The Best Fallout 4 New Vegas Mods in 2021

If you are a fan of Fallout: New Vegas, you will definitely want to try these popular Fallout mods to make things more interesting in game. So without further ado, let’s have a look at these mods. Shall we?

French Unofficial Patch

Created by: Lo2k This mod is an unofficial patch for Fallout 4: New Vegas in French. The mod fixes some bugs and issues that were not fixed in the official patch. It also corrects the French and removes any abbreviations. So if you speak French and love Fallout 4, then this is the mod for you. Downloadlink

GECK Syntax Highlighting for Atom

Created by: Cut Snake This mod is a package for Atom editor that highlights and offers quick documentation for G.E.C.K. scripting. The package also lets you open a web browser to the appropriate function on page when highlighted. It can also take you to the category page showing all the different functions in GECK. Downloadlink

Gun Range Mod

Created by: IloveMycat11 One can never have enough gun ranges in Fallout, right? This mod adds a new gun range to Fallout 4: New Vegas located underneath Doc Mitchell’s house. The gun range includes a reloading bench, a workbench, some cool weapons and a lot of ammo. So get your hands on this mod to get things heated under the Doc’s house! Downloadlink


Gameversion: 1.7.10 This mod changes the enchantments on the ranger grey hat and authority glasses and places them on a gurney across from where the player wakes up in Doc Mitchell’s house. The mod gives Ranger Grey Hat the 1st recon sniper ench and changes the dt to 3. Downloadlink

Jerry Mc Ghoulberry

Created by: Annisamtpfoetchen This mod adds a companion for you to make the game more interesting for you. A companion named Jerry who is found beside Doc Mitchell’s house in Goodspring will accompany you to make you feel better in game. So no more roaming alone on the map now! Downloadlink

Legates Armor Playable

Created by: DrakenGuard originally_ fixed by Me Do you like Legate’s armor in Fallout? Then get your hands on this mod right now to get a Legate’s armor that can be found at the Cocktail Lounge in Lucky 38. The armor offers full body protection and is a full suit made of steel (think Man of Steel). So get your hands on this mod now to get a Roman era inspired suit of armor! Downloadlink

Fallout Mod Manager – FOMM

Created by: StormGC10 This mod equips you with a lot of utilities for creating and using mods. It manages mods for both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas by using just a single install. It includes fail-safe mod installs, mod info retrievals, mod versioning and mod reactivation. So convenient, right? So if you create or use mods, this is a must have for you! Downloadlink

NMCs Texture Pack for New Vegas

Created by: NMC This mod is a texture pack for New Vegas that retextures most of the stuff in game with high resolution photographic based equivalent textures. It changes the texture of landscape, vehicles, roads, trees, buildings, and other objects such as toolboxes etc. So get your hands on this mod now to give a new look to your map! Downloadlink

NVAC – New Vegas Anti Crash

Created by: Sinblood NVAC or New Vegas Anti Crash mod is a plugin that stops your games from crashing. It does so by implementing structured sanity checking and exception handling so that there are minimal game crashes. The mod fixes crashes related to access violation exceptions at offsets/addresses. So get your hands on this mod now to get rid of game crashes once and for all! Downloadlink

Project Nevada Mod

Gameversion: 1.10.2 Project Nevada is an amazing mod that makes things in Fallout: New Vegas much more interesting and challenging for you. So you are in for a lot of fun! It has a set of themed modules, each of which relate to different aspects of the game and target different audiences. However, they can also all work in conjunction. Click on the link below to see a tutorial of this exciting mod. Downloadlink

The Mod Configuration Menu

Gameversion: 1.10.2 MCM is a resource mod designed for other mods that adds a “Mod Configuration” button to the Pause menu. When you click on the button, a window with a list of mods that use MCM will appear that can be configured from within the same menu. The menu is very easy and simple to use that can configure mods instantly and accurately. No confusing options or buttons! Get your hands on this mod now to make the most of all mods using MCM. Downloadlink

Nevada Skies – Weather Effects Mod

Created by: Shane Smith This mod adds more weather effects to the Mojave in Fallout. You can now get sandstorms, rain, rainstorms, snow, radstorms, thunderstorms and other effects in the relevant areas. It adds more than a whopping 320 cloud and weather variants. The night sky, sunrise and sunset has also been tweaked a little to look more real. So get your hands on this mod to get a new feeling in the game. Downloadlink

EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements

Created by: TheRog Looking for an enhanced look for animations in Fallout 4? Then get your hands on this mod to get all new animation scenes such as Crit Kill. HD blood fix, HD fire fix, HD explosions, new energy wep projectiles and impacts, new bullet impacts, unrivaled textures, dazzling particles, static mesh animations and much more. It basically covers all kinds of visuals! Downloadlink

Weapon Mods Expanded – WMX

Created by: DimaTheSecond This weapon themed mod expands the game’s weapon modding system in many ways. All weapons will get the maximum number of weapon mods including both the unique and melee weapons. The mod also adds new crafting possibilities for low-tech weapon mods. WMX also has a lot of visual bug fixes in weapon meshes and textures. So go ahead and download this supercool mod for weapons. Downloadlink

New Vegas Stutter Remover

Created by: GTA44 This mod removes many of the stability issues from the game and improves the game engine to fix issues and improve worst case performance. You will be needing New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) to run this mod. So if you face any stability issues, get your hands on this mod to say goodbye to them now! Downloadlink

Fallout Character Overhaul

Created by: JCDenton2012 Wanna add more characters to Fallout from different races? Then get your hands on this mod which is literally the best Fallout mod for characters. It is a high resolution character overhaul mod for New Vegas that adds high resolution texture maps and characters with new head meshes. More than that, it changes basically everything that can be changed in Fallout. So with this mod, get redefined ghouls, friends and characters of over 130 races and their own unique high resolution texture maps now. Check the link below for pictures and more info. Downloadlink

Weapon Retexture Project – WRP

Created by: lyravega This weapon themed mod changes the way they look by giving a new texture to the New Vegas weapons. So give a new look to your weapons now by installing this mod. For pictures, refer to the link below to see the changes made to weapons. Downloadlink

UIO – User Interface Organizer

Created by: jazzisparis This plugin is powered by New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) and is designed to manage all the UI/HUD extensions offered by various mods. When you install this mod, it will make sure that all the UI extensions are installed as well as properly removed when needed, so that they do not break the game or other mods. It automatically detects when the UI extension is supposed to be installed or removed. Downloadlink

Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul

Created by: jacknifelee This amazing mod adds variety and life to the Wasteland by adding 10 different trees and plants carefully spread all around the land. You will come across many dead trees. desert sunflowers, cacti, pines, shrubs, junipers and other plants. You can choose from 3 versions of the variations added to Wasteland including Wasteland Flora Overhaul – Fertile Wasteland, Dead Wasteland and the Wasteland Flora Overhaul – Vanilla Tree Replacer. Each of these versions have their own unique features. So get your hands on this mod now to give a new look to the Wasteland. Downloadlink

FNV 4GB Patcher

Created by: Fnog This mod is a simple and handy patcher that makes Fallout: New Vegas 4GB Aware and adds support for all known steam versions. It is very easy to use with no confusing options and works effortlessly with ENB, SweetFX and Reshade. The patcher also automatically loads NVSE if available. Downloadlink

Weapon Animation Replacer WAR

Created by: benja This mod changes the animations in New Vegas, more specifically, the animations of the rifles and pistols such as the Police Pistol, animations, Magnum Pistol recoil animations, a new SMG grip animation and other improvements in the weapon’s visibility and animations. Please note that this mod does not run with any other animation mods. Downloadlink

More Perks

Created by: DarkenDE As you can guess from the name, this mod adds more perks in Fallout 4 (over 120+ Perks/Traits) that you can use to customize your characters in a fun and creative way. You can also change their abilities. Cool, right? Downloadlink


Created by: jazzisparis This mod is an extension to the New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) that comes with more than a whopping 900 new functions and features that you can use in GECK scripting as well as conditions. It also adds much needed bug fixes and improvements in the engine and restores many broken features. So if you have used NVSE, this mod is a must have for you! Downloadlink

Perk Every Level

Created by: thegreatalan As you can guess from the name, you can now get Perks on every level from the moment you activate this mod. The mod has a pretty simple installation procedure (just drop the edp in the data folder and check in the data files). You can also add the missed Perks by using console commands and the Perk code. Check the link below for more info about the Perk code. So get your hands on this mod now because who doesn’t want more perks, right? Downloadlink