Fallout 4 Ressurrection Mod: Download?


With a download of the Resurrection mod, a proliferation of flora and fauna was simulated. This mod thus completely changed the feel of the game and after made the game, in our opinion, much more realistic and handsome than it is in the standard game. Because let’s face it – it’s completely unrealistic that nature wouldn’t have reclaimed its territory after more than 200 years. Not without reason, the game modified with the Resurrection mod was for many like Fallout 4 should have actually already looked like in the standard version.

Is the mod still available?

The bad news! Unfortunately, the mod is officially no longer available and cannot be downloaded. This also applies to the XBOX One and PS4 consoles, as the mod was never available for them anyway due to the large file size of the mod.

You may be able to find it in the Steam community, though. Follow this link to view the discussion on Steam!

Download alternatives to the Resurrection mod

Regrowth Overhaul Mod

An alternative is the ReGrowth Overhaul mod, which is available at Nexusmods. This mod is close to the Resurrection mod, but unfortunately it has a lot of errors and bugs. If you still want to take the risk, you can get the mod here!


Another alternative is the Grasslands mod. The Grasslands mod makes the grass just sprout – and not only in the forests, but also in the cities. The mod comes pretty close to the FO4 Resurrection mod because of that and can replace the mod at least partially. You can find the recommended mod here!

Dead Forest Overhaul

The Dead Forest Overhaul mod is a mod that adds giant trees to the game. The mod is compatible with most “green” mods and is so popular in the community for a reason. The download link is available here!


The Ressurrection mod was a true game changer. Unfortunately, the mod is officially no longer available. If you don’t want to miss out on the changes, you can resort to the alternatives listed. In conclusion, however, it must be said that the mod is unfortunately not completely replaceable. As soon as a download of the mod should be possible again, we will inform you here! Promised!