The Best Fallout 4 New Vegas Overhaul Mods Listed


Top Overhaul Mods in Fallout: New Vegas

If you are a bit bored of the vanilla Fallout 4 and are looking for a new and unique experience, these mods are just what you need! Keep reading to find the best overhaul mods in Fallout: New Vegas. 

Best Fallout Overhaul Mods

Interior Lighting Overhaul


Created by: Random Unit

This mod is focused on the interiors of the buildings, caves and vaults. It basically gives them a more realistic look and lights them up by adding lighting fixtures so that the interiors look well lit. The mod aims to increase the immersion and creepiness of the Fallout world.


Caesars New Regime – Legion Overhaul


Created by: Fonger

This mod the vanilla Legion armors and brings a new voiced Legion companion to Fallout 4. The armors have been retextured to look more real. The mod also creates new classes and upgrades some of the Legion NPC’s. From cool headwear to matching footwear and shinguards, this mod adds very cool stuff.


NCR Trooper Overhaul Mod


Created by: 1

This mod completely revamps the NCR troopers and gives them a new look. So you are in for a whole new variety of backpacks, armors and alot more stuff. The female troopers have also been heavily modified. There is a test footlocker in the Mojave Outpost in front of the bar when you want into the room with Cass. In that footlocker, you can get all the content that this mod offers.


1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul


Created by: mischiefbrew0

This is yet another overhaul mod focused on weapon animations. It replaces and adds many new 1st person weapon animations to make them look more modern and realistic. It currently has over 80 animations for pistols, rifles and assault rifles made out of scratch! About time, right?


NCR Trooper Overhaul – Distributed


Created by: Floor M

This is another overhaul mod for NCR troopers that basically distributes the armors created by Dragbody for NCR Trooper Overhaul mod. It adds those armors to the new and existing leveled lists for both the rangers and the troopers. So get your hands on this mod to overhaul all the NCR troopers in a well-balanced way. 


Vault 22 Flora Overhaul


Created by: majordylan

This overhaul mod tries to improve your in-game visual experience by adding realistic flora in Fallout 4. It adds overgrown flora in the Vault 22 and modifies all levels to be more cluttered with flora, ivy bushes, grass and other floral stuff. It kinda makes the gameplay more challenging because of the overgrown flora but doesn’t modify the main quest. So get your hands on this mod if you like to play in challenging environments! 


All Weapon Sounds Overhaul


Created by: bow

This  overhaul mod for New Vegas is focused on changing the gun sounds in the game for all the weapons (even the ballistic and energy weapons), it replaces every single gun sound in the game. It does not only change ALL the sounds in the vanilla version but also adds new sounds. Each and every sound differs from the other. Each gun sound is crafted with the weapon animation, model and background in mind so each sound fits the gun it belongs to. Cool, right?   


New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Remastered


Created by: Someguy

This mod makes changes to the New Vegas Landscape Overhaul mod by Paladin555 which breathed new life into the Wasteland but had many issues and bugs such as floating rocks and other stuff. So this mod works on its bug fixes and further develops the mod by overhauling the landscapes of some areas. 


The Legacy of X13 – An Armor Overhaul


Created by: DarinFlyk

This mod is a complete overhaul of the DLC armor suits in New Vegas. It modifies the Assassin Suit from Dead Money and the Stealth Suit from Old World Blues. It adds 5 new color schemes for the armors, an all new helmet, some workbench upgrades, bug fixes and much more. 


Wasters Overhaul -Project Mikoto-


Created by: Original mod by jmenaru – conversion by erri120

All of us go through a phase every once in a while where we want to change our hairstyles. So why not give a new hair look to the NPC’s for a change? With this mod, get a whole lot of new hairstyles for NPC’s. This mod brings diversity in the hairstyles found in Mikoto’s Beauty Pack for the citizens of the Mojave Wastes.


Fallout Character Overhaul/Pink Faces Fix


Created by: BETHKit Entertainment

Have you encountered any pink heads in the character overhaul mods? You can fix those now by installing this mod because it will fix the missing textures on NPC’s and other characters in Fallout. 


Economy Overhaul Mod


Gameversion: 1.7.10

This simple yet very handy mod overhauls the economy of New Vegas to make the trades more reasonable and rewarding for you. It brings an alternative economy to the game. So you can now strip the fallen raiders of their weapons and resell them to the merchants for a lot of wealth due to the high value of weapons and apparel. 


New Vegas Landscape Overhaul


Created by: AshenBonfire

This landscape overhaul mod breathes new life into the Mojave Wasteland to turn bland areas into detailed spots. It completely facelifts those areas by adding details to them. For example, the rubble piles will now have a new look with loot inside them, the barren mountains will now have cliffs and canyons, the farmlands will now have detailed rubbly barns and decaying crop fields. So get your hands on this mod now to give a completely new look to the Mojave! 


FCO Fallout Character Overhaul


Gameversion: CB 1.7.2-R0.2

This mod adds Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO) compatibility patches for Yukichigai Unofficial Patch, Trooper Overhaul Distributed patch, Caesar’s New Regime – Legion Overhaul patch and the Legions Quests Expanded patch. So get your hands on this mod now to avoid any mod conflicts and achieve FCO compatibility.


Caesars Legion Overhaul NVSE


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This overhaul mod adds new armor, NPCs and weapons to the game to bring out the Caesar’s Legion faction and introduce new sensical weapons and items to the game without losing the Legion’s vibe. There are many new head pieces, goggles, mouth-wraps, slave hoods, headwraps, recon helmets and alot more Legion themed stuff. 


PM’s HD Legion Overhaul


Created by: pommymax

This mod gives a visual update to all of Caesar’s Legion armors, Marked Men armors and other stuff by adding HD textures to them. The upgraded looks seem extremely realistic yet lighter on the load order. Check the pictures of the HD changes in the download link below. 


Dog Texture Overhaul


Created by: Marcorse

Do you think that the dogs in Fallout 4 have very poor and low resolution visuals? Well, with this mod, you can give an upgraded look to the Normal, Rex and Cyber dogs from Old World Blues by adding new and detailed textures to make them look more real. The textures are handmade using real dog photos and have been kept close to the vanilla dog colors to look similar yet better. 


AWN – After War Nevada Overhaul Mod


Created by: Velosaron

This is a pretty huge overhaul mod that completely changes the way you used to play Fallout 4. It makes the game more challenging by changing ALL the Perks, items, creatures, NPCs, companions, gameplay mechanics and all the other stuff. It also adds many new things to the game. The goal of this mod is to basically make the game much more interesting and challenging for you. So get your hands on this extremely fun and exciting mod to make things more serious in Fallout 4!


XFO NV – Overhaul – Customizer – like FWE Mod

Created by: Lukewarm

This is a highly customizable overhaul mod that lets you pick and choose what you like and leave what you don’t like. It completely revamps the enemy by changing their behavior, cooperation and tactics, adds healing tactics to NPCs, removes the level and skill caps and adds new effects to skills as they go over 100. All of this and A LOT more options that let you overhaul the games with XFO recommended settings.  


RSO – Realistic Stealth Overhaul NV


Created by: Ray and Vizwind

This mod makes it easier for you to sneak now. It balances the sneak system and focuses more on the line-of-sight and armor weight so that you can easily stab someone even if you have zero sneak skills. But you will need to wear light armor because it is impossible to stab someone sneakily when wearing a power armor. Moreover, you cannot move when someone is looking at you directly but you can run when you are behind them.


Cirosans Classic Overhaul

Created by: Mur4s4me

This mod adds new Perks and traits, companion tweaks, new quests, formula changes and much more to New Vegas. It is compatible with JSawyer, NMM and Project Nevada. So get your hands on this mod to get all new quests and perks. 


New Vegas Strip Overhaul – NVSO


Created by: NazotheDark

If you, like me, are not a fan of The Strip in the game, then you will love this mod because it overhauls the Strip and makes it more like its beta version. It adds real walls, boulevard trees and a south gate that resembles the concept art. The mod also changes the exterior of the Strip and the Freeside to make it all look more attractive and playable. 


Sierra Madre On The Strip – NVR Strip Overhaul


Created by: Skeleton123

This mod overhauls the Strip and adds a fully functioning Sierra Madre Casino on the Strip with the Villa Resort and the “American Dream” Casino. The casino features slots, blackjack, roulette, and high stakes caravan players. The interiors are completely brand new in the Sierra Madre whereas the old interiors have been relighted. Get your hands on this super cool mod now because trust me, it’s a must have! If you don’t believe me, see the screenshots in the link below!


Lux Aeterna – The True Revival of Luxury Mod


Created by: Luvmy7

Inspired by lore, this mod overhauls the Ultra-Luxe and turns it into a unique and classic casino that has luxurious feel and aesthetics. The mod brings a lot of new assets, NPCs, lighting and texture changes to the casino to revive the luxury in Ultra-Luxe, just like how it should have been from the start!