Fallout 4 Enable Loose Files – Two Simple Ways


Enable Loose Files is a mod created by SoulCommando that allows Fallout 4 to enable loose files. It is basically a simple batch file that loads all loose file folders in your Fallout 4 game directory by updating Fallout4.ini. This means that the next time you add a new loose file folder, you won’t be needing to edit .ini files every time. So convenient, right? 

Keep reading below to find out how it works!

What Are Loose Files in Fallout 4?

You may be wondering what loose files are good for anyway? Well, let me tell you! Loose files in Fallout 4 are present in the game’s directory but are not listed by any manifests. They are basically the resource files that are not shared with plugins. Loose files usually come packed into the BA2 archives and are loaded with respect to their plugins (ESP, ESM or ESL) in the load order.

Why Do You Need to Enable Loose Files?

If you are creating new mods or if you are enabling mods with textures and scripts, you will find that the mods are not loading properly. Some of the mods will load to some extent but most of the weapon, texture, UI and script mods will not open properly. But it is pretty simple to fix that!

It usually happens because the loose files are disabled and you will need to enable loose files. These files also include the .pex files that are compiled using the Papyrus Compiler. You can enable loose files in a number of ways. 

How to Enable Loose Files in Fallout 4?

Method 1

In order to load loose file folders by enabling Fallout 4 to do so,  you will need to make some changes:

  • Go to the Documents folder on your PC.
  • Go to My Games and open the Fallout 4 folder. 
  • Open the Fallout4Custom.ini file.
  • Inside the file, add the following lines:




  • If the mods still do not load completely, you can try to add these lines to the Fallout4Prefs.ini file:



Go ahead and launch your game, you will find that all the features in the mod (textures, meshes, sounds, scripts etc.) are loading perfectly now. 

Important note: If you are booting up the Fallout 3 Script Extender (F4SE) by using Mod Organizer 2, you will come across the following error message:

“Check if loose files enabled. PRKF files will not work properly”

To fix this, you will need to make the same changes to the MO2’s INI Editor.  

Method 2

You can also try enabling loose files in Fallout 4 with a very easy-to-use batch file called ELF (Enable Loose Files). ELF is a batch file for Windows that enables you to load those files in the game automatically by reading and updating the Fallout4.ini file. This means that you won’t have to manually edit the Fallout4.ini file every time a new loose file folder is added.

The reason why you need to enable loose files in order to properly load mods is because Fallout 4 does not enable the data within the folders that are present in Fallout4/Data. So the ELF batch file loads that data for you automatically without you having to edit the .ini files. 

Here’s how it works: 

Note: ELF only works for Windows

  • Go to the Fallout4/Data folder.
  • Copy the ELF.cmd file into that folder.
  • Open the ELF.cmd file and it will start running. 

You have successfully updated the Fallout4.ini file.

Note: If you come across any problems with the Fallout4.ini file because of ELF, just rename the Fallout4.ini.BAK file in the game directory back to Fallout4.ini file.

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Now that you know two simple ways to enable loose files, you can create or load ANY weapon, texture, or script mods to Fallout 4 without coming across any problems. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite mods. Happy gaming!