The 10 Greatest Cave Minecraft Mods


The Minecraft modding community has been way ahead of Mojang for adding things to the game, especially for caves. That is why I love the Minecraft modding community as much as I do because they will make Minecraft way more advanced than Mojang ever will. If you are bored of vanilla Minecraft’s cave biomes or cave generation then check out these cave mods that will completely change the underground of your world.

#10 Glacial Awakening

The Glacial Awakening is actually a mod pack that has a bunch of mods in it to create a whole new Minecraft experience. The reason it’s in my top ten mods list is that it is a questing mod pack that will spawn you in a 3×3 chamber inside of a glacier. you have limited time and resources and need to find a way to escape. This really changes how you play Minecraft as well as how you view caves as this is a unique survival experience. If you like questing mod packs then check out this mod pack.

Download Glacial Awakening Here

#9 Hardcore Spelunking

The Hardcore Spelunking mod is a very interesting mod that could be considered annoying to those players who prefer to vein mine instead of exploring caves. The mod surrounds caves in bedrock making it so the only way for you to go mining is by running through a cave system which in my opinion can increase the immersion of the game. This mod itself isn’t the greatest due to the fact that it can get rid of one of the most useful ways of getting ore. Although that is the case if you are looking for a challenge and if you arent a vein miner then you would check out this mod.

Download Hardcore Spelunking Here

#8 Bigger-Caves

The Bigger-Caves mod is another mod that I personally find annoying. This is because the mod makes all your caves into new underground biomes that I like to call giant rooms that are more like the nether world gen. This is great in some cases but exploring these huge caves can be quite annoying. Ignoring the annoying aspect of this mod, the underground structures and decorations of the big caves make this mod look amazing while you are exploring. If you like to explore huge caverns then check out this mod.

Download Bigger-Caves Here

#7 Advanced Mining Dimension

The advanced mining dimension is one of the best cave mods in my preferences. This is because it adds a new mining dimension that is full of huge and long caves that you can explore as well as leaving the normal world gen underground alone. The only bad part about this mod is that the caves don’t look pretty and are very boring to explore. If you don’t mind that and just love to explore caves and vein mine then this is the cave mod for you.

Download Advanced Mining Dimension Here

#6 YUNG’s Better Mineshafts

Yung’s Better Mineshafts mod is a mod that reworks the mineshafts. This is one of the better mods on the list due to the fact that mineshafts are a great place to find resources and this mod just makes them 10 times better. The mineshafts will change depending on the biome you are in and the decorations of the mineshaft will be altered as well. If you like to explore mineshafts then you need this mod as it only adds to the fun.

Download YUNG’s Better Mineshafts Here

#5 YUNG’s Better Dungeons

Yung’s Better Dungeons mod is another one of Yung’s mods that reworks Minecraft vanilla dungeons and adds some more. The mod itself has no downside and can really only make your Minecraft dungeon exploring more fun. if you think Vanilla Minecraft dungeons are not cool enough then you definitely need this mod.

Download YUNG’s Better Dungeons Here

#4 Extended Caves

The Minecraft Extended Caves mod adds plenty of mushrooms, stalagmites, stalactites and many more decorations that will make caves way prettier to look at. If decorations arent up your alley this mod also adds treasure pots that are scattered around the cave systems. this mod makes exploring caves more rewarding and way more entertaining than exploring the plain boring cave systems. If you’d like to see Minecraft’s caves prettier then check out this mod.

Download Extended Caves Here

#3 Worley’s Caves

Worley’s Caves mod is a complete rework of Minecraft cave systems. The objective of the mod is to make long and continuous caves that you can explore for hours on end. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around in the caves for this mod especially if you have the Extended Caves mod. Also a warning for those who wonder about the long and deep cave systems because they are filled to the brim with mobs so be careful of that. The mod itself is one of the best Minecraft cave mods out there and you should definitely check it out.

Download Worley’s Caves Here

#2 Caves & Cliffs Replicated

As the Wild Caves update is soon to come out to Minecraft, the modding community decided why to wait when we can make it ourselves. The Caves & cliffs Replicated is a modded concept of the update that will soon be out. It is designed very nicely and the Warden is a great boss that should have been added way sooner to the game. If you are tired of waiting for the new Minecraft update I suggest you test out the Caves and Cliffs Replicated mod.

Download Caves & Cliffs Replicated Here

#1 YUNG’s Better Caves

Yung’s Better caves mod is one of the best Minecraft mods that only makes the game more fun. The mod reworks the whole underground cave system in Minecraft by making it way more pretty to look at while also making it feel like a whole new world that you’re exploring. If you are looking for a mod that makes cave exploration way more fun as well as makes the caves look prettier then you need to check out this mod because you will not be disappointed.

Download YUNG’s Better Caves Here

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