Fallout 4 New Vegas Shotgun Mods


Fallout 4: New Vegas – Top 25 Shotgun Mods of All Time

Shotguns are a classic favorite in FPS games and while Fallout 4 has a collection of some amazing shotguns, you can add more of them by using Shotgun mods. Here’s a list of the best Shotgun mods for Fallout 4: New Vegas:

Best Shotgun Mods

Single Shotgun Re-Retexture


Created by: Joe Mac

This reworked version of the Single Shotgun Retexture mod enhanced the look of the Single Shotgun to look more original. It has more detailings, text engravings and a rusty look that gives it a rough and used look. It looks a lot better in-game than the previous version. Click on the link below to see the pictures of the new look. 


Combat Shotgun


Created by: Walterminator

This shotgun mod introduces an all new Combat Shotgun to Fallout 4, just like the one in Fallout 3. The shotgun has a custom sound, a unique static and new sound entries. The mod also has another, fully automatic variant of the shotgun just added for fun. So get your hands on this mod if you miss the shotgun from Fallout 3!


Mossberg 590 Shotgun


Created by: TheBigLidowski

As you can guess from the name, this mod introduces a Mossberg 590 to Fallout 4: New Vegas. The new gun comes with a Shell Side Saddle that adds +5 damage, an Extended Magazine that adds +2 Shells, and an Extended Magazine & Bayonet that adds +2 shells. You can use the bayonet but not when  it is attached to the gun.


Caravan Shotgun Retextured


Created by: DeadPool2099 – The Shiny Haxorus

This mod changes the way Caravan Shotgun looks by reworking on its texture. The retextured look is a very refined and high resolution look that you can see in the download link below. So get your hands on this amazing texture mod to change the way the Caravan Shotgun looks.


The 00 Commando – A Shotgun Lover Mod


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This mod would not change how your shotguns look, but how they PERFORM. The mod is based on McWilliam’s Improved Shotgun Performance mod and it basically boosts all Shotguns so that they aim and shoot much accurately. So get your hands on this mod to boost the performance of your Shotguns. 


Hunting Shotgun Retextured


Created by: Tequilo

Wanna give a new look to the Hunting Shotgun? Then get your hands on this mod because it adds a whole new stylish and enhanced look for the Hunting Shotgun, its variant and the mods. This new texture mod will change the way your Hunting Shotgun looks. Check the download link below for before and after pictures!


USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun


Are you a fan of fully automatic shotguns? Then you are in for a lot of fun because this mod introduces a 12 gauge fully automatic shotgun inspired heavily by the Daewoo USAS-12. All gun stats start at 100 and weigh 12 lbs. So get your hands on this gun to make things more heated up!


Riot Shotgun retex


Created by: The entire cast of the television show Friends

This mod is a texture mod for the Riot Shotgun that changes the way it looks. It completely transforms the look from scratch! So get your hands on this mod to redefine the way Riot Shotgun looks!


Single Shotgun Retextured


Created by: Millenia

This mod is a texture mod that changes the look of the Single Shotgun in Fallout 4. It basically gives a more defined look to the Shotgun by improving the little details such as enhancing the wood color and making visual improvements in the loading port of the gun.


Sawed-Off Shotgun Retexture


Created by: VlodAk

This mod is a reworked texture mod for the Sawed-Off Shotgun that gives it a snazzy new texture. Wanna make your Sawed-Off Shotgun look more real and defined? Get your hands on this mod to give it a new look. Check the new pictures in the download link below. 


Classic Combat Shotgun


Gameversion: 1.14.3

Do you miss the good ol’ Combat Shotgun from Fallout 1 & 2? Well, now you can get it in Fallout 4: New Vegas by using this mod. It adds the Combat Shotgun from Fallout 1 & 2 to New Vegas. The Shotgun is named “Winchester City-Killer” in game and you purchase it at the GunRunners. Its latest version adds new textures to improve the look.


Steam-Punk Shotgun


Created by: Bukovka

This mod adds a new and powerful shotgun to Fallout 4. The Steam-Punk Shotgun is based of Naruto2009’s concept. It is made out of the Cowboy Repeater, Hunting Shotgun and the Grenade Launcher. The gun has a whopping 15 round capacity and the Steamer comes with weapon sounds and a custom pip-boy icon. Cool, right?


Remington 870 Wingmaster Shotgun


Created by: welcler

This mod introduces an all new Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga Shotgun to the game, made completely out of scratch. You can buy the gun from NPCs and merchants, however, they may take a few in-game days to appear. There’s also a compact tube-magazine spring weapon modification for increased ammo capacity and a testing copy. The new gun comes with its own new firing sounds.


Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Shotgun


Created by: MTindle – Naky – MG

As you can guess from the name, this mod introduces a Mossberg 590 special-purpose shotgun to New Vegas, complete with three mods; a heat shield, a custom muzzle brake and a short-range scope to shoot slug shells. The shotgun is a little powerful as compared to the vanilla Hunting Shotgun. It is faster and has more capacity for ammo. You can find the gun on a hobo in Freeside near Mick and Ralph’s. You can also get it at various vendors. The gun also appears on NCR soldiers sometimes. 


Heavy Assault Shotgun


Created by: PrivateEye And Me

Have you ever wanted things to be literally erased from existence in game? Then this is the perfect weapon for you because it is a very realistic double barreled, fully automatic belt fed shotgun. This powerful weapon uses two shells per shot and can be bought at the Gunrunner Stand. You can also get it for free if you TLC through the kiosk. Since this weapon is next level, the developer has added it to Tier 4 leveled list so that it is a bit challenging to find.


12 Gauge High Explosive Shotgun Shells


Yep, you read that right! This mod adds Shotgun shells that can explode. What more do you want from life, huh? They have a lot more damage, spread reduction and armor penetration. You can buy these explosive shells at the Gunrunner store but only if you are loaded with money, because these babies are very expensive. The shells can be fired from any 12 gauge shotgun, even the ones from other mods! Cool, right?


Preorder Shotgun Perk Fix

Created by: Machienzo

This mod adds a Preorder Sturdy Caravan Shotgun to the Shotgun Achievement and the Shotgun Surgeon. The mod uses a script to add the gun so that it does not conflict with other mods. Get your hands on this awesome mod now to get things heated!


Improved Shotgun Performance

Created by: kryptopyr

If you do not like the accuracy and ranges of shotguns in vanilla, then this is the perfect mod for you because it improves all the Shotguns in the game by adding more accuracy and effective ranges to them. So it basically balanced the previously underpowered Shotguns in the game. Most of the Shotguns can now engage targets that are around 25 feet away with buckshot, while slugs will give a Service Rifle-like accuracy.


Italian Double Barrel Shotgun


Created by: Sylvanes

This mod adds an Italian, Double Barrel 12g Shotgun to New Vegas. You can buy the new shotgun in Chet’s General Store, Gun Runners and even find it on NPCs and enemies. So get your hands on this cool weapon now to go to war in style! Check out the weapon pictures in the download link below.


Tactical Police Shotgun


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This mod adds an all new 12g pump action Shotgun inspired from the FN Tactical Police.It has an insanely fast pumping speed and a 10 round capacity. The Shotgun is made out of the Assault Carbine, Light Machine Gun and the Hunting Shotgun. It also has a custom sound and a pip-boy icon. 


Classic Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun


Created by: DaiShi

Have you played Shadow Warrior? If yes, then you will definitely like this mod because it brings the Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun from Shadow Warrior to Fallout 4. It has almost the same stats as the vanilla riot shotgun, with an increased capacity and cool looks. You can purchase the weapon from Mick & Ralph’s after level 15. 


Double Barrel Shotgun II


Created by: BLS

Are you a fan of good ol’ Italian shotguns? If yes, then this mod is a must have for you because it adds two Italian Shotguns; a double barrel for beginners that you can get at Chets General Store and an expensive Pro version with more Power that you can get at Gun Runners. You can pimp the Pro gun with choke tubes. 


Bolt Action Shotgun


Created by: Zuckerschnute20

This mod adds a single weapon in New Vegas that can be found leaning on the left side of the old truck in front of Doc Michell’s house in sunny Goodsprings, Nevada. It is a pretty straightforward combination of several meshes from the original game including parts from the Anti-Material rifle and the Hunting Shotgun. The weapon is called Bolt Action Shotgun and looks absolutely amazing to match the aesthetics of the Mojave Wasteland. 


Bioshock Shotgun


Created by: Crimsomrider

This mod adds 2 Shotguns from the first Bioshock game to Fallout. The guns can be found in a container near the front door of the Doc’s house in Goodsprings The Shotguns look absolutely beautiful with golden carvings on them. It is called the Spencer 1882 Shotgun,


Improved Shotgun – GLauncher – Holorifle Reload Animation


Created by: AScreamingRoomba AKA Appo

This mod makes a few changes in the carrier latches of the Hunting Shotgun, the Grenadelauncher and the Holorifle. When reloading a cartridge, grenade or cell, the carrier latch of these weapons now swings inwards instead of forward. The sight of the Grenadelauncher is also animated now (optional) and moves slightly forward/backward while shooting, reloading, running etc..