Mini Gun Mods for Fallout 4 MUST-HAVE list


The Best Minigun Mods for Fallout 4

Miniguns are supposed to be the primary example of fun in a video game. But, Fallout 4 has missed the opportunity to deliver exactly that. However, with enough of our mods, you can turn the vanilla minigun into an awesome experience. Just take a look and see all the ways you improve it.

Blast Your Enemies with These Minigun Mods for Fallout 4

Minigun Damage Increase


Created by: SHAD0WC0BRA

Let’s be honest, the standard minigun damge is pretty dissapointing. And it’s a shame because the weapon is so freaking cool, yet it effects aren’t that great. Well, here is a mod that boosts its damage for 50%, from 8 to 12. It’s easy and quick to install, so give it a try.


Miniguns Standalone


Created by: TallestJon96

If you enjoy miniguns in Fallout 4, this mod pack contains three of them. The first one is called the Personal Minigun (Rockwell CZ53), the second Avanger (Rockwell CZ57), and the third Vindicator (Rhinemetal AG Vindicator). All of them play out differently in the game and they’re tons of fun to use. Keep ‘em blasting!


Minigun Overhaul


Created by: spoonpeople

This mod does a full rework on the base minigun in Fallout 4, and it does that in an amazing way. If you’re already a fan of the minigun in FO4, then you’re going to love the feeling when using it with this mod. It’s a much smoother ride so we recommend you to give it a go.


The Meritable Minigun


Created by: Simmiller

And here is a complete retexture of the same vanilla minigun, one that everyone will appreciate. The minigun simply looks amazing in-game, with a lot of fleshed out details, which is essential for immersion. If you own a PC that can support such mods, we definitely advise you to get this retexture! It’s much better!


APC and Tank Turrets – They really shoot – and some WIP minigun turrets


Created by: Apathy

This mod gives you the ability to tactically set your defensive turrets and APCs around your settlement, but also fire them up. They will shoot in a sort of minigun way, and do a lot of damage. As a bonus, there are a few minigun turrets as well which are also very fun.


Minigun Suite


Created by: nicedj84

Here is a mod that takes an in-depth look at the vanilla minigun and reworks it in a way that is both engaging and powerful. Other than more damage, you’ll get tons of additional features and unlockable perks, so you can make it your own. Trust us, this is the perfect minigun for the game!


Realistic Minigun Sound Replacer


Created by: Chrizzo006

If you’re looking to make the minigun feel like a more realistic weapon in Fallout 4, then you’ve come to the right place. The mod we have here removes the base vanilla audio and replaces it with an actual recording of a real-life minigun! And the results are incomparable!


FlaconOil’s MiniGun HD ReTexture


Gameversion: 1.6.2

This minigun retexture is an excellent download for anyone who wants to invest time into the lore of Fallout 4. It transforms the gun from a basic weapon into an immersive tool, there to help you battle your way across the Wasteland. The retexture is done from scratch, with high quality, and 4k resolution support. Pretty neat!


MINIGUN Audio Overhaul


Created by: Tigers

Here is another audio overhaul for the vanilla minigun. This one is a lot “heavier”, and we can tell you for sure that you’re going to feel each bullet when using this baby. It has only one file for downloading, so it will only take you a minute to install it.


Mini Nuke Minigun


Created by: bhb

The Mini Nuke minigun is an idea that is genius, really. It makes it so your minigun shoots mini nukes instead of bullets. Now, different miniguns fire up different amounts of mini nukes. Besides the basic one, there is a MIRV that shoots anywhere from 30 to 50 mini nukes per bullet, and a Broadsider minigun that fires a heavy cannonball. If you’re tired of bullets and want to see some explosions, then try this out!


Minigun Emplacements – Includes Buildable and placed Enemy Spawns


Created by: ZeMantras

As the title suggests, this mod brings us Emplacements. It just means that you can make your miniguns stationary. There will be appropriated NPCs, which will spawn and be ready to mount them. It’s a very simple but very helpful mod if you want to boost your defensiveness in Fallout 4.


FO4 Alice Grinder Minigun Fire Sound Replacer


Created by: Ehamloptiran Sheson and FO3Edit Team

If you’re looking to make your minigun a one-of-a-kind weapon, we suggest using this mod! It replaces the sound of the vanilla minigun with one that is a lot smoother and pleasing to hear. Your punches will also sound as though you’re in an anime, so if you’re into that sort of gameplay, then this mod is ideal.


Minigun is no joke


Created by: Wile E Coyote

On the NexusMods you can find a lot of essential mods for Fallout 4, especially this one. It reinvents the way our miniguns play out by fixing nearly all known issues. Accuracy, fire rate, range, and recoil are all increased, while the spread and accelerated barrel damage is reduced. Overall, it’s much more satisfying to play the minigun with this mod, and we urge you to give it a try!


Minigun Receivers (Alternate Ammo)


Created by: jeffreym1

Here is a way to style and personalize your minigun however you want. This gives us the option to choose the ammo we want to use for our minigun, which in turn changes the damage, range, accuracy and everything else.It is a great tool if you want to be deeply engaged in your weapon’s choices and to essentially do whatever you want with it.


Rust Free Minigun


Created by: jushtan

This mod brings another interesting texture for the minigun in Fallout 4, but it is far more singular than the other ones. It reminds us of hard, post-apocalyptic times, where the weapon played a vital part in the tides of war. It’s dark and spiky look is the perfect one for us, and if you find it cool too, then don’t hesitate to download it!


No Spin Ups – Gatling Laser Fusion Core Ammo Fix and Minigun Dmg Patch


Created by: FancyPantz

Some people don’t like the idea of the spinning barrels in the minigun, so here is something for them. This mod gives alternative style to the minigun, one that is automatic and fires like a regular gun. But, it also doubles its damage, so if you’re looking for a boost, you should get this mod!


Realistic powerful minigun sound


Created by: Oleg1969

If you’re tired of the silly vanilla sound on the minigun in Fallout 4, then consider this mod. Simply, it changes audio to match the actual feel of firing a minigun, so we always recommend it as a substitute.


Better Miniguns


Gameversion: 1.16.3

For a lot of players, the miniguns are mere annoyances. And we get that. But this mod gets as close as possible to solving all the issues that the original minigun has in Fallout 4. From accuracy to damage, and additional features that make the weapon interesting all around. Plus, the creator is open to suggestions so we advise you to give the mod a chance!


Accurate Minigun


Created by: Accurate Attack by jamespb1 PL by Remulux

The minigun shakes a lot. Its accuracy has never been great in any video games, but we have to admit that the vanilla minigun in Fallout 4 doesn’t feel good at all. This mod fixes this problem by providing us with a stable firing, so we don’t feel like we’re shooting for nothing. Now, your crosshair won’t move like crazy up and down, but it will stay where you want to. It’s great.


Rapid Miniguns


Created by: Y-Jee

If you’ve never heard of the Rapid Miniguns mod, then it’s time for you to download it. This awesome tool boosts all rate of fire aspects on the minigun, so it shoots twice the bullets, but at a cost of accuracy. However, there are two versions, standard and high performance one, so you can find the one that fits you.


Minigun Improved


Created by: BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah – Yulliah

This mod is a general improvement to the whole of the vanilla minigun, and a successful one at that. It tweaks a lot of stuff, like accuracy, base damage, magazine size, TriBarrel, and more. This makes the minigun a real threat to your enemies and not just a playtoy. Overall, it’s an excellent enhancement to the weapon and you should give it a go!


Minigun Damage Modifiers


Created by: The Toaster

And this mod, however, focuses solely on improving the damage of the minigun in Fallout 4. It introduces five levels to increase the minigun’s damage, ranging from +60% to +400%. Obviously, you have all the freedom in the world to use whichever you want, so have a blast!


Better Minigun


Created by: Raphou112

But if you want nothing extravagant and just a quick fix for your minigun, then get this mod! It will only tune the damage up to 60% and leave all else untouched. It can serve as a little boost to give you an easier time when using this weapon.




Created by: shavkacagarikia

You like blood and gore? Then how about fixing your minigun with blood-soaked textures that scream “hardcore”? Honestly, this mod has been one of the finest reworks on the appearance of the minigun in Fallout 4 and it’s damn impressive! Also very fun to play with.


Black Minigun


Created by: Rigell

This retexture, although simple, is such a nice change for the minigun that we can’t imagine the game without it. It upgrades the general look by focusing deeply on the details, so you can see the bullets, for example, very clearly.


Pink Hello Kitty Minigun


Created by: Starrynitesims

And here is one for the memes. This pink minigun retexture is a go-to mod if you’re looking to laugh while you slaughter your enemies. It’s simple and in high resolution, so if you fun to have fun, then totally go for it.


Real M134 Minigun sound

Created by: JustAnotherCarGuyHere

If you didn’t like any of our previous sound fixes for the minigun in Fallout 4, then consider this one. The audio here is recorded near a real-life minigun, and the results are excellent. You can have this realistic change from the NexusMods too.


Minigun BUGLESS no spin up – no fire delay


Created by: BrawlM1

Truthfully, the minigun have many bugs, both audio and visual ones. But, this mod solves all of them, giving us a “spinless” and “bugless” weapon in Fallout 4. The audio is clearer and louder, and the shooting without the spinning is strangely satisfying. Give it a try!


Remixed Minigun Sound


Gameversion: 1.10.2

But if you want the ultimate, loudest minigun that Fallout 4 can over, then install this mod. It enhances the minigun to sound like an unforgiving punishment from hell. The bullets seem to go x5 than the usual rate and it’s damn fun firing it up on any occasion. We recommend you to give it a try and enjoy the mini bad boy!