The Best List: Raider Mods for Fallout 4


The Best Raider Mods for Fallout 4

Raiders are one of the coolest groups in Fallout 4. But despite that, their appearances are really disappointing in comparison to the other factions in the game. That’s why we turn to mods in order to upgrade their looks, powers, and lore. On our list you’ll find a bunch of helpful extension to make FO4 a more immersive and engaging experience. So, let’s take a look at them!

Update Your Raiders with These Mods in Fallout 4

Raider Overhaul WIP


Created by: Thirdstorm I Original file by MadMAX713 and bugfixes by joemitchell320

First up, here we have a mod that reimagines how the raiders look in-game. It transforms them from a rugged band of settlers to a high-tech society, with powerful weapons and means to defend themselves. The outfits are detailed and high quality, so this mod is a must-have for Fallout 4!


Raider Overhaul Restored Content I Super Mutant Redux patch


Created by: KKthebeast and Thirdstorm

And here is a very cool update that fixes a few bugs with the previous mod. It does some tweaks to optimize certain stuff and let us fully enjoy this raiders mod. And if you already decided to download the mod, then get this one as well!


Raider Power Armor Chop-Shop


Created by: RageBear1984

The raider Power Armor can feel pretty underwhelming, so this mod attempts to fix that. It introduces new paint jobs and skins that you can shuffle through, which are all pretty amazing. On top of that, it adds new features like a custom jetpack. But please note that this mod includes everything from the previous two mods, so you should download only this one and not combine it with the rest.


Raider Overhaul – Valdacil’s Item Sorting (VIS) – Compatibility Patch


Created by: Grinningsphinx

And this mod is just a pretty handy tool for organizing the Raider Overhaul mod. It lets you sort out the foods, chems, armos, weapons, and what not for further use. These item tags can be very helpful for any new player.


Varied Raiders


Gameversion: 1.14.3

When it comes to the raiders’ appearance, they all look the same. Well, this mod adds 150 new faces that are all handcrafted and unique. Chances are that you’re not going to come across the same face on a different raider while playing, which is perfect for immersion.


HD Raider Armor


Created by: Alistairicus

If you don’t have a problem with the vanilla raiders’ armor, you can get this high quality retexture to up your game. The retexture affects nearly everything, including sack hoods and helmets. This version is much better if you want an engaging experience, so we advise you to get it.


Raider Themed Workshop Add-on -BRnB Standalone – Automatron Req.


Created by: mr helton

Here we have a mod that reinvents the in Fallout 4. It brings a massive number of new items, all inspired by the raiders’ style – poor, rugged, and strong. The mod also comes with its own building menu so you can filter its objects ten times more easily. This extension is just a blast to play with and we recommend it to everyone even mildly interested in building settlements!


Raider Gangs Extended


Created by: Berdusk

The Raiders Gangs Extended mod does a wonderful job of bringing the raiders more to life by fixing some of their obvious issues. Rather than being a horde, the raiders are now split up into gangs that all want to survive on their own. There are more bosses, stronger individuals, and more frequent attacks. It is an awesome lore-friendly mod!


SimSettlementsAddOnPack – RaiderRefugees


Created by: SkuzzKitty

If you’re using the SimSettlements mods, then you’ll be happy to hear that there is raiders’ friendly edition too. Here, the primary point is to get the raiders in your gang, so they can be your settlers as well. They bring a lot of new useful features and the mod is filled with a quality set of effects and animation that are ideal for immersive gameplay. 100% recommended!




Created by: RunningBare

This mod features a vehicle that is heavily inspired by the raiders. It is a quad bike that you can customize and upgrade. Plus, you get a new grenade that you can summon the bike with. But in order to make the mod work you need to own the Automatron DLC too.


Sanctuary Dead Raider and Dog Removed


Created by: Eysenbeiss

If you don’t want to see the dead raider and dog every time you pass Sanctuary Entrance, well he’re is a mod to fix that. It simply removes them, so the road looks empty. However, note that you can’t pick up their loot as well.


S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Raider Outfits


Created by: Xerophthalmia

If you want to update the looks of your raiders, then this mod is the way to do it. It brings a pack of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. outfits, in different different colors and patterns. We especially love how the HQ texture appears in game.


Raider Armor Overhaul CBBE Bodyslide


Created by: Fourkillmaster

Here you’ll find a nice rework on the vanilla raiders’ armor, plus a few things to make it more interesting. There are added metals and vires to the armor, just to appear more authentic to the raiders society. This mod is compatible with the Bodyslide mod.


Grieving Raider – A Most Important Mod


Gameversion: CB 1.6.2-R1.0

If you don’t want to be forced to do ill to the grieveing raider in Fallout 4, this mod help you out. It transforms the grieving raider into a freindly NPC that you can interact with. Nothing further is added, however, only the killing part is disabled.


Raiders Are Not Normal

The female raiders’ bodies can look very upseting, due to their outdated texture. Well, this mod tweaks a few things and let the females use their own body, which is a lot more natural. The mod has a very simple installation process and you can do this awesom change in a few minutes.


Toxic Raider Death Edition


Created by: GrinnginUrchen and Kelleth

Here is a simple recolor that changes the the yellow color with a black one in the raiders suit. The mod’s aim is to make them look scarier and evil. So if you’re looking for the same thing, then add this mod to your Fallout 4!


Raider Armor Buff


Created by: Bamul

The raider armor can be pretty weak against many types of attacks. This mod fixes this problem by increasing its base armor so it can endure more. For comparison, it makes the raiders armor on the same value with the metal armor.


Raider Armors Retextured


Created by: MadMAX713

This is a complete retexture of the raider armors, one that everyone will like! There are long capes and hoodies, backpacks and leathered pants. The mod also includes metal tube and wires for the complete look.


New Rival Raider Style Factions


Created by: Tamikonelf

Similar to the Raider Gangs Extended mod, this one tackles the problem of absolute unity among the raiders. It introduces new subfactions that work like clans, and which fight each other for survival. This change is obviously ten times better for immersion and lore, so we recommend using it.


No More Sanctuary Dead Dog and Raider


Created by: Percephere

And similar to the Sanctuary Dead Raider and Dog Removed mod, this one also gets rid of the dead raider and dog from Fallout 4. However, it gives you three options to work with. The first one removes the raider and dog completely, the second one removes them 48 hours after you passed the third one is to move them away.


Sim Settlements Add-On Pack Blood Moon Raiders


Created by: Whisper

Another awesomeaddition to the SimSettlements mod is the Blood Moon Raiders one. It features 17 new homes, 6 shops, 7 factories, and hundreds of other items. The aesthetics here are truly gorgeous and if you’re already familiar with SimSettlements, then you’re going to enjoy this mod very much!


S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Raider Gas Masks


Created by: Coffee Cats

If you like to use the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. armor for your raiders, this mask is the next thing to get. It has multiple paint patterns and colors to keep them looking fresh. The texture is high quality and looks fantastic in-game.


Meet the New Raiderettes


Created by: SoS

This mod brings new hairstyles and faces to the raiders in Fallout 4. The best part about it is that it doesn’t flat out replace the existing vanilla ones, but gives you the option whether to do it or not. And if you decide against it, you can just add the new hairstyles on top of the others. All in all, it’s a great mod with a lot of complexity for character creation.


Improved Raider Bosses


Created by: Gwyvern

The raider bosses could also use some love when it comes to their looks. This mod features a nice set of changes for these characters, making them overall more beautiful. We also agree that they need to stand out from the rest, so we advise you to get this mod.


MJC Raider Overhaul – Sim Settlements Conqueror – Mash UP Patch –


Created by: Mangarian

This mod does a pretty cool overhaul in the SimSettlements Conqueror. It obviously requires it to work, but it also introduces the Dreadnaughts to your game, along with new armors and weapons.


Black or Dark Raider Armors


Created by: Pralinesims

If you don’t like that rusty and sandy colorining shceme when it comes to the raiders’ look, here is a mod for you. It will repaint the existing armors in black or dark grey, so they appear like a high-tech society (or at least a regular one), rather than a scavenging ones. This mod represents a very nice refreshment to the game.


Raiders and Criminals Armor Pack


Gameversion: 1.12.2

And here we have a mod pack of 8 unique outfits for your game, including raider ones. These range from old and classic, to modern and innovative, which is excellent if you want to change things frequently. The raiders’ outfits are very unique and authentic, with pretty interesting headgears. You can check the full info through our direct download link.