Outfit Mods for Fallout 4 Listed


The Best Outfit Mods for Fallout 4

The cloth and armor system in Fallout 4 are excellent features to personalize our characters and stand as unique to the world. And while the player agency is okay, the clothes and armor pieces from the base game are far from enough. More than often, we can’t complete our sets, so we turn our attention to mods. Here we’ve compiled some of our favorite clothes and armor mods for Fallout 4, so you can take your picks. Let’s go!

Style Up with These Outfit Mods for Fallout 4

1950’s Feminine Outfits (Vanilla – EVB – CBBE)


First on our list we have a gorgeous pack of 1950s female clothes. These outfits range from serious and business-like styles to battlesuits and everyday dresses. There are tons of skirts, stockings, blouses, shirts, and what not that you can combine. If you’re into the 1950s even a bit, then we definitely recommend you to get this mod. It’s awesome and tons of fun to play with!


True Reporter – Piper Outfit Redone – CBBE – Vanilla – Bodyslide


Created by: Jshirle

Next, we have an update for Piper’s outfit, one that she desperately needs. The True Reporter suit gives her better, more authentic look that matches her personality. It comes with a camera and you can craft it at the Chemistry Station.


Agent Outfit


Created by: ignussen

And this is the perfect entry mod to stock you with enough clothing choices for a while. The Agent Outfit is a set of black clothes that perfectly match the feel of Fallout 4. Upon installing the mod they will be added to the Armoursmith and you can get them from there.


JC – Shirt and Jeans


Created by: acaramen

If you want to dress up casual, here is a mod pack of new shirts and jeans. There are a few different color options and patterns, all done wonderfully well. Their textures are very realistic and we love using them!


Just another Piper Outfit


Gameversion: 1.12.2

If you didn’t like the previous reporter outfit for Piper’s, then take a look here. This one screams “rebel,” with its tight pants and leathered jacket. The level of detail on these clothes is actually crazy, and it’s one f the most high-quality outfits on the entire internet. Recommended to everyone who imagines Piper like this!DESCRIPTION


K-Girl outfits


Created by: Khajiitas

If you’re into K-pop, then perhaps you’d like to stock on some flamboyant clothes? This mod brings a numerous different outfits of bright, but realistic colors. There are short skirts, tight pants, bute shirts, and all else. These are all available only for females.


TheKite’s MilitiaWoman Outfit


Created by: Amnesiac9

On a completely opposite note, here we have another historical outfit, this one inspired by the 1800. The outfit is accompanied by gloves, hat, and a backpack all in the same style. Also, the outfit is customizable, so you can change its parts however you want.


Troublemaker Outfits Collection Standalone CBBE Bodyslide


Created by: Simlark

These outfits are far more modern and they perfectly match the post-apocalytpic tone. There are actually three of them, each with different stats like damage or damage resist. They’re craftable at the Chemistry Station as well and are compatible with CBBE and also the Bodyslide and Armorsmith Extended mods.


Femshepping’s Light Brawler Outfits (Vanilla Body and CBBE Bodyslide)


Created by: femshepping

Hands down, this mod brings one of the most gorgeous outfits for Fallout 4. Although simple, they’re extremely well done and look wonderful in-game. There are a few color options and a toggle for a scarf as well.


Clothing Of The Commonwealth – Mega Outfit Pack – (VANILLA-EVB-CBBE) (AWKCR-AE)


Created by: Aianna

Here is a big pack of clothes for you to add in your games. There are nearly 90 unique outfits for both males and females, and over 170 for NPCs so they appear unique as well. This mod is all you need to make your game an interesting place. Everyone will look different and everything will feel more alive. 100% guaranteed fun!


TIE’s Vanilla Outfits CBBE Bodyslide Re – Conversions


Created by: dc – dont care

If you’re using CBBE or Bodyslide, then you’ve probably noticed some nasty glitches when creating a character. That’s because many body possibilities aren’t really covered. However, this mod attempts to solve them, converting many outfits to support all body shapes. It’s a pretty useful mod if you’re having such problems.


Tomb Raider Outfits (EVB-CBBE) (AE-AWKCR)


Created by: Gh0stBlade

The Tomb Raider outfits for Fallout 4 are among our all-time favorite mods. The cross-over is actually brilliant and we love how they’re done here. There is a different outfit from every game in the Tomb Raider series, so you can pick the one you liked the most. The mod also includes some accessories to help you recreate Lara Croft in FO4!


Colorful Leggings


Created by: Jinxtrinity

Here you have a pack of modern-day leggings for Fallout 4. There are plenty of them, each with unique color and pattern. They bring a lot of realism to the game, so if you want to style the game in our contemporary fashion, then totally go for it!


4K Silver Shroud outfit retexure


Created by: Xyloritus

The Silver Shroud outfit is one of the most beloved outfits in the Fallout 4 community. And thanks to this mod, we have it in a glorious retextured form again! The leather is obviously changed to brown, with deep details and shades that make it look ten times better. And it’s available in 4k resolution!


Military Outfit – CBBE


Created by: Noir33

For your female characters, here we have a mod that’ll give you a nice army outfit. There are no crazy clothing pieces here, just a plain military outfit of a shirt, pants, and boots. There are a few colors options and they’re all in the camo style, of course.


K-Girls Shoes CBBE


Created by: Ghost

If you liked our previous showcase of the K-pop themed clothing pack, then you should complete it with these shoes! They suit the flashy and dazzling outfits a lot, so it’s the ideal addition to get. You’ll find three versions in this mod: a black one, a black and white one, and a blue one.


Elegant Hardware – A Jewelry Modification


Created by: Simsimay

Jewelry is something that is often missed in Fallout 4. This mod brings a lot of it to the table, all from necklaces and chokers, to rings and earrings. Some of these are restricted to females and some are usable for men too. All in all, it’s a great collection of jewelry that can complete your look.


Femshepping’s Wasteland Drifter Outfits (For CBBE and Vanilla Females)


Created by: femshepping

This is another female conversion of the Drifter outfits. We dare say that they look even better on women, making them both sexy and brutal. These outfits are lore-friendly as well and they keep their style to the core of the game. Also, they’re compatible with CBBE and Bodislide.


Order of Fenrir Clothing – Handler


Created by: Ahmad

The Fenrir Faction has some pretty notable outfits, and this mod brings the best of them. It is consisted of a short leathered jacket and black rugged pants, alongside a killer pair of gloves. The outfit is very hardcore and we love to play with it!


Overboss Outfit CBBE Bodyslide Conversion


Created by: Deserter X – Jeir – docteure

The Overboss Outfit is another singular look that many Fallout 4 players want to possess. Well, this mod gives us a nice and handy conversion that fits all characters. It’s using CBBE/Bodyslide for that, which is very helpful.


Cass and Fink Inc – Pilot’s Streetwear – CBBE


Created by: Fuyaya

This outfit comes from the pre-war times and features a very compact and practical look. The tight pants go perfectly with the jacket and boots which are sleek as well. The outfit is available in five color schemes, a red/white one, a brown/dark tan one, and a black/tan one. Our favorite is the red. What’s yours?


Synth Suit (Precursor Re-texture)


Created by: doright

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a proper Synth suit, then here you go. We’ve found that this is the ideal iteration of this outfit, with its one-piece sleekness and breathtaking textures! It’s honestly mindblowing how well it looks inside the game, so we recommend you to give it a try! Guaranteed fun!


Cass And Fink Inc – Lost And Found – Sarah’s Outfit – CBBE – Vanilla


Created by: Itchi

Here is a simple outfit that will be appreciated by anyone who’s into the casual looks in Fallout 4. The mod is actually a simple set of jeans, boots, and a hoodie, which you can have in two colors. In-game, you can have it by following the “Lost And Found” questline.


FO4 Piercings-All Slot update


Created by: SIGISTroll

Piercings are sometimes necessary pieces to making the perfect character. Here you will find a bunch of them, all different enough to be unique. Also, you can use them on males as well as females. Some are modern and some are classic, but they’re all beautiful in-game!


Communist Army’s outfit


Created by: m

The Communist-style outfits are an excellent way shake some cliches in Fallout 4. The models in this mod are historically correct and close to their origin. The textures are pretty fascinating and detailed. And you’ll find many famous uniforms from history, such as the Soviet, Chinese, and German one.


Just another Cait Outfit


Gameversion: 1.6.4

If you haven’t found any acceptable Piper outfit by now, perhaps you’ll like this one that leans more towards the military and army style. Apart from the black pants and leathered jacket, she now wears a beret and a pair of sunglasses. This is a very cool iteration so we recommend it to everyone!


Merc Outfit Pack


Created by: TheSeventhCourier

And last but not least, we have an awesome mod that brings us a few unique outfits. They are all handcrafted with the intention to fit the original vanilla game. Some people have complained that mod is a bit old and doesn’t look as good on a high-end PC, but if you don’t belong in that category you have nothing to fear. The outfits are amazing!