The 10 Greatest Watchdogs 2 Mods


Watchdogs 2 is an amazing game that is made even better with mods. The GTA-like game takes place in San Francisco where you play as Marcus and can experience a nice and beautiful sandbox. The modding community for Watchdogs is very small but since it’s an open-world game, they have made some great mods that make your gaming experience way better. The 10 Greatest Watchdogs 2 mods that I will show you below are all found on the Nexusmods website which is home to all the best mods.

#10 Remove Hacking Reticle

The Remove Hacking Reticle mod is a mod that does exactly that, it removes the hacking reticle that is displayed whenever you are walking around unarmed. This reticle can get really annoying after long game sessions and I’m not sure why the creators felt like it needed to be on the screen. If you are also someone who finds it annoying then you definitely should download this mod.

Download Remove Hacking Reticle Here

#9 Save Game Full

The Save Game Full mod is a mod that gives you a 100% complete save file. The mod was designed for those who want to experience the full game without playing through the whole story. This mod is extremely useful when testing things you have always wanted to do in your not completed world. I like to use this mod when I really want to play in the Watch-Dogs sandbox. If you want the 100% completed version of the game then you definitely need to download this mod.

Download Save Game Full Here

#8 Boundary Removal

The Boundary Removal mod is a really cool mod that allows you to go outside the normal gameplay area. The mod is really fun and allows you to experience the whole entire world. The mod is really simple and doesn’t have much for you to do in it but I just love exploring out of bounds. If you also like to get out of bounds in games then check this mod out.

Download Boundary Removal Here

#7 Less intrusive GPS markers

The Less Intrusive GPS Markers mod gets rid of the annoyingly huge GPS arrows on the road. It swaps the really big ones out for a way smaller and less annoying GPS marker. The new one isn’t nearly as gross to look at and is way more helpful in my opinion. If you also hate the GPS marker in the vanilla game then check out this mod.

Download Less intrusive GPS markers Here

#6 First Person Camera

The First Person Camera mod is a really fun and interesting mod. The mod allows you to play the whole game in the first person and this makes gun fights feel so much more immersive. The controls and the movement all feel really nice and are implemented very nicely for the first-person mode. If you love to play FPSs and want to test out Watchdogs in the first person then check out this mod.

Download First Person Camera Here

#5 Teleporter Menu

The Teleporter Menu is a really useful mod for people who hate walking or driving to locations. I mostly used this mod to get back and forth from places really quickly. Sometimes the driving in the game can get very tedious and annoying so this mod helps with that problem. If you also think the driving in Watchdogs 2 can be annoying then you should definitely check out this simple teleportation mod.

Download Teleporter Menu Here

#4 Simple Realistic Reshade

The Simple Realistic Reshade mod is a great graphics mod that makes the game look so much better. The mod will make Watchdogs look way more alive than it ever did in the base game. The mod also improved the lighting of the game making it a little easier to see things. The mod is a really great realism mod that you won’t regret downloading. If you are looking for a more realistic-looking Watchdog experience then you definitely need this mod.

Download Simple Realistic Reshade Here

#3 Police and Faction Overhaul

The Police and Faction overhaul is a mod that rebalanced police and gang factions. The mod makes them harder and more of a threat. The police get heavier guns and even get to shoot at you with a grenade launcher. The mod adds a much-needed buff to the game that really makes getting five stars a challenge. If you think the cops in Watchdogs are too easy then you definitely won’t regret getting this mod.

Download Police and Faction Overhaul Here

#2 Enhanced Parkour

The Enhanced Parkour mod is an extremely fun mod to play around with. Parkour in video games will only make it better and this mod makes Watchdogs super fun to run around in. The mod makes it so Marcus can jump farther and climb higher allowing you to parkour around the whole map. If you are a parkour lover like me then this is an amazing mod to play around with.

Download Enhanced Parkour Here

#1 Ultimate Overhaul Mod

The Ultimate Overhaul is a mod that strives to add as much stuff as it possibly can. The mod adds plenty of new playable characters and new toys, guns, cars, and even a new mission. The only problem with this mod is that it bugs out some story missions but this isn’t really a problem because the creator made this for people who finished the story mode. The mod is really fun and has plenty of things for you to play around Watchdogs with. If you love Watchdogs and want to add more to the game then check out this mod.

Download Ultimate Overhaul Mod Here