Fallout 4 Creation Kit


Learn How to Use the Creation Kit in Fallout 4!

To  truly master the creation kit in Fallout 4, it takes a lot of practice. New players can easily get overwhelmed simply by the capacity of this tool. The creation kit is the place where modders create, so if you want to become one, this is the way to do it!

If you’ve never heard of it, the creation kit is a special program that comes along with Fallout 4. Everyone who has the game can access it. Its primary function is to allow you to remodel, alter, build, and render the world of Fallout 4 in the way you like. Needless to say, there are tons of complex actions that most people have never met before. But, if you give it a chance, you can learn how to build an entire world for yourself!

If by any chance you don’t have the creation kit already in your Fallout 4 files, then you can download it from the Bethesda Net launcher. It’s quite easy and everyone can do it. Now let’s jump into the specifics of the creation kit in Fallout 4!

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How to Use the Creation Kit in Fallout 4?

Loading Files

The first time you open up the creation kit, you’re going to be greeted by white blank space. So, the first thing you want to do is load some files which you want to model. If you click on the first icon in the upper left corner of your screen, a new Data window will pop up. Here, all your DLCs and mods will be listed, and whichever you choose, it will be the “world” you’re going to remodel. When you select a file, the program will take some time to load it.

And when that is done, go to the Cell View and World Space window, to choose what exactly you’re going to mod. Here you can choose Commonwealth, Recent Cells, Diamond City, etc. And in the list below, click on a specific location you want to access. Once again, the creation kit will take some time to load it.

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When you jump into the render window, you’ll see the actual in-game location you’ve previously chosen. A bunch of boxes and lines will be there, so if you aren’t familiar with 3D modeling, it can be pretty confusing.

To remove something from a location, all you need to do is select it and then press your Delete button on your keyboard. Ignore the warnings if you’re sure, and move on.

To add objects, you’ll need to first search them in the Object Window to your left. When you’ve found a door or a container or whatever you want, just click-and-drag it to your render window. The object will appear and then you can move it however you want.

And to alter the landscape around you, click on the “green hills image” on the toolbar. A new window will open up and you’ll be free to terraform the land with your mouse, by dragging it up, down, or to the side, for example.

Adjusting Positions

To adjust the position of your added objects, there are a couple of keybind that you’ll want to remember.

First, to move something, press your E button on your keyboard. Three lines will appear on your object: X, Y, and Z. By holding one of them down and moving your mouse, you’ll actually move the object. 

W is the button that triggers the rotating part. When you’ve pressed, you’ll see three lines of circles, but they work the same as the previous ones. If you click and drag one line, the object will rotate its angel towards where you’re dragging it.

And to scale things up and down, the keybind is 2. By pressing it, you’ll trigger three new lines that will help you put the object in the size you want it.

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To save your project and to actually launch it in your game, you’ll want to select File > Save. This will ask you to name your project, so go ahead and do that.

When you’re done, open up the Nexus Mod Manager (we recommend using it) and check the box with your project’s name on it. After that, you can launch Fallout 4 and the changes will be there!


These are the fundamentals of the creation kit in Fallout 4. There are numerous techniques and ways to achieve something, but we’ve focused on showing you how to use it as a starter. We’re sure you’ll master these basics very quickly!

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