Top 7 Minecraft Beach House Blueprints Ideas


The demand for housing is not simply for living, but also for providing facility and comfort. And the Minecraft beach house blueprints in the sea clearly demonstrate that. What could be more wonderful than enjoying this extremely peaceful space, right? In the Minecraft world, all your dreams can come true.

Minecraft Beach House Blueprints

A beach house is a building built next to the sea, in harmony with nature and the landscape. With extremely rich materials in the Minecraft world, whether in survival or creative mode, you can also unleash your creativity, and build extremely beautiful and typical Minecraft beach house blueprints. This article will give you some great ideas to do that!


Bridge And Beach House

Beach house is one of the works worth your experience. Inspired by real life, beach house not only brings comfortable relaxation but also creates an extremely beautiful landscape whether day or night. This is a fairly simple house built on a platform located on the sea surface, which will help you admire the endless space. In addition, we also have a small bridge connecting the house with the mainland, decorated with a few lanterns, creating a very beautiful effect, especially at night. Watch tutorial

Modern Beach House

This is a beach house having the dynamic nature of the young with an extremely modern style. Two-floor house with frame and ceiling made of quartz blocks. The walls are made of black frame glass blocks combined with brick blocks. On the right is the porch, which is space for outdoor activities.

Above is a path to the terrace, with a ladder design, creating a unique look for your home. You can decorate more lights to make the house warmer if it's a suburban house, and don't forget to make a railing made of black frame glass blocks for the terrace.

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Aesthetic Beach House

If you are a peaceful person, then living in the suburbs is extremely suitable for you. You can enjoy the quiet, cool space, and relieve stress with the sound of water flowing from the cliff, this is wonderful, isn't it? A beach house in the suburbs that you aren't to be missed.

With the main white color, the platform and roof are made of wood planks giving a cool feeling. You should make more windows to get the best light conditions. You can also decorate with fences, and lanterns as well as plant biomes surrounding your home.

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Beach Hut

One of the great features of the minecraft beach house idea is that always faces the sea so you can enjoy the beautiful sea. With inspirations from reality, in the video tutorial below, the Youtuber has given the dimensions of the hut as a blueprint, you just have to watch and follow, it's that simple, isn't it?

Lying down on a chair made of spruce stairs blocks to relax, enjoy life, and watch the sunset and sunrise would be very appealing to you, right? Because the small beach house is constructed on the water so it needs to be supported by wood columns made of striped spruce log blocks.

A room is made mainly of striped spruce log blocks too, the ceiling is combined with oak slab and spruce slab. So you can avoid the harsh noonday sun. In addition, there is a room quite similar to the porch with the main white color is made from white carpet. The resources to make it is white wool. And don't forget to decorate the house with more variety, such as potted plants and lanterns.

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Bridge And Beach House

If you are bored with the crowded conditions in big cities, or tired of working days, the space of the beach house will help you rebalance. Walking on the sea is a worthwhile experience, isn't it? Let's build a spruce slab bridge to your beach house!

A simple square house with a platform made of the spruce slab, walls made of acacia planks, and a ceiling made of jungle slab. The beach house stands firmly in the middle of the four-sided space of water, supported by pillars made of sandstone wall blocks. You can also build a patio around the house to enjoy the sea view.

Although small but no less important, you should install more lights around your house. These decorations will be a valuable addition to your house! The next thing you need to do is wait for the night to fall, you will see an extremely shimmering and fanciful view due to the combination of the light resource of the moon, lights, and thousands of stars.

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Modern Beach Villa

A modern-style beach villa will be the perfect choice because it will satisfy you both with beautiful views along with full facility and luxury than the old designs like medieval houses. Looking at this picture you will feel complications and don't know how to start building, right? Don't worry, in the video tutorial below, the Youtuber will guide you through everything from blueprints to how to decorate the house.

As you can see, the beach villa wall is made of smooth quartz block which is suitable to constant the effects of nature, making your home durable over time. In front of the building made from glass blocks, the view from the room is wider and more beautiful, and the space is also filled with natural light. You can leave the stair in the middle, leading to other rooms such as the garage, and vases. The best decoration idea for the beach house is the leaves and vines blocks. It doesn't only avoid boring walls but also brings new space. Let's put it anywhere you want!

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Swimming Pool And Simple Beach House

The beach house is the trend of choice because it has outstanding advantages that normal houses do not have, so, how a beach house has a swimming pool? This is one the best beach house mansions in the Minecraft world that we have for you.

This beach house doesn't need to be too special, the walls are made of smooth quartz blocks with white as the main color. The window frames from stripped oak wood and birch trapdoor and glass pane, and the roof from birch stairs blocks bring a sense of lightness and relaxation to the homeowners.

The swimming pool is the highlight of the house, it is made from smooth quartz sunk underground with a rectangular shape to make the most of the front yard area, making the space spacious, luxurious, and classy. Not only that, the combination of a patio and swimming pool will create an ideal space for outdoor activities.

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Underground Beach House

This is the most unique idea for your beach house in the Minecraft world. The accommodation isn't only to enjoy the view of the sea but also is a beautiful aquarium park. The house was built underground, located in an area with a surface like a cliff by the sea. With walls made from oak block combined with quartz stair block (or you can use white concrete).

The ceiling is made from glass blocks in the form of a ladder. The platform is made of stripped wood. Maybe you are asking the question of how to prevent water from overflowing into the house, right? After you have built the closed space, you will use the sponge block to remove water, details are in the video tutorial below.

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In the Minecraft world, you are a creator, you can make the suburbs come alive, and make it your kingdom. And one of the impossible works missing is the beach house. We hope that these top 7 Minecraft beach house blueprints can help you satisfy your passion and ambition.

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