Skyrim Better Faces Mods For Xbox One, PS4 And PC

The Top Best Skyrim Better Faces Mods For PS4, Xbox And PC

Let’s face it, the faces of all the characters and NPCs in Skyrim look like they haven’t been washed in ages, lol. And well, I’m here to change that. I mean, who doesn’t like a pretty face? Sure we have to stick with the game’s medieval theme and give people an old, rusty look but it shouldn’t mean that their faces have to be full of dirt and weariness, right? 

So I have handpicked the top Skyrim better faces mods for PS4, Xbox and PC (made sure none of you fellas were deprived of them). Better males faces mods, better female faces mods, better elf faces mods, I have got em all for everyone. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

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Skyrim Better Male Faces Mod

Skyrim Special Edition: Better Male Presets For Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Better Male Presets is a cross-platform mod in Skyrim SE created by Graveller. This Skyrim Special Edition better faces mod is for all platforms i.e. Xbox, PS4 and PC. The mod introduces many new and better male faces and better elf faces as presets. These presets can be used when you are creating or editing your character’s appearance. 

You can also customize these presets as you like! The presets have very attractive face geometries for male characters in Skyrim. However, the textures only work on PC since Xbox and PS4 do not have any texture mods as of now. 

The file has three nord presets, two breton presets, one high elf preset, one wood elf preset, one dark elf preset and two redguard presets. 

Download Better Male Presets for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Skyrim Better Female Faces Mods

Better Females By Bella For PC

Better Females By Bella is an Oldrim mod for better female faces. It basically replaces the Skyrim vanilla textures for female faces such as lips, eyebrows and eye-makeup with high-resolution textures. You can use this as a better NPC faces mod too for female NPCs, as well as your female character. 

Texture Tweaks – Female Face Edits For Xbox One

This Skyrim mod is a better female faces mod for Xbox One. It adds face, body and hair textures for females. There are textures for the young as well as old ladies with updated makeup and aging details.

Smooth Human Female Faces For PS4

Smooth Human Female Faces is Skyrim face mod for female character that makes all the female faces from the human race appear youthful. No more wrinkles or anything. Just smooth human faces, as the name says! It does not work on NPCs though as it is only for your female characters. 

Skyrim Better Elf Faces Mod

Character Editor – All In One Vanilla Customization Pack For Xbox One

The Character Editor mod is a Skyrim face mod for Xbox One that uses the existing assets of the game to offer retextured horns for all races including elves, adds more face complexion options, hair colors, eye colors, skin colors and war-paints for all races. The mod also allows human face complexion for Dark Elves now, so they will look a lot better. 

There is also a PS4 version of this mod called Character Editor – All In One Customization Pack. It is also a better elf faces mod for PS4 users with the same features as the Xbox One version. 

Ethereal Elven Overhaul For PC

Who said Elves have to look early? If you have watched Lord of The Rings, then you can vouch for the fact that elves can be beautiful too. The Ethereal Elven Overhaul is a Skyrim face mod for PC that overhauls the entire elf race of Skyrim. It gets rid of the pointy face cuts in elves race and also adds a new nose, lip morphs and customized normal maps. This is a vanilla Skyrim mod for the player’s character as well as elf NPCs. So NPC elves will also have better faces now with this mod. 


The above mentioned post enlists better faces mod for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Some of the most amazing better face mods for males, females, NPCs and elves have been covered for you Skyrim fans. So install them and give a facial overhaul to all races!

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