The 10 Greatest Elden Ring Mods


If you are a lover of Elden Ring and are curious about how to make it even more fun for a second or third play through then you have stumbled to the right article. I have compiled the mods that I have had the most fun playing with on my Elden Ring experience and I will be sharing them with you below.

As I was saying above, Elden Ring is a great game that is extremely challenging and fun to play. There is a way to make this game even greater though and that is by adding mods to the game. Sadly this isn’t a viable option for anyone on the Xbox or Playstation because mods only work on the PC version of Elden Ring. Most of the mods I’m going to show you will not be game-breaking mods and will keep the game with its insane difficulty. If you are a fan of Elden Ring then you need to try out some of the 10 best Elden Ring mods.

#10 Silent Ring

Silent Ring is a very interesting mod that makes the game constantly foggy. I thought it was very fun to play with this mod as it increases the difficulty of the game but if you have played it a lot it can be a welcome challenge to play with. If you like to not be able to see very far then this mod is definitely one you should check out.

Download Silent Ring Here

#9 Tree Sentinel Thomas Mod

Any mod that brings Thomas The Tank Engine into a game automatically makes it one of the best mods and this one is no different. The Tree Sentinel Thomas mod is a mod that changes the tree sentinel to be Thomas and whenever this beast of a train is hunting you down your having a good time I swear. The only sad part about this mod is the Thomas model is more of like a giant skirt for the sentinel due to the fact that you need to be able to dodge its attacks and kill it. If you like Thomas The Tank Engine mods then you definitely should check this one out.

Download Tree Sentinel Thomas Mod Here

#8 Summon the Armies of the Lands Between

Summon the Armies of the Lands Between mod is a mod where you can summon an army to decimate your foes. This is a very overpowered mod in the sense that you can overwhelm every enemy even bosses. This mod is a guilty pleasure of mine when I’m feeling bored and it really adds a ton of entertainment. If you like to command armies then definitely check out this mod but first play through the game normally as this makes the game extremely easy.

Download Summon the Armies of the Lands Between Here

#7 Minimal HUD

The Minimal HUD mod is a really straightforward mod that makes it so you have a lot less clutter on your screen and makes the game prettier to look at. The new HUD can be customized to your heart’s content and is something every game should implement because screen clutter is a big problem in games. If you also hate the clutter on your screen while you are playing then you need to get this mod as it will solve the problem immediately.

Download Minimal HUD Here

#6 Attack Recovery Overhaul

The Attack Revocer Overhaul is a really fun mod that makes it so you can attack faster than in the vanilla game. This may sound like cheating but the mod also makes the bosses do 20% more damage and they have 20% more health. This is balanced enough for me to thoroughly enjoy a playthrough with this mod and makes it seem like you are much stronger. If you want to change the pace of the game then definitely check out this mod.

Download Attack Recovery Overhaul Here

#5 Detailed Item Descriptions

The Detailed Item Description is a really great mod that saves you from going to a wiki to google an item. This is a well-needed mod for the game that really gives you all the information on any item you’re looking at. If you also hate googling things in games then you definitely need this mod as it tells you everything you could ever need to know about an item.

Download Detailed Item Descriptions Here

#4 Survival Mode

The Survival Mode mod is a very interesting mod that changes the way you play Elden Ring. The mod aims to make the game more of a survival game by making it so you need to watch your hunger and thirst and also adding a crafting menu where you craft everything you need for the game including runes, weapons, and armor. This can be a really fun twist on the game especially if you play it too much like me and if that’s the case for you then check this mod out.

Download Survival Mode Here

#3 Faster Respawn

The Faster Respawn mod is a useful and small mod that will do exactly as the name implies. This mod is something I always have on since I hate waiting after I die and this game makes you wait for way too long. If you also have no patience for long respawns then definitely check out the faster respawn mod because you will love it.

Download Faster Respawn Here

#2 Seamless Co-op

The Seamless Co-op mod is a really cool mod that allows you to play with your friends. Since Dark Souls games were released players have dreamed of playing with their friends and like all other souls games players make the game mod themselves, this is basically an easy mode mod since having a team to defeat a boss is way easier than fighting it yourself. If you have friends and want to play with them, you should definitely check out this mod.

Download Seamless Co-op Here

#1 Item and param randomiser

The Item and Param Randomiser is always one of the best mods for soul-like games. This is because of the fact that randomizers test the fans skill and adds tons of replayability to the game. If you haven’t played a randomizer before then this is definitely a mod you should check out and it will not be disappointing.

Download Item and param randomiser Here