The 10 Greatest Dark Souls 2 Mods


Dark Souls 2 is one of the best games that I have ever played. When I found out I could mod the game I knew I needed to play it modded right away. The mods that I am going to show you will range from making the game easier to slight graphics or texture changes that make the game prettier. Below are the 10 of the best mods I could find for Dark Souls 2 on the nexus mods website.

#10 Dark Souls 2 EASY MODE

The first on the list is the Dark Souls 2 Easy Mode mod for those who love Dark Souls but hate the difficulty of the game. I believe you will miss out on most of the gameplay that the Souls Developer wants you to experience by making the game easier but there are those that want an easier game. I use this mod when I’m testing things out in my game or just for fun occasionally but I honestly think you should just play the game normally before trying the easy mode mod.

Download Dark Souls 2 Easy Mode Here

#9 Remove Bloodshot Eye Effect During Boss Intros

The Remove Bloodshot Eye Effect mod is as simple as a texture modding can get. This is the most simple retexture that I feel makes the boss intros way more epic as the bloodshot eye effect is extremely annoying at times. This can pull some of you out of the immersion but for me, it doesn’t really change the original Dark Souls experience at all.

Download Remove Bloodshot Eye Effect During Boss Intros Here

#8 Bloody Gore Souls

The Bloody Gore Souls mod is one of my favorite Graphic mods on the list. this is because I love watching the blood splatter on the screen it is extremely high definition and really brings you into the immersion. The Dark Souls series as a whole could use a lot more blood and gore and this graphics enhancement mod really allows the game to reach its full potential.

Download Bloody Gore Souls Here

#7 Always Human

The Always Human mod changes how dying affects you in the game. Some people find the death function in Dark Souls 2 to be really annoying because every time you die your health gets lower and lower until the point where you lose your humanity. This mod removes that effect and allows you to stay a human with full health forever. This is another mod that makes the whole game easier and I will suggest you play the game normally before using this mod.

Download Always Human Here

#6 Dank Souls II Philosopher of the First Meme

The Dank Souls 2 mod is the greatest and most enjoyable Dark Souls meme mod that retextures the whole game with memes. This is a very enjoyable mod to play and the only downside of the mod is that sometimes it may get confusing at what you are looking at since everything looks crazy. The mod is best for your second or third play-through since it may ruin your immersion completely but I feel like it is a funny and enjoyable mod to play with either way.

Download Dank Souls II Philosopher of the First Meme Here


The Adrenaline Mode mod is a game mode for those dedicated Dark Souls 2 fans that want a harder and more intense game. This mod is the modders vision of Scholar of the First Sin melee combat making the game faster, more intense, and challenging. If you have already beaten the hardest mode in Dark Souls 2 try out the Adrenaline Mode mod that will make every boss fight insanely hard.


#4 Clutter-free UI

The Clutter-free UI is a pretty straightforward Dark Souls 2 mod that will give you a clean UI. The UI gets rid of all those messy unnecessary things on the hud that advanced players don’t need. The only things on your screen with this mod are your weapons, usable, health bars, and your money. If you want a cleaner-looking game then check out this mod as it will make your screen look way more open.

Download Clutter-free UI Here

#3 High Definition DS2 SweetFX preset

The High Definition mod is a really straightforward mod that makes the game look amazing. The mod is for those who always wanted Dark Souls 2 remastered and wanna see the game through a way prettier and more beautiful lens. If you are thinking of playing Dark Souls 2 in the near future I definitely suggest you play with this mod because it will only make your experience better.

Download High Definition DS2 SweetFX preset Here

#2 DarkFriends

This is one of the best mods on the list because who wouldn’t want to play Dark Souls 2 with friends. The DarkFriends mod is a mod that allows online play to the game. The multiplayer aspect of the mod can get a little buggy at times but it is honestly a really fun and enjoyable way to hang out with your friends. I will still suggest you play the game by yourself first though as it will make the game extremely easy.

Download DarkFriends Here

#1 Item Randomizer REMIX for SotFS

The greatest mod to ever be made for Dark Souls 2 is the Item Randomizer mod. This mod is for those who have played the game way too much and want something to add to the fun and make the game harder. The mod does exactly as the mod name implies, it makes all item pickups completely random which can be really rewarding if you’re lucky or extremely annoying if you’re unlucky. The experience you will have while playing this will be completely random due to those facts but nonetheless, it is one of the best mods and most enjoyable ways to replay the game.

Also like most of the other mods, you should not try to play the game with this mod if you haven’t played the game before.

Download Item Randomizer REMIX for SotFS Here