend very nicely with the base game. If you are a huge mass effect fan then you definitely need to check this mod out.

Download Mass Effect Civilizations Here

#2 Cthulhu Civ

Cthulhu Civ is a very fun mode that allows you to play as Cthulhu. This mod Is extremely fun if you are a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos and it adds plenty of fun new buildings to use. Cthulhu even comes with unique traits and unique troops that are all references to other HP Lovecraft books. The mod itself offers a fun gameplay experience and isn’t too overpowered. If you are a huge Cthulhu fan like myself then you need to play this mod because it is just amazing.

Download Cthulhu Civ Here

#1The Elder Scrolls Civilization

The Elder Scrolls Civilization is a great Civ mod that allows you to play in the mythical world of elder scrolls. If you have never played the Elder Scrolls Online then you know just how big and wonderful this series has to offer. If that kind of world sounds fun to you then you should definitely check it out. That isn’t all this mod has to offer though, it also adds plenty of civilizations that come with their own new buildings and eras.

Download The Elder Scrolls Civilization Here