10+ Simple Minecraft House Ideas & Blueprints in 2023


Simple Minecraft House Ideas

Simple Overgrown Starter House

Adorable, lovely, and sweet are the words for this tiny house! Everything looks balanced and fits so well with each other like the dark deepslate trim and the spruce roof on the roof. Or the stripped oak log of the main wall. And with an acceptable usage of the leaves and greenery blocks around the house. This is by far the most efficient overgrown Minecraft house!

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Simple Taiga Starter House

We're all started somewhere. Whether it's oak, birch, or spruce, a wooden starter house is what you first think of, to be honest. If you're lucky to find an old-growth taiga biome - where you can find giant spruce trees, mossy cobblestones, and podzols - this Minecraft spruce wood house design is for you!

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Simple Dirt House Build

The first on the list of Minecraft house ideas is ... an advanced but simple dirt house! Most Minecraft newbie has built their dirt hut the first time they play. And we would call it "The Dirt Box". Now with the new design, you can improve your dirt house by placing some leaves and vines around the house and building a canopy using some trapdoors and campfires. Ultimately, putting grasses on top of the house and building some windows to make it fresh. And you will have the best starter house ever!

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Simple Dock House

Minecraft has enough resources to satisfy your passion for fishing and boating, so don't hesitate to build your own dock house.

With a small house covered with vines and potted plants, you will feel more refreshed when resting. On the water, there is a small hut and dock made from different types of wood, which can help you have a place to fish and process seafood on the spot, for example. The construction is simple but enough for you to survive.

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Simple Survival Oak Starter House

Keep it simple! That's what house ideas are about. When it comes to building a survival oak Minecraft house for beginners, this is a fairly simple build! Firstly, take a look at exterior decoration, you better use lots of pillars made of oak logs, then fill the floor with spruce planks, and install 1 or 2 gates for the area below. And then don’t forget to add a staircase beside the whole house and decorate it with spruce trapdoors.

To make your starter building look more magnificent, simply add some oak leaves, build a balcony with a fence, a roof with cobblestone stairs trim, plus some simple stuff like chests, or a table for one… with all of these things, this house will definitely create a good feeling of being home after some long and dangerous adventures.

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Cute GreenSimple Greenhouse

You're an expert architect, you want new something to excite your creativity, the green house with a unique style is a really good idea for you. It is an accommodation with main green color, the office building is combined with the vegetal site.

The frame is made of green concrete block, and in front of the house is a glass wall that brings natural sunlight to the room. You can also watch the hill view to relax during break time. In addition, your plants will be protected to extremely safe growing up by glass walls.

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Simple Minecraft Large Greenhouse

If you are a person who likes the simple, this green house is a perfect choice. Although it's a basic build, it saves much time for you. The frame is made of dark oak wood block, and the wall and roof are made of glass block. You can decorate them with a spruce fence gate block. The house could be used to grow plants, and besides, it is luxurious enough for a party with dome architecture.

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Simple Panda Enclosure

The first Minecraft panda house on the list is not actually a house, but it's rather a pen to capture your pandas. With the jungle theme from the logs, trapdoors, fence gates, and some jungle trees, it really creates a good nature vibe for your pandas to live and breed.

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Simple Panda House

This Minecraft panda house is a little bit sus with a shape of a baby panda and a door.... right between its legs! However, don't judge the book by its cover because you can build literally every room inside. From the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even smelting room! You can build a second floor in the panda's head and look through his eyes for scout purposes too!

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Minecraft Simple Cobblestone House

One of the best Minecraft house ideas in Minecraft. It includes a two-floor house and a warehouse on the right. The frame is made of cobblestone and the roof is made of oak planks. On the left of the house is the stair to go to the second floor. You can put two flower pots beside the main door and create a big window to receive sunshine.

If you feel your house is quite simple, you can make the spotlight. The Nether entrance for the door of the warehouse is a good idea, right? It is made of an obsidian frame and you just burn it with flint and steel. Oh, and you can use gravel and cobblestone slabs to furthermore texture your house from scratch!

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Simple Minecraft Medieval Windmill

This windmill version is a little bit smaller, and also shorter. That’s why it’s simpler. On a 3x3 layout, it’s tiny yet detailed. Birch trapdoors are used for the foundation, and birch planks and spruce planks are part of the walls. We highly recommend using stripped birch logs to build the body instead of oak or spruce logs, in order to brighten your windmill.

To be more realistic, add some glass panels at the corners of the building so that you can stay inside but still have a good look outside. Blades are built similarly to #10, but it’s made of wood materials instead of concrete. On the inside, feel free to fulfill the space with a stair run from the bottom to the top, some tables or chests…This windmill tutorial is super easy to follow even when you’re a beginner.

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Simple Acacia River House

This Simple River House has a very simple design, you only need to spend a short time building the house. Mainly from acacia wood and a few other materials, you have been able to create a very detailed and spacious house for any Minecraft player to emulate. The outside of the house is decorated with vines and some flowers.

To utilize the water from the river, you can construct a small porch in front of the house that is connected to the river. Players will need to locate a perfect place with big enough space to build in order to do it.

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Simple Spruce River House

Simple River House is a perfect combination of spruce wood and wonderful river views. The home has two floors and is made mostly of spruce wood and other simple materials, yet it nonetheless manages to look like a striking, magnificent landmark that will undoubtedly catch everyone's eye on a multiplayer server. You can continue to develop some food crops with the river's water to ensure your survival.

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Swimming Pool And Simple Beach House

The beach house is the trend of choice because it has outstanding advantages that normal houses do not have, so, how a beach house has a swimming pool? This is one the best beach house mansions in the Minecraft world that we have for you.

This beach house doesn't need to be too special, the walls are made of smooth quartz blocks with white as the main color. The window frames from stripped oak wood and birch trapdoor and glass pane, and the roof from birch stairs blocks bring a sense of lightness and relaxation to the homeowners.

The swimming pool is the highlight of the house, it is made from smooth quartz sunk underground with a rectangular shape to make the most of the front yard area, making the space spacious, luxurious, and classy. Not only that, the combination of a patio and swimming pool will create an ideal space for outdoor activities.

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Simple Suburban Minecraft House

Are you looking for a simple yet well-organized suburban house? If so, this one is for you. This house consists of stone, light blue concrete, quartz, and oak materials. Light blue concrete plays a vital role as it makes the house look extraordinary by its color.

The roof, as always, is the most impressive highlight. We highly recommend using a gambrel roof aka A-frame roof shape. To make a welcoming and amazing surrounding view for your house, a staircase made out of concrete, linked with an oak fence should be considered.

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Simple Italian House

A simple Italian house in Minecraft will be a good choice for busy players.

Walls are made from smooth sandstone and sandstone. The roof is made from spruce stairs. Doors are made of spruce doors, and windows are made of glass panes and spruce trapdoors.

Next to it is a small room, which you can use as a bathroom, with walls made of mossy stone brick and a roof from the brick slab.

In front, there is a porch made of spruce stairs, and the campfire is extinguished. Underneath the eaves, you can place tables from scaffolding and chairs from dark oak slabs.

Decorate your home with plants such as oak leaves, and berry bushes.

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Simple Butcher House

Although the design itself is a small-sized and can only store a few items, it’s good to give it a try.

We need stone bricks to make the walls and spruce to construct the whole roof - the structure which is in A-shape and contains a small chimney. The inside is free to design, while the outside showcases a small area yard for viewing and chilling as well. Lanterns or torches are needed for visibility at night and also flowers. chests are used for decoration purposes.

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Simple Survival Flower House

This is one of the best Minecraft house ideas for you in survival mode. This Simple Survival House uses door panels and stripped logs to create a modern, woodsy, and fresh style.

The house is shaped like a modern home, the exterior has multiple lamps, and natural sunlight rushes into the interior through the large Glass Pane windows.

The hanging vines by the balcony add a nice finishing touch to this design. This adds a decorative element to the house, particularly when combined with the predominant brown tones. This house looks safe and cozy!

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Survival Simple Brick House

A small house but with striking and impressive colors, this is an idea if you don't want to take too long to build. The frame is made of a spruce log and the floor is birch slabs. Walls are made of bricks, you can use glass pane, spruce fence, and spruce trapdoor to increase the detail of the wall.

The roof is a spruce stair with a stone brick border, and the back of the house has a chimney made from bricks. Decorate your home with plant pots, and lanterns, and use the spruce fence to protect your home and plants.

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